Wyatt and Katie Call It Quits After Wyatt Sees Katie Kissing Thorne

Katie and Wyatt Want More Than No Strings Attached

At the beginning of last week, while discussing whether Katie would take Wyatt to Brooke and Ridge’s wedding, Katie and Wyatt both re-affirmed to keeping their relationship a secret.  No strings attached.  But, by the end of the week, while Katie was flirting up a storm with Thorne at the wedding, and Wyatt was keeping his brother company at his hotel room, both had realized that wasn’t really what they wanted.

Wyatt confessing to Liam that he had been disappearing daily to be with Katie Logan, took Liam by surprise.  In talking about their relationship Wyatt also came to the conclusion that he no longer wanted a no strings attached relationship.  Liam told his brother to stop being a fool.  If he and Katie had no commitment it meant that she could date anyone she wanted.  Liam told his brother to go tell Katie how he felt, before he lost her.  Wyatt left Liam’s hotel and headed to Katie’s house to prepare a romantic scene for him to confess his feelings.

Meanwhile, over that the Forrester mansion, next door, Ridge and Brooke’s reception was in full swing. Thorne found Katie out on the patio alone.  Thorne wondered if Katie would rather be dancing with her mystery man instead of him.  Katie admitted she was a little more invested in the relationship with her mystery guy than she let on and was constantly reminding herself no strings attached.  Thorne made a move.  Clearly, if the mystery guy didn’t want more from her he didn’t’ understand how beautiful and sophisticated a woman he had in her.  Then Thorne kissed Katie.

Wyatt Sees Thorne Kiss Katie

Wyatt Sees Katie Kiss Thorne

Over at Katie’s home, Wyatt was getting antsy waiting for Katie.  He pulled back the drapes and lined up the telescope to see how the party was progressing next door.  He focused the telescope and panned the Forrester estate.  What he saw shocked him.  Katie and Thorne, on the patio, in a lip lock.

Spoilers – What’s next for Katie, Wyatt and Thorne

This week, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers state that there is a surprise breakup.  Monday’s spoilers show Wyatt telling Katei that perhaps they should call it quits.  Of course, Wyatt doesn’t tell Katie how he feels about her, he is too hurt by what he saw at the Forrester estate.  And when Katie doesn’t tell him what happened between her and Thorne, Wyatt decides that Katie mustn’t be as invested in their relationship as he is. So, he ends it, telling her he just has too much going on right now that he needs to focus on.

Katie is, needless to say, surprised, but she won’t be lonely for long.  It isn’t long before Thorne is at her door and giving her shoulder rubs.  With Valentine’s Day romance in the air, Thorne tells Katie that when he sees something he likes he goes after it. Leaving Katie’s home, Thorne accidently picks up Katie’s phone rather than his own, and by weeks end, he knows the identity of Katie’s mystery lover.

Does Thorne’s interest in Katie spell the end for Wyatt and Katie?  Or will it spur Wyatt into declaring his feelings for Katie? Who would you rather see Katie with?   Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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