Steffy Thanks Hope for Supporting Her; Liam has Steffy and Hope On His Mind

Tuesday February 20, 2018 – Episode #7780

Steffy thanks Hope for Support

Episode Summary:

Steffy Tells Ridge About Her Daughter

Ridge is thrilled to hear he’s having a granddaughter.  Steffy said the experience had an impact on Liam but not enough to forgive her.  Not yet.  But those two words gave her hope that one day Liam will forgive her.  Ridge tells her there is nothing more attractive than a woman carrying your child.  Liam will come around.

Liam Has Steffy and Hope on The Mind

Wyatt is thrilled to hear that Liam is having a girl.  She’ll be a handful, Wyatt jokes.  If she’s anything like her mother, Liam agrees.   Liam says the experience was unreal seeing his baby for the first time, and he would have missed it if it weren’t for Hope.

Liam admits he wasn’t prepared for the feeling seeing his daughter for the first time brough up.  Wyatt asks if it changed anything in regards to Steffy.  Liam can’t be pressured ont his.  He can’t get the image of his father and Steffy out of his mind.  Wyatt agrees what their father did was heinous, but Wyatt isn’t leaving the company on all of this.  Bill is wrong way beyond words, but this is between Liam and their father.  Liam doesn’t want to think about their father so he changes the subject to Katie.

Wyatt admits he broke up with her because he saw her kissing Thorne at the wedding.

Wyatt says Liam needs to get out of this hotel room he’s beginning to stink like a zombie.  Liam says Hope through the same,  and asked him to work on the philanthropic side of the HFF line.  Wyatt notes that Hope keeps coming through for him and Steffy.

Alone, later, Liam remember hope convincing him to go to the ultrasound then seeing his little girl on the ultrasound.  He also remembers the friendship that Hope has shown him.

Steffy Thinks Hope May Have Saved Her Family

Hope tells Rick and Maya that Hope for the Future is back.  They are happy for her.  Hope agrees.  She needs a project.  And what better than this.  Her baby.  Rick is surprised Ridge green lighted it.

Hope begins reviewing HFF.  Hope wants to reintroduce the line with a stronger message and sense of urgency.

Later, Steffy comes to see Hope. The ultrasound went well and they are having a girl, Steffy tells Hope.  Hope is thrilled for her and Liam and hugs Steffy.  Steffy thanks Hope for encouraging Liam to come to the ultrasound.  It was a beautiful moment seeing their baby on the ultrasound.

Liam still hasn’t forgiven Steffy, but it wasn’t enough to repair their marriage.   Not yet.  Hope thinks that means that Liam just needs time to get past it.  Steffy says, its because of her and thanks Hope again.

Steffy is surprised that after all this time and all she has done to her, Hope still supports her. Be good to him, and be good for him, Hope says. Steffy says that she is lucky to have Hope in her corner.  She is the one person Liam listens to.

Steffy congratulates Hope for HFF.  Steffy supports her. Hope says she was never crazy about it in the past.  Steffy feels after all Hope has done for her its important for her to support her project.  Steffy thinks it may be early, but Steffy thinks because of Hope Liam may come around, Steffy thinks Hope may have saved her family.

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