Ridge Suggests Sheila Do The Forrester’s a Favor By Killing Bill, Before Ridge or Eric Does

Wednesday February 28, 2018 – Episode #7786

Episode Summary:

Eric Would Kill Bill Himself If He Were A Younger Man

At home Katie is panicked as she realizes there was never any good in Bill.  She hates him she cries.  He’s going to take her son.

Wyatt says she has every right to hate his father, but Wyatt will not let him take Will from her.  Bill doesn’t matter, what matters is their future.  Katie calms down, There is a knock at the door.  Its Eric and Quinn.

Wyatt says they have some good news.  Quinn has a feeling she should be sitting down.  Wyatt asks her not to freak out like his Dad did.  Wyatt tells them that he asked Katie to marry him, and Katie said yes.

Ridge suggests Sheila should Kill Bill

Quinn doesn’t like it.  But Eric reminds Quinn that no one supported their marriage and Eric asks her to give Wyatt what they didn’t have.  She tells Wyatt and Katie that they have his support.  She then asks about Bill.

Wyatt is angry with himself.  He thought he could stand by him after what he did to Liam and Steffy.  Eric asks what he means.  Wyatt tells them about the argument between Liam and Steffy, and what happened at the Forrester guest house.  His dad and Steffy slept together.  Quinn and Eric are shocked.

Eric is outraged that Bill took advantage of his granddaughter,  Eric has a physical reaction as he spits that he hates Bill.  He wants Bill out of their lives.  Eric swears that if he were younger he would do it himself.  He’d get rid of Bill.  Quin and Wyatt are concerned.

Bill Instigates Legal Action Against Katie, AND Wyatt

Justin tells Bill that they can get him full custody but he wouldn’t advise it.  It could get ugly.  She’s going up ring up Brooke and Steffy.  Bill thinks that is totally different.  Bill says this engagement is disgusting.  If it goes ahead, Katie loses her son, and Wyatt loses his place in the company.  Make it happen, Justin, make them pay, Bill tells Justin as Sheila listens in.

Bill notices sitting at a table with Ridge. Bill tells Justin he doesn’t want Wyatt just out of the company but he wants to eliminate any legal claim Wyatt has as his son.  Justin worries him alienating his heirs.  There is Will, Bill says.  And if he unexpectedly meets his maker there is Justin. Justin asks if he is really next in line.

Hope and Liam Will Always Love Each Other

Hope and Liam are back at his hotel room.  He’s psyched about HFF. It’s the right time.  She has given him something productive to focus his energy on.  He’s glad HFF is back, and he’s glad Hope is back.

Liam tells Hope that he knows it isn’t easy for Hope.  He means the ultrasound and her reaction.  They have a history, Hope says so its not aways going to be easy.  Now and then its going to hit her hard, but she can handle it,

Liam says working with her like this feels right.  It is difficult at times, but having her back in town, he can deal with difficult.  With her here, he remembers who he is.  He needs that right now.  Hope tells Liam his marriage doesn’t have to be over.  Steffy hasn’t singed the annulment papers.  Liam thinks that is a formality.  Liam admits beign around Steffy is confusing but there is a connection between them forever now.  And he doesn’t know what to do with that.  But when he is with Hope he is at peace and he doesn’t want that feeling to end.

Hope says that alleviates her guilt over brining him and Bill together in the first place.  It has actually made him appreciate his mother more.  The lengths she went to keep Bill out of his life. They can’t go back only made decisions going forwarded.  Including for your wife and daughter, Hope says.

Hope says that his daughter has to see him beign there for her mother also.  Liam says he will be, but that doesn’t mean they have to be together.  Hope will support him no matter what he decides.  She will always love him.  Liam tells her that he will always love her also.  They hug

Ridge Suggests Sheila Should Kill Bill

Steffy and Ridge are having lunch at Il Giardino.  Ridge notices Bill and Justin.  Ridge says tis taking everything in him not to go hit him in the face.  And so should Steffy, afgter what he did, Ridge tells his daughter.

Steffy suggests them leave, but Ridge won’t give him the satisfaction.  Bill gets up and goes over to Bill.  Stop staring at my daughter he tells Bill.  No contact Ridge demands.  No one wants to have anything to do with you Ridge tells Bill.  Leave, Ridge tells him. Steffy approaches behind her father.  Bill stands up.  Or what? Bill demands to know.

Sheila tells them one of them need to leave now.  Justin and Bill arrange to leave. Ridge sends Stffy to the office. Stay away from her, Ridge says, Bill says its not his call.  Ridge tells him he is going to hurt him like he’s never been hurt before.  Bill leaves.  Sheila asks if Ridge is okay.  He says if she wants to help the Forrester’s?  Sheila should do what she does best.  Kill Bill Spencer before he does.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday March 1, 2018

Quinn’s dark side comes out when she becomes protective of those she loves. Bill has not only disowned Wyatt as his son, for his engagement to Katie, but Eric’s health and well being was affected when he learned about Bill’s affair with Steffy. Today, Quinn confronts Bill.  You can bet it will end with Quinn hurling a threat on Bill’s life at him.

Steffy has Ridge’s warning to watch how much time Liam and Hope spend together when Liam arrives at Forrester Creations.  She is disappointed, and jealous, when she learns Liam is there to see Hope, not her.

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