Sally Shoots Bill With His Own Gun! Wyatt Proposes to Katie

Friday February 23, 2018 – Episode #7783

Episode Summary:

Target Practice for Sally

Sally is at the firing range shooting.  Shirley wants to know what has her so riled up.  Bill Spencer, she says.  Since Liam isn’t at Spencer anymore Bill is reneging on his agreement to relocate Spectra.  Sally picks up the gun and starts firing at the target.  I hate that man, she spits as she pulls the trigger.

Sally tells Sally and Saul that Bill does not scare here.  Someone is going to put him in his place once and for all.  Bill will take her seriously she assures Saul and Shirly.  They want to know if they can help.

This world would be a better place without Bill Spencer Sally says firing again.  And their lives would be much better.

Sally Spectra shoots Bill

Sally Spectra Shoots Bill Spencer!

Justin is surprised that Bill has gone back on his promise to Steffy.  With Liam not working here, Bill doesn’t feel compelled to make good on his charity cases.

Justin wonders if Bill has reached out to Liam. Bill is angry.  He’s about to have a granddaughter and Liam is going to cut him out of her life.  Justin notes he still has Wyatt.  Bill agrees, Wyatt is loyal.

Bill trusts Wyatt.   Bill hates being estranged from Liam, but enough time has gone by.  Liam has to find forgiveness, not just for him but for Steffy.

Justin wonders what happens if Liam never can.

Bill thought it would be Liam leading Spencer into the future, but maybe its supposed to be Wyatt.

Bill gets out a gun – a golden one – worth a small fortune.  It was a gift Bill tells Justin.  He was just cleaning out the safe.  He’s going to take it home.

Sally walks in. She’s there to give him one last chance to follow through on his promise.  She’s a grifter who roped in his bleeding heart son who doesn’t work here anymore.  She should look for another sucker to con.  She will get nothing from him, Bill tells Sally to get out.  Justin tries to remove Sally, but she pulls away.  He is messing with the wrong woman, Sally warns Bill.

Bill tells Justin he can leave.  Sally wonders how a father and son can be so different. She came to L to reboot her aunts company. And it didn’t happen because he did everything he could to stop her. He left her broke, destitute and blew up her building for that damned skyscraper.

Bill and Sally end up in a yelling match.  He tells her to get out of her office and leave. You are not going to get away with this Sally yells picking up the gun on Bill’s desk.  She loads it, aims and fires.  Unseen, Bill grunts.

Wyatt and Katie – Engaged!

Wyatt tells Katie he should have told her he loved her much, much sooner.  He doesn’t want to hide his feelings for her anymore.  Katie notes that means they have to tell Bill.

Thinking he was going to lose her to Throne was the wakeup call Wyatt needed.  He’s never going to lose her again.  They kiss.

Katie worries about everyone’s reaction to their relationship.  Wyatt says they should just focus on their happiness, their future. Wyatt leaves to pick up a small surprise.

When Wyatt gets back, they have had a history of being unlucky in love, but that changes with each other. What t, no hey have together, feels right to him. He almost lost her once, with his no strings, no commitment stance.  He doesn’t want to do that anymore.  A while ago he put something away hoping he would find a woman life her to give it to. Wyatt opens a ring box.  I

He loves her.

Katie tells him he has brought so much to her life.  How to take a leap of faith.  He makes her really happy.  She love him too.

Is that a yes, Wyatt asks.  Will you marry me.  Yes, Katie says through tears as he slips the ring on her finger.  She would love to be his wife.

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