Sally and Ridge Target Bill; Wyatt and Katie Declare Their Love

Thursday February 22, 2018 – Episode #7782

Episode Summary:

Sally and Ridge target Bill

Wyatt Takes Action

Quinn has brought lunch for Wyatt who seems cranky.  She thinks its Bill, but Wyatt denies it.  Is it Katie?  Quinn asks excited.  Is there trouble in paradise?  Quinn wonders why Wyatt is upset if he ended it.  Wyatt admits he saw Katie kissing Thorne.

Quinn says he’ll have to get over it.  Imagine how his father would react if he found out.  Katie is his ex wife. Wyatt agrees it would be ugly.  Wyatt says he texted Katie and she didn’t respond.  Wyatt isn’t going to let things end this way.  He calls Katie then leaves.

Wyatt Loves Katie, Katie Loves Wyatt

Brooke has popped in to visit Katie.  She tells Brooke that Wyatt broke things off. It seems like you miss him Brooke notes.  Brooke looks through the telescope and jokes about it since it is pointed at the Forrester patio. Is  she spying on Eric and Quinn?  Katie isn’t in a joking mood.  She wonders why Wyatt ended their relationship right after Brooke’s wedding.

Katie gets a call from Wyatt.  He wants to see her.  She’s at home, Katie tells him.  Brooke gets up to leave.  Maybe Wyatt thinks he made a mistake.

Wyatt arrives.  He should have come clean with her the night of the wedding.  He left out some key information.  Katie would like to know why he did what he did.  He came past to surprise her.  He was setting up to surprise her, and he peeked through the telescope and saw her kissing Thorne.

On the patio, Katie finishes.  Katie is sorry, he should have said something.  He was confused. He couldn’t justify being hurt and jealous seeing her with another guy since they were no strings attached.  That was when he realized how much he cared about her.  He got freaked out and ended things instead.

Wyatt ells Katie he is crazy about her and being without her is awful, that is why he sent her that text.  Katie stops him.  She didn’t get a text.

Katie works out that Thorne must have deleted Wyatt’s message while he had her phone. But Wyatt doesn’t want to talk about how inappropriate that is.  He wants a future with her.  They still have all the same problems – his job, the wrath of Bill Spencer, but he likes a challenge.  Wyatt wants her.

He was an idiot to think he could let her go. On the way to this moment, he fell completely and madly in love with her.  Katie tells Wyatt she loves him too.  They kiss.

Ridge Vows to Protect Steffy From Bill

Pam tells Stephanie would be bursting with pride right now.  Pam is thrilled for her too, and Liam.  Maybe it will ease the difficulties between her and Liam.  Pam offers Steffy help.  There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her sister’s namesake.

Ridge arrives. He tells Steffy that Bill is responsible for everything that has happened.  Steffy says it wasn’t calculated.  Ridge states that what Bill did was calculated, he took advantage of her.  Steffy tells Ridge to let this go.  She is just as responsible for this as Bill.  And he is the last thing  Steffy wants to talk about.

Ridge steers the conversation back to her baby.  She will elarn that once she is a parent that little girl will always be her little girl.  He vowed to keep her safe from harm, and what Bill did harmed her.  Ridge is going to do whatever he has to do to make sure she isn’t harmed again.

Sally Threatens Bill When He Reneges on His Promise

Bill is cranky, but cheers up when he tells Justin he’s going to have a granddaughter.  Sally is at the door and overhears.  Bill wants to know why she’s here.  They don’t have an appointment scheduled.  That is the problem, Sally says.  He keeps cancelling all the appointments she sets up.

Sally tells Bill that she knows Liam is really upset with Him, and he’s moved out of his home with Steffy.  Since Liam is preoccupied Sally thought that they could get to work on Bill’s promise to help her resurrect Spectra.

Sally has three locations in the same price range, she just needs his sign off on one of them to set them up in a new building, like he and Liam promised.  Bill tells her he’s chosen option 4. None of the above.

That promise was connected to Liam, who doesn’t work here anymore. He tells Sally goodbye. He doesn’t want to see her again.

Sally calls him a monster, and wonders how Liam came from him.  She recounts everything he has done to her.  Those she knows about.  And he doesn’t care. All that money and power doesn’t disguise what he really is, a coward, Sally tells him.  Sally tells him his days are numbered and one day someone will put an end to his reign of terror.  Bill wonders if that is a threat.  Sally is telling him someone will put a stop to him.   Sally tells him that she has never hated anyone as much as she hates him.


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