Wyatt Proposes to Katie – How Does Bill React?

On the day of Ridge and Brooke’s wedding, both Katie and Wyatt admitted they were more involved in their relationship than the no strings attached label implied.  They just didn’t admit it too each other.

Katie confessed the truth the Thorne.  And it was Liam who helped Wyatt realize his true feelings.  Wyatt left Liam’s hotel room on a mission.  He was going to let Katie know how he felt.  Unfortunately, while waiting for Katie to get home from the wedding, Wyatt spied, through Katie’s telescope, Katie and Thorne, still at the wedding, kissing.

Wyatt proposes to katie

Later, when Katie got home a hurt and jealous Wyatt, broke up with Katie. Thanks to picking up Katie’s phone, Thorne learned who Katie’s mystery guy was.  When a text message came in from Wyatt back peddling on the break up, Thorne deleted the message before returning Katie’s phone to her.

Thorne wasted no time telling Katie that she should move on from Wyatt.  With him.  But Katie, wasn’t ready, and told Thorne so.

While having lunch with his mother, Quinn, Wyatt decided he felt too much for Katie to lose her, so he headed to Katie’s home and told her that he was miserable without her and that was why he sent her the text message.  Katie told Wyatt she didn’t get a text message from him.  They compare phones, then Katie realizes it came in when Thorne had her phone.  He must have deleted it.

Wyatt told Katie that on the way to this point he fell completely in love with her.  Katie told Wyatt she loved him also.  Wyatt went to run an errand.  When he returned he pulled out a ring box and and proposed.  Katie told Wyatt that she would love to be his wife.

But the same issues still exist.  Bill still provides Wyatt with a house and a job, and Katie and Bill need to keep a civil relationship to co-parent their child, Will.

Now, Wyatt and Katie need to face the wrath of Bill.  And they do that this week.  They go to Bill’s office together, and Wyatt tells Bill that he has asked Katie to marry him. Blindsided, Bill lashes out at Wyatt and Katie.  He tells them that they will marry over his dead body.  Bill tears the Spencer sword from around Wyatt’s neck.  If they don’t end this, they will have nothing.

Katie tells Bill with a quiet fury not to threaten her.  But Bill rants on.  He is going to sue Katie for custody of Will.  Bill also is set to fire a valued employee this week.  Presumably, that means Wyatt.



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