Wyatt and Katie Call It Quits; Brooke and Ridge Enjoy Their Wedding Night

Friday February 12, 2018 – Episode #7774

Ridge and Brooke’s Wedding Night

With their guests gone Ridge and Brooke are alone at last. As far as Ridge is concerned today, Brooke became the Forrester matriarch.

RJ comes downstairs and sees his parents kissing. He appreciates what they did today.  But he hopes they didn’t do it just for him.  Ridge assures him they are happy.

Upstairs Brooke gets into white lingerie for their wedding night. Later they discuss their wonderful day.  Surrounded by friends and family and Stephanie.  Brooke tells Ridge that Stephanie was there and asks if he believes in ghosts.  She’s serious.  She had a conversation with Stephanie. Brooke asks Stephanie to knock twice if she is here with them. She does.  But it is Ridge messing with her.

Wyatt and Katie Call it Quits

Wyatt tidies up the romantic evening he had planned.  Katie walks in. She says it’s a nice surprise. She kisses him. Katie realizes something is wrong.  Wyatt says the day has been tiring.  He spent it with his brother.  Katie feels bad for Liam.  Betrayal is never easy.  Katie tries to seduce Wyatt, but Wyatt wants to talk. About them and their relationship or whatever this is.

Wyatt and Katie Break up

Wyatt ahs been thinking about them.  So has she.  He says that she drives him crazy.  Katie asks him to show him.  Wyatt has been thinking about his life a lot lately. Their involvement has been great but kind of complicated.  He isn’t sure they are ready for a commitment.

He wants a relationship with his father despite what he did to Liam, it gives him a lot of future opportunities at Spencer.  And this compromises that, Katie says.  Wyatt says she is also trying to raise a son with Bill, and he doesn’t want what happened with Liam and Bill happen to Will, and that probably will if Bill finds out about them.  Katie asks what Wyatt is saying.  Wyatt thinks with everything that has happened, they should call it quits.

Katie didn’t see this coming.  She thought things where great between them,  She guesses this is what no strings attached is about,  She doesn’t want to hold Liam back,  She knows his life would be simpler without them. Wyatt doesn’t want to hold Katie back from anything,  He cares about her too much.

Katie gets where he is coming from and she isn’t going to stand in his way.  Wyatt says she is free to explore any opportunities that come her way.  Katie says he has been good for him.  She doesn’t want to lose his friendship.  Wyatt says they can get back to that.  Sure, says Katie, Friends without benefits.  No regrets they agree, but Katie has tears in her eyes as Wyatt kisses her one last time and hugs her.  He’ll never forget the impact she had on his life.  Wyatt leaves. And Katie breaks down in tears.

Thorne Sees Katie Differently

Thorne is still at the Foresters.  Maya engages him in conversation about the big day.  Thorne is happy for Ridge and Brooke.  Maya asks if he doesn’t fee the romance in the air. (Maya saw Thorne and Katie kiss.)  Thorne excuses himself to tend to some last-minute best man duties.  Before he leaves Maya says she saw him kiss the matron on honor. How long have they been involved Maya asks.  They looked kind of sweet.  She realizes it was their first kiss.  Thorne says no one was more surprised than him, except maybe Katie.

Maya and Thorne discuss Thorne starting to see Katie differently after working with her on planning the wedding.

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