Steffy Pleads With Liam to Come To Ridge and Brooke’s Wedding With Her

Friday, February 2, 2018 – Episode #7768

Ridge and Brooke Pressure Liam

Ridge is asking Liam to process what Liam is going through.  With his wife, and maybe open his heart to forgiveness.  Brooke says there was a time she didn’t think she could forgive Ridge, but here they are ready to recommit.  Liam isn’t the only victim in this, Ridge says.  Bill prayed on Steffy.

He and Brooke made it through.  He and Steffy can too, Ridge says.  Liam gets that they mean well, but he can’t deal with this right now. He wanted to believe that Steffy was blameless but Steffy made it clear she was a willing participant.

Steffy Confronted by Hope

Hope says she is not judging her.  Feels like you are Hope says. So if Liam is done with me for good, the only person I can blame is myself?  Steffy asks, then tells Hope she totally agrees.  Hope can’t pass judgement that Steffy hasn’t already heaped on herself.  She can barely look in the mirror.  She’s taking responsibility for the mess she’s made but she is not going to give up on her marriage.

steffy blames herseof so does hope

Hope wants Steffy and Liam to work through this.  She really does. Our parents are about to get married.  Above all else we are family.  Steffy says Liam just needs time. He will forgive her.

Ridge comes by to see Steffy later.  She tells him Hope came to see her. Ridge tells Steffy not to take the blame for something that isn’t her fault.  That’s what he told Liam as well.  Steffy wonders if Ridge got through to Liam about coming to the wedding.  This should be the happiest time of her life, Ridge says.

Steffy is just so angry with herself.  She should have stopped it, but she didn’t.  She tells Ridge to stop making excuses for her when he blames Bill again.  Ridge just wants to rip Bill’s head off. Ridge says that Liam didn’t say he wasn’t coming to the wedding.  Steffy agrees, Liam has a huge capacity for forgiveness.

Thorne Finds Katie’s New Attitude Atrractive

Wedding planning is in full swing at Brookes house.  Thorne tries to sneak out, saying he doesn’t know much about weddings.  Katie says yes you do, you’ve been married how many times?  Charlie and Pam have food covered.  Thorne tries to make some terrible suggestion to get off the hook. Carter will officiate. Ivy wonders where Steffy is.  Katie says she has a lot going on right now.

At the end of the meeting everyone has jobs, except Thorne. The ladies speculate there is a new man in Katie’s life because she is in such a good mood.  They ask who the mystery guy is.  But Katie is coy.

Alone, Thorne says her mystery guy is making her free, and its attractive.  Katie says the no strings attached relationship is fun.  Thorne thinks may he should give it a go.

Brooke Wonders If Brooke Is Still Interested in Liam

At home Brooke and Hope discuss Liam and Steffy.  Hope says she told Steffy that she hopes they work through their problems, but if Steffy loses Liam she has no one to blame but herself.  Brooke explains whey she and Ridge invited Liam and Steffy to their wedding.   Hope thinks if Liam isn’t ready, the whole thing could backfire.  He needs to come to this himself without outside pressure.

Brooke wonders if Hope is still interested in Liam.

Steffy asks Liam to Come to the Wedding With Her

Steffy goes to Liam’s hotel room. Being apart is so wrong and she misses him terribly.  What she did was so wrong. Steffy wonders if her Dad and Brooke are onto something,  Maybe they should go to the wedding together.  She knows she doesn’t have the right to ask anything of him, but her father and Brooke are a testament to what can be overcome.  Maybe they can learn from them, Steffy suggests.

Liam doesn’t think its possible.  Ridge and Brooke have nothing to do with them. Liam checks that Steffy is eating and taking her vitamins.  Steffy doesn’t lie, it would be nice if he were there.  He is missing this part of their baby’s life.

They can start with going to the wedding together, and maybe they can find a new place to start for them and their baby.  Steffy pleads with Liam to come to the wedding.


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