Bill Awakens To The Burning Question: Who Shot You?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 – Episode #7799

Episode Summary:

Wyatt Denies Shooting His Father

Sanchez wants to know if Wyatt killed his father.  Wyatt is stunned he is asking him that.  Wyatt tells Sanchez he is talking to the wrong guy.  Their argument got heated and they were in a bad place.  Wyatt doesn’t deny , but he didn’t shoot his father.

No matter how hurtful or evil that man can be there is no way Wyatt would ever shoot his father.  Sanchez still thinks Wyatt has a strong motive.  Wyatt says he doesn’t hate Bill that much.  He doesn’t hate anyone that much.  Not in a million years would he shoot his own father.

Wyatt gets a call from Bill’s doctor.  He seems to be regaining consciousness.  Wyatt heads to the hospital.  Sanchez follows.  Maybe they can finally find out who shot him.

Bill awakens after shooting

Bill regains Consciousness

Bill is being examines by his doctor when he starts to regain consciousness.  Bill’s doctor examines him further and calls his name. Bill squeezes her hand when directed.  The doctor tells the nurse to call Bill’s family.

Who Shot You?

Wyatt and Sanchez arrive at the hospital. The doctors first concern is Bill’s condition.  It may be a while before he is able to speck and assist the police. Wyatt and Sanchez enter the room with the doctor.

Bill opens his eyes. Welcome back, Wyatt tells Bill.  Wyatt says he’s going to call Liam.  Sanchez introduces himself.  He wants to ask some questions. Do you know why you’re in the hospital.  Bill shakes his head.  Sanchez tells him he was shot in the back.  But Bill doesn’t remember. Sanchez reminds him that he argued with Ridge the night of the shooting. The continue to gather evidence and interview suspects but Sanchez wonder s if he know who did this to him. Can Bill give him a name.  Yes, Bill struggles to say. Who shot you?  Sanchez asks.  Bill struggles to speak…

Ridge’s Anger Grows

Steffy wishes Brooke hadn’t told Hope about Bill proposing to her.  It wasn’t her secret to tell.  Brooke didn’t mean to break her confidence, but she was worried about how Ridge would react when he find out.  Now Steffy is concerned that Hope will tell Liam before Steffy gets the chance.

Steffy says its not Hopes place to tell Liam.  Its hers.  She was going to tell Liam but his father got shot.  She was planning to tell him, because she doesn’t want to keep anything from him.  Brooke thinks that Liam deserves to know.

Ridge enters.  Steffy tells Ridge that when Bill came to her house the night he got shot, Bill proposed to her.  Ridge knows that.  Bill told him when he went to his house.  So, Liam is the only one who doesn’t know.

Ridge goes on a rant about Bill being a piece of garbage and that he deserves to die.  Steffy rushes out to go tell Liam before someone else does.  Ridge says Bill deserved everything he got.

Back at Forrester, Hope tries to tell Brooke she told Liam…told him what?  Ridge yells.  That he proposed to Steffy?  Ridge says guys like Bill doesn’t deserve to live.

Liam Anger at Bill Grows

No way, Liam responds when Hope tells him that Bill proposed to Steffy.  Clearly, Steffy said no, Hope elaborates, but there was a proposal.  “Bastard”  Liam spits referring to his father.  Unbelievable, Ridge was right.  Bill wants his life. The second Liam stepped away, Bill swooped in wanting to play house with his wife.  And why didn’t Steffy tell him, Liam wonders.  Hope tells Liam that Steffy told her mom, the night Bill was shot.

Hope rushes to tell Liam that Steffy turned Bill down immediately, and she isn’t trying to shame Steffy.  Hope just couldn’t watch Liam by Bill’s bedside and defending him when he didn’t know the whole story.

Liam thanks her for telling him the truth.  She’s the only one he can count on for that lately.

Later, Steffy arrives at Liam’s hotel room.  Once again it turns out that his father has betrayed him.  Did his father propose to her, Liam wants to know?  Yes, Steffy says.  He did.  Steffy says she was going to tell him that night.  Then they got the call about the shooting.  Liam asked if she said No.  Of course, she did.  She threw him out.  Steffy is sorry.  But Liam is angry at Bill, not her.

Liam wants to know what exactly what Bill said.  Steffy tells him that Bill told her to sign the annulment papers and that if Liam wasn’t going to come home to his family, he would marry Steffy and raise her baby with her.

Steffy tells him that she doesn’t want a life with Bill.  She wants a life with him and their child.  Liam says Bill is unbelievable.

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