The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: February 19 – 23, 2018 – It’s A Girl!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful February 19 – 23, 2018:  Liam may not be ready to forgive, but he does have hope for the future;  Katie and Wyatt reconnect

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    It’s a Girl!

    Liam and Steffy shared a moment while seeing their baby for the first time at an ultrasound appointment.  It was hard for Liam not to share in the joy of the moment.  Steffy took the opportunity to ask Liam once again if he could find it in his amazing heart to forgive her.  If not for her then for their perfect baby girl who deserved the best they could both give.

    This week, Steffy and Liam continue that conversation.  With Hope playing advocate for Steffy, though being clear she doesn’t approve of what Steffy did, it is difficult for Hope’s name not to come up in conversations.  Steffy admits she had Hope all wrong when she learned Hope was back in town.  Hope is respecting their marriage for the sake of the baby they have on the way, can’t Liam also, Steffy wonders.

    Steffy also makes it clear that Hope supporting their marriage came from Hope.  Steffy didn’t encourage or ask Hope to do it.  But it is true, she tells Liam, the baby needs you.

    Though the road does seem paved for Liam to forgive Steffy at some point, Liam can’t be ready to do so after one ultrasound.  The betrayal was just too great, and he has repeated often that he just can’t look at Steffy the same way.

    The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for this week suggest that Steffy uses her father for support to get through this emotionally trying time, which certainly implies Liam isn’t rushing back to the Malibu cliff house.  Steffy has her problems with Ridge as well.  Despite Steffy assuring Ridge over and over that what happened between her and Bill was consensual, Ridge is blinded by his hatred of Bill.  Ridge maintains that Bill took advantage of his little girl, something he hasn’t found much support for from anyone, given not even Steffy believes it.

    Regardless, of Liam and Steffy being together or not their family and friends rejoice with them in the news of their daughter.

    Hope For The Future

    Liam may be struggling with his present and immediate past, but with Hope back in town there is Hope for the Future.  The clothing line, that is.  Given, Hope’s support of Liam and Steffy’s marriage, neither of Forrester’s co-CEO’s, Ridge or Steffy, can deny Hope restarting her phenomenally successful clothing line.

    Hope has been active in charitable giving and philanthropy while in Europe and is keep on getting the charitable aspects of the HFF line back up and running also.  And who better than Liam to help her.  Liam, too, shares Hope’s charitable bent, and ran the Spencer Foundation before walking out on his father, and job at Spencer Publications.  It’s a natural fit.

    But will Steffy and Ridge be thrilled by this turn of events?  It will keep Liam at Forrester Creations where Steffy also works, but it will have him in Hope’s orbit also.

    Hope has made no secret of respecting Steffy’s marriage as long as she doesn’t betray Liam again, but Liam is still torn between what he should do.  Is spending time so much time with Hope, the only person not to pressure him into forgiving Steffy, have Liam’s feeling for her resurface?

    Spoilers hint that Liam has a proposal for Hope about their future.  A reconciliation with Hope, seems too early.  Fans are speculating that Liam will propose Hope be his child’s step-mother, but if Liam can’t process his feeling for Steffy and her betrayal, he surely shouldn’t jump into another relationship.   Though, that was Liam’s go-to suggestion when Hope found out she was pregnant with Wyatt’s baby….

    Wyatt and Katie Kiss and Make-Up

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers suggest that this week, Wyatt has another heart to heart with his brother Liam. It was Liam who helped Wyatt understand he true feelings for Katie and suggested his brother make a commitment to their father’s ex-wife before he lost her to someone else.

    Of course, Wyatt saw Katie kissing Thorne, and broke up with her instead.  What he didn’t realize that Katie was more involved in their no strings attached relationship than she had let on also.  Despite Thorne being quite aggressive in his pursuit of Katie, going so far as to delete a text message from Wyatt on Katie’s phone.  Katie, hoever, hasn’t committed to more than a few kisses with the handsome Forrester.

    This week, spoilers hint that Wyatt not only delivers some bad news to Bill (that his is seeing Katie perhaps?) but Wyatt and Katie get to the bottom of their miscommunication and Wyatt tells Katie that he doesn’t want them to be over.  Katie wonders if he is serious about this.  After all, nothing has changed.  Wyatt being involved with Katie could have repercussions for both of them depending on Bill’s reaction to the pairing.

    Since Bill also delivers Wyatt an ultimatum this week,  it looks like Katie and Wyatt could also be on the outs with Bill by the end of the week.

    Sally Takes Aim and Fires?

    Photos of this week’s episodes show Sally Spectra and her grandmother Shirley at a firing range.  Sally is furious with Bill Spencer.  Not only for what he has done in the past – he did drop a building on her – but for reneging on his promise to help her establish Spectra Fashions in an alternate location.

    The feisty red head appears to have Bill Spencer in her firing line (who doesn’t, really).  She storms into his office this week and tells Bill it is time someone puts and end to his reign of terror.  Bill looks unworried and amused as he asks if she is threatening him.  Sally replies that she is simply telling him what is in his future. With rumors circulating that Courtney Hope, has left B&B, like Ashleigh Brewer, could this be how Sally exits?  Taking shots at Bill Spencer?

    With everyone hating Bill, it also feels like the set-up for a whodunit.  Or does Bill stage an event to elicit the pity of those he’s done wrong?  It is going to take a lot of sympathy to get everyone back on Bill’s side.  Fan sites show photos of Bill Spencer in hospital, but spoilers also hint that Ridge and Bill are due to face off again also.

    Bold &Beautiful February Sweeps Spoilers…

    According to The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Steffy and Liam find out the sex of their unborn child.  Could their baby becoming more real, make Liam change his mind about forgiving Steffy for the sake of their child?  Perhaps.

    Everyone hates Bill.  Bill finds himself in the firing line of everyone’s hatred.

    With Thorne showering Katie with attention, Katie and Wyatt’s relationship comes up against a road block.  Will it survive?  Or would Katie be making a mistake to get involved with another man who returned to Los Angeles to be with Brooke (as Ridge did in late 2013).

    Thorne looks to get his career moving – upwards.  Which means usurping someone else’s position. Is the brotherly love, Thorne and Ridge showed for the wedding about to end?

    if Thorne is to unseat Ridge, he will need help.  And Rick is hardly pleased with Ridge.  Will Thorne and Rick’s focus at work cause Rick’s wife to look for company in another man?  Carter perhaps?


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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Ashleigh Brewer has left The Bold and the Beautiful to pursue other acting opportunities.

    Rumors circulate that Courtney Hope has also left.

    Robin Givens appears for a few days later in the week as Dr Campbell, Steffy’s obstetrician.

    Hope Is Back!

    Hope Logan has been recast!  Annika Noelle takes on the role of Hope.  She returns to The Bold and the Beautiful screens on January 8, 2017.  It looks like Ridge may have something to do with Hope’s homecoming. Brooke is delighted, but how will Steffy feel?  She and Hope have been long established rivals for Liam’s affection.  Will Hope be there to support her ex as his marriage hits the rocks?  or will she find she has more in common with the ex-husband she walked out on after losing their baby at the hands of his mother?

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    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

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