Stephanie Speaks to Brooke; Wyatt Sees Thorne Kiss Katie

Friday February 9, 2018 – Episode #7773

Episode Summary:

Liam Gives Wyatt Advice

Liam asks Wyatt about his dating life.  What’s going on with him, he goes MIA around 2pm every day.  Clearly, he’s seeing someone.  Why be cryptic about it?

Wyatt admits there is someone special in his life.  Anyone I know Liam asks. Wyatt tells him its Katie.  Liam is stunned when its Katie Logan, their former step mother.

They wanted to keep it a secret. Liam agrees its complicated. Wyatt says that Katie tried to end it for Wyatt’s sake, because of their dad.  But Wyatt isn’t going to let Bill tell him who he can and cannot see.  But there is something Wyatt said to Katie he wishes he could take back.  He told her he wanted no strings.

Liam wonders why he would say that when he clearly is into her.  Cos he’s stupid Wyatt states.  Liam asks Wyatt if Katie knows the depths of his feeling for her.  Wyatt isn’t sure he did until recently.  Liam tells him that if they aren’t exclusive, Katie can date other people and he could lose her.  Use your head, Liam tells his brother, or you’re going to lose her.  Wyatt says he’s going over there right now to surprise her.  Liam tells him to GO!

The Wedding Reception

The reception kicks off at the Forrester mansion after Brooke changes dresses and hari do’s.

Rick surprises Maya by saying he’s happy for his mom, because he can see how happy she is.

Ivy, Charlie and Pam discuss it being strange that Liam isn’t there.  They wonder if there is trouble in paradise.

RJ congratulates his parents.  He’s proud of them.  Here they are a perfect little family Ridge  says and the three of them hug to applause.

Othello the DJ gets everyone dancing.

Carter tells May she looks beautiful.  He says it would be nice to be a groom one day not just the officiant.  Maya tells him his day will come then Rick drags her onto the dancefloor.

Ridge tells Steffy he’s sorry Liam didn’t make it.   Hope tells brook e she doesn’t approve of what Steffy did, but there is a baby involved.  A family.  Hope would hate to see it fall apart.

Eric toasts the bride and groom whishing them a lifetime of happiness while they kiss.  The bouquet is tossed, Donna catches it.  They cut the cake and Thorne makes a toast to his very lucky brother and beautiful bride. Ridge and Throne hug.

Brooke remembers walking into this house for the first time.  It changed her life forever. Brooke says she thought having Stephanie above the fireplace today was fitting.  Ridge says he’s the luckiest man in the world.

Stephanie Speaks to Brooke

Later as Brooke is near Stephanie’s picture she hears Stephanie tell her she did good today.  Brooke doesn’t know if its Stephanie or not.  Of course, its me my sweet little slut from the valley. At which point Brooke knows Stephanie is there. Stephanie tells her to be a good wife to her son. And she tells Brooke not to let Eric take her off the mantle again.

Ridge says its almost as if she’s in the room with them.  She is, Brooke says.

Wyatt Sees Thorne Kisses Katie

Throne later finds Katie on the patio. He asks if she would rather be dancing with her mystery man.  Katie admits she’s a little more involved with her mystery man than she lets on.  He’s really wonderful.

And you’re not sure if this guy feels the same way?  Thorne says her mystery man clearly doesn’t understand what a beautiful and sophisticated woman Katie is.  Thorne kisses Katie.

Maya sees Thorne and Katie kiss.

At Katie’s house Wyatt is waiting for Katie and uses the telescope to spy on the neighbors.  He sees Thorne kiss Katie.


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