Thorne Makes a Move on Katie; Steffy asks Hope if She’s Going to Make a Move on Liam

Friday February 13, 2018 – Episode #7775

Episode Summary:

Steffy Wants to See Hope

Steffy is doing yoga at home and has a slight baby bump showing.  Steffy calls Hope and asks if she can stop by.

Steffy Wants to Know If Hope Wants A Life With Liam

Hope is having breakfast with Brooke who is clearly happy to be Mrs Ridge Forrester, again.  Brooke asks how Steffy is.  Hope says she was disappointed that Liam didn’t show.  Hope felt like she had to be there for Steffy at the wedding, but she slept with her father in law. She broke Liam’s heart.  Hope still cares about Liam, but there is a baby on the way, and everyone needs to do what is right for that baby, including Liam.

Hope is trying to take herself out of it, and focus on the needs of the baby, but its hard to see Liam in so much pain.  She’s always loved Liam, and she always will.

Steffy arrives.  They discuss their past being permanently between them.  Just like Bill will always be there between her and Liam now.  Hope says she hasn’t forgotten their past. Steffy manipulated Hope and she manipulated Liam to get what she wanted.  And now she’s broken Liam’s heart.  You slept with Liam’s father, Hope wonders how that could ever happen.

Steffy walks Hope through the whole story. She was just trying to put a father and son back together.  And Bill listened to her concerns about Sally and Liam. Then when Liam kissed Sally while they were buried under the rubble of the Spectra building she was as upset as any wife would be,  And Bill was there.

Hope asks if Steffy wants a future with Bill, he must appeal to Steffy on some level for what happened to happen.  Steffy says she wants her husband back and she needs Hopes help to hold onto her marriage.

Hope gets a text from Liam asking to see her.  Steffy sees it as she passes Hope her phone.  She knows part of Liam still loves Hope, and this is the perfect time to move in.  Is that what she is doing?  Steffy wants to know if Hope wants a life with Liam again,

Ridge Harasses Liam

Ridge stops by to see Liam.  They missed him at the wedding.  Ridge gets it, he’s got a lot of thinks to work out.  His wife and his kid need him, Ridge says.  Its time to step up. He should be experiencing his first child. Liam says its killing him missing it, but he can’t forgive and forget.  Ridge says Liam is justified in how he feels, but his reaction to all of this is killing Steffy.

Ridge tells Liam that you fight for true love.  But they wasted so many years,  He’s giving Liam the benefit of his experience.  Put the hurt aside and fight for your family, Ridge says. He knows like him and Brooke, Steffy and Liam can make it.  On that, note, Ridge leaves.

Thorne Comes On To Katie

Thorne isn't sorry she broke up with mystery guy

At home, Katie is sad remembering her and Wyatt’s time together.  There is a knock at the door.  It’s Throne. He thought he’d offer her a ride to the office.  Katie says she is not going in today.  Her “boyfriend” broke up with her last night.

Thorne says she should let go and move on.  She never knows what is waiting for her.  They have coffee together.  Thorne can’t lie, he’s not sorry she broke up with her no strings guy.  He’s been thinking about their kiss.  He thinks they should do it again.  Katie wonders why he would want her when all those supermodels get whiplash when he walks by.  Because she’s beautiful, Thorne tells her.

Katie wonders what Thorne is offering her – another no strings relationship.  It does look good on her, Thorne says, who knows where it could go.  Katie wonders if he’s coming on to her?  He is if its working.  Katie wonders where quiet, shy Thorne went.  He notes it hasn’t gotten him very far in the past.

He has a cure for her stress also.  He gives her a back rub. She could easily fall into his arms right now, but he doesn’t want that – it would be a total rebound. Katie shuffles Thorne off too work, But he will only leave if she has lunch or dinner with him.  She will.  Sometime in the future.  Thorne leaves.

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