Wyatt Threatens Bill’s Life If He Takes Will From Katie; Ridge Hates Bill

Tuesday February 27, 2018 – Episode #7785

Episode Summary:

Wyatt Wishes Sally Had Shot Bill

You’re not getting married Bill says.  Bill tells Katie to take that ring off.  Katie says they aren’t asking permission he is being told out of courtesy.

Bill tells her this isn’t happening, It’s sick. Wyatt tells Bill its not up to him.  Bill tells them this is twisted.  Wyatt says that he isn’t in a position to judge twisted after what he did.  Bill warns him to think about what he is doing.  Wyatt realizes it will probably cost him his job.  Damn right it will, Bill yells.  This ends right here right now, Bill yells.


Katie demands respect from him.  You cheated on my twice with my sister, you don’t get to dictate who I love. Bill thinks its payback for Brooke.  Wyatt tells him to watch it.  Does he want to lose his other son.  Bill says if you want an ultimatum here it is:  end this or pack your bags and get out.  You disgrace me and my family, and you are no longer my son, Bill threatens Wyatt.

Wyatt can’ believe he will cut him out.  He cares about Wyatt calls Bill a liar.  He makes enemies everywhere he goes. How is that working out for him?  Try to hear that they are happy, Wyatt says.

Bill reaffirms this is a betrayal and payback.  End this or you are out.  Katie reminds him this has nothing to do with him.  Make a choice Bill says.  He’s out up with enough from his brother.  He and Liam will be cut out.  Houses, jobs, cars and money all gone.  Think carefully, Bill threatens, your future depends on it.

When Bill learns that Brooke approves he calls Brooke a relationship pinball machine.  He tells Katie to prepare for a battle.  That includes custody.  Does she think a judge would find her sick relationship is in the best interest of her son? She’s had her battles with instability and she hears that she is drinking again. Not good for an alcoholic. He’s taking Will.  No you won’t, Katie says.  Katie tells him that he is hardly a moral compass?  A man who sleeps with his son’s wife?

Wyatt calls him bitter and self-absorbed. Wyatt tells Bill he is done.  He wants a father he can be proud of.  He’s despicable.  He wishes that Sally had actually shot him.

Bill rips the spencer sword from Wyatt’s neck.  Bill tells them they will lose everything,  Wyatt tells Bill that if he takes Will away from the one decent parent he has, it will be the last thing Bill does.

Are we headed for a Bill Spencer whodunnit for cliffhanger friday?

Ridge Hates Bill

Ridge invites Steffy to dinner on the weekend.  Steffy is clearly not listening. She’s thinking about Hope.  Steffy is starting to think Ridge is right – she does have feelings for Liam.

Ridge was worried about that, but Steffy doesn’t think Hope would cross the line.  Steffy thinks hat a part of Hope wishes that she was having Liam’s baby. Ridge just suggests that Steffy keep and eye on Hope and how much time she spends with Liam.

Just keep an eye out Ridge says.  The relaunch of her line should keep Hope busy and she won’t have time to focus on Liam.

Ridge says that Steffy is in this situation because of Bill.  Ridge never hated anyone as much as he hates Bill.  The world would be a better place without him in it.

Liam and Hope Spend Time Together

Hope gets a call from Liam. He would like to see Hope again.  She is hesitant, but Liam convinces her to have lunch with him at Il Giordino.  When Hope arrives, he has ordered her favorite drink.

He wants to help Hope with her line.  And he wants to help her with that.  He knows she’s capable on her own, but he’s here and ready to help.  He’d be so happy to get involved.

Liam just wants to hear about her line.  Hope is glad to talk about that.  Fashionable affordable responsibly made clothes while sending a message of empowerment to young women. Liam says she has a powerful platform and she is known as the real deal.

Hope notes that Liam is alive and focused with purpose.  She was worrying about him in that hotel room. Liam tells Hope she’s been amazing to him.  He thanks Hope.

Spoilers: Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful

Back at home, Katie is in a state as she panics about Bill’s threat to take Will away from her.  If Bill were an ordinary man, with his history, you would laugh.  But he is wealthy, powerful and lacking a moral compass.  His love for money and his skyscraper Sky, have proven greater than any loyalty or love for his family members.  Given Bill’s long list of misdeeds and criminal behavior, Katie is right to worry.  Wyatt tries to calm Katie.

Meanwhile, Bill meets with Justin at Il Giordino and tells him that he wants paperwork drawn up that removes any trace of Wyatt being his son.  Bill is making good on his threat to disown Wyatt.  Bill doesn’t want Wyatt to have any legal claim as his son.  While Bill is at Il Giordino, Ridge arrives also.  The two have  a run in that Sheila witnesses.

Hope tells Liam that his marriage doesn’t have to end if he doesn’t want it to.  Steffy hasn’t singed the annulment papers yet…


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