The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: February 5 – 9, 2018 – Ridge and Brooke’s Wedding

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful February 5 – 9, 2018:  Ridge and Brooke’s wedding day arrives with a guest of honor looking on.  Thorne and Katie bond, while Liam and Wyatt spend the day together.

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    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    Will Steffy and Liam Go To The Wedding Together?

    It seemed like last week, everyone was in Steffy and Liam’s business.  Brooke thought that by expediting their wedding, she and Ridge could show Steffy and Liam that there is life and love after betrayal.  If she and Ridge could sort through all their many years of relationship betrayals and issues, Brooke believes anyone can.

    To that end, Ridge and Brooke both visit Liam at his hotel to ask him to come to their wedding.  With Steffy.  Liam told them he couldn’t do that.  This week, however, Steffy gives it a shot also.  Will Liam be able to say no, to the woman carrying his child?  He’s been pretty successful so far, and The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers hint that Liam and Wyatt spend the day of Ridge and Brooke’s wedding together, so, if Steffy attends  (she does), it will likely be on her own.

    Thorne and Katie Bond, While Wyatt and Liam Bond

    As Ridge’s Best Man, and Brooke’s Matron of Honor, Thorne and Katie spend time together planning Ridge and Brooke’s wedding.  And the duo finds that as the younger sibling of a superstar older sibling they have much in common.  Thorne has an intriguing proposition for Katie.  He finds her very attractive and Katie is enjoying Thorne’s attention.  Does Thorne make a move to steal Katie away from her mystery man with whom she’s having a no strings attached relationship?  It certainly looks like it.

    As much fun as Wyatt and Katie are having with their secret affair, which is rapidly becoming less and less secret, Wyatt finds he is a little unhappy at not being invited to Brooke and Ridge’s wedding as Katie’s guest.  But that would mean going public.  And since the only real reason for not going public, is because of Bill’s reaction and fear of the repercussions, Wyatt is going to have an easy time commiserating with Liam with his feeling over Bill.

    Wyatt ends up spending the day of the wedding with Liam, and Wyatt confides in his brother about where he would rather be, and with whom.  The brother’s discuss the implications of Bill finding out.  Since Liam believes that what Bill did, sleeping with Steffy, was at least partly motivated by Bill’s promise to get revenge on Liam for taking Spencer Publications away from him, Liam will have some words of wisdom for his brother.

    Ridge and Brooke’s Wedding Day

    Ridge and Brooke’s wedding day arrives on Thursday, with Donna Logan, Julius Avant, and Vivienne Avant back for the nuptials. A much-loved family member is also present in spirit when Quinn’s portrait is removed from above the fireplace and Stephanie’s is added to “oversee” the proceedings.

    After reciting vows which include Brooke mentioning that it was love at first sight when they met in the very room they are currently getting married it.  (Brooke was helping her mother cater a Forrester event.)

    Ridge and Brooke exchange I do’s.  Presumably, since Carter is Ridge’s best buddy, he will officiate, but if not he is at least present as a guest.   After the wedding, Brooke changes dresses and the guests get ready to p arty.  As the reception kicks into gear with Rick’s buddy, Othello, DJ’ing the even, Thorne and Katie enjoy each other’s company, as do Carter and Maya.

    Carter has recently admitted to Maya that he isn’t over her and if she isn’t happy in her marriage, she has options.  Clearly, such a confessing is flattering to any woman, but so far Maya hasn’t hinted that she and Rick are anything other than happy.

    But there is a wedding shocker.  Scenes from the event show, in this weeks promos show several stunned faces, may are scenes from the past.  From the actual day, Brooke looks up stunned at the portrait of Stephanie, Steffy covers her mouth in shock, and Pam’s mouth drops open.  Does Stephanie’s portrait jump from the wall like it has so many times before?  Each time it showed her displeasure.  Since Stephanie died in Brooke’s arms, the former adversaries, friends, it seems strange.  Or an important omen that Ridge and Brooke’s marriage isn’t destined to last.  Like every other attempt they’ve made.

    Or the shocker could be something else entirely.

    Bold &Beautiful February Sweeps Spoilers…

    According to The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Steffy and Liam find out the sex of their unborn child.  Could their baby becoming more real, make Liam change his mind about forgiving Steffy for the sake of their child?  Perhaps.

    Everyone hates Bill.  Bill finds himself in the firing line of everyone’s hatred.

    With Thorne showering Katie with attention, Katie and Wyatt’s relationship comes up against a road block.  Will it survive?  Or would Katie be making a mistake to get involved with another man who returned to Los Angeles to be with Brooke (as Ridge did in late 2013).

    Thorne looks to get his career moving – upwards.  Which means usurping someone else’s position. Is the brotherly love, Thorne and Ridge showed for the wedding about to end?

    if Thorne is to unseat Ridge, he will need help.  And Rick is hardly pleased with Ridge.  Will Thorne and Rick’s focus at work cause Rick’s wife to look for company in another man?  Carter perhaps?


    Bold and Beautiful Daily Spoilers, Episode Summaries and History

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    Wednesday February 7, 2018 – Here comes the bride
    Thursday, February 8, 2018 – Ridge and Brooke Marry
    Friday, February 9, 2018

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Donna Logan, Julius and Vivienne Avant, are all back for Ridge and Brooke’s wedding.

    Hope Is Back!

    Hope Logan has been recast!  Annika Noelle takes on the role of Hope.  She returns to The Bold and the Beautiful screens on January 8, 2017.  It looks like Ridge may have something to do with Hope’s homecoming. Brooke is delighted, but how will Steffy feel?  She and Hope have been long established rivals for Liam’s affection.  Will Hope be there to support her ex as his marriage hits the rocks?  or will she find she has more in common with the ex-husband she walked out on after losing their baby at the hands of his mother?

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