Bill Makes More Enemies, Then Proposes To Steffy (While Liam Watches?)

Friday March 2, 2018 – Episode #7788

Episode Summary

Bill Makes More Enemies

Quinn tells Bill there is nothing she won’t do to protect her son.  You have alienated everyone, Quinn says.  Dollar Bill Spencer, rich powerful, a man who had everything, but now has absolutely nothing.

Quinn tells Bill he will regret what he is doing. Spencer publications is not Wyatt’s birth right, Bill tells Quinn.  It is a privilege.

Quinn says his sons have been nothing but loyal wearing those stupid necklaces.  But not anymore.  Quinn tells Bill no one is there for him. Bill throws insults at Quinn telling her crazy ways is what has driven

Bill Proposes To a horrified Steffy
Bill is oblivious. Steffy is trying to throw him out because she is expecting Liam for dinner. Bill, however whines that no one understands him like she does. He proposes to Steffy. Is Liam watching from outside?

Justin comes in to escort Quinn out.  You can’t treat our son this way.  I won’t let you get away with it, Quinn hisses at Bill.

Bill then goes on to fire Garret.  Garret swears that Bill Spencer will rue this day.  Then Bill gets a call from Thomas Forrester who is in town and wants to see him.  Justin wonders if Thomas found out.  Bill says that Steffy’s brother is the least of his concerns.

Justin tells Bill the papers disowning Liam and Wyatt are just about done.

Bill grabs his jacket and leaves the office.  He has something to do he should have done a while ago.

Bill Proposes to Steffy (as Liam Watches?)

Ridge brings wine for Liam for the dinner.  If Liam doesn’t turn up, Steffy will have left overs for the week.  Steffy hopes this is another step towards Liam forgiving her.

Steffy admits to being envious about Hope and Liam working together, despite Hopes support.  Steffy wonders if Hope is doing this because she just wants to be close to Liam.

Ridge leaves.

There is a knock at the door and an excited Steffy thinks it is Liam.  But it is Bill.  She tells him he can’t be there.  Bill tells her that she needs to hear him out.

Steffy tells Bill that she is expecting Liam for dinner and he can’t be here.  Bill starts moaning that everyone is done with him, her dinner guest and Wyatt most of all.  Steffy tells him he can’t do this right now.  Bill says he can’t take one more slap in the face.

Steffy is surprised to hear about Wyatt and Katie, but doesn’t care.  Steffy tells him he has to leave.  Bill says he can’t go.  She’s the only one he can talk to.  He’s alone.  No one cares whether he lives or dies.  He’s always been happiest when he takes what he wants.  And Bill wants Steffy.

Steffy yells at him. ”Enough”.  And reminds him that she is married to his son.  Technically, Bill says.

Liam should be here.  We hurt him, Steffy reminds Bill.  You’ve apologized over and over again, Bill tells her.  Bill still believes that night happened for a reason.  Because they have feelings for each other.  Maybe that is why Liam can’t forgive her.  And he may never look at her in the same way again.

Steffy tells him to stop.

Bill tells Steffy he loves her.  He doesn’t give a damn what anyone says.  He will always be there for her and her child.  Let me love you, Bill says.  Let yourself love me back.  Bill can give Steff and her daughter the life they deserve.  Bill gets down on one knee.  Sign those annulment papers so we can start our future.  Marry me Steffy, be my wife!

Steffy looks horrified, and the long camera angle implies someone is witnessing the event from outside.  Liam?

Hope Wonders if Steffy Will Break Liam’s Heart Again

IF Hope is honest with herself and there wasn’t a baby involved, she’s not sure how selfless she would be.  Liam was her husband once, but Steffy ended up with him.  She respected their marriage because she thought Liam was happy, but now knowing what Steffy did, Hope wonders if she deserves Liam.  Should Hope trust Steffy? Should Liam?

Hope keeps wondering why Steffy didn’t send Bill away that night. How could a woman who claims to love her husband that much betray him in that way.

Brooke says they all have wondered that.  Hope is just concerned that Steffy can’t be certain she won’t break Liam’s heart again.

Ridge Threatens Bill

Brooke arrives at work.  She learns from Ridge that Steffy and Liam are having dinner, and that Liam forgives her, and Bill doesn’t do anything to make it worse. Brooke is worried a out the anger that Ridge has for Bill.

Ridge admires Hope for supporting Liam and Steffy, but if they aren’t asking too much of her.  She may still have feelings for Liam. Ridge isn’t sure about the time they are spending together, but worse still is Bill.  If he does anything to hurt Steffy further, Ridge will take care of Bill.  Permanently.

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