Bill Spencer Is Shot! Whodunnit?

Monday March 6, 2018 – Episode #7790

Episode Summary

Katie is Served Custody Papers

Katie is served with legal papers. Wyatt opens them.  He’s doing it Wyatt says he’s suing for full custody.

What if he takes my son, Katie asks in a panic,  Wyatt promises that Bill ownt take anything from either of them ever again.  Bill has no right, and no judge will give that hypocrite custody.  Katie doesn’t think thy can count on that.  Bill plays dirty.

Wyatt will never let Bill take Will away from Katie.  He leaves.

Bill Is Shot

Pam and Rick Go After Bill

Rick and Maya and Charlie reel over the news that Steffy and Bill had an affair.  Pam says that according to Ridge Steffy didn’t want any of it.  Pam knows what Stephanie would do.  HE would make sure Bill never touched Steffy again.

Charlie thinks Pammie is overreacting and that once she’s back on her meds she will see things more clearly. Maya says standing up to Bill is not easy.  Rick will never forgive Bill for what he did to Maya  Too many people have suffered at the hand of that man.  Someone needs to stand up and say enough.

Stephanie would do anything to protect her family.  Pam says maybe someone else can do it.  She leaves the office.  Rick says that Pam is right, Stephanie taught them to protect the Forrester family.  As of tonight Rick is done with Bill Spencer.

Charlie worries about Pam.

Jarret Vows Bill Will Regret Firing Him

Jarret pours himself a drink in Bill’s office after being fired. Justin tries to settle him.  Jarret says Spencer Publications is his life.  He let Bill walk all over him for years and he took it because he loved what he does – used to do.  Jarret takes a drink, says Bill will regret this, and leaves.

Justin makes himself at him in Bill’s CEO chair.  Emmy confirms that Justins legal papers have been made.  Bill has the papers to terminate Liam and Wyatt and she just got word that Katie Logan was served.

Justin Likes His Position of Power

Emmy thinks she will see more of Justin sitting behind that desk since Wyatt and Liam are terminated.  Justin likes the idea that he is finally at the top.

Brooke is Worried About Ridge

Brooke wonders if Bill’s motive is revenge.  Steffy says that Bill has feelings for her.  But she loves Liam and Liam is the father of her baby, not Bill.  Steffy will wait for Liam.

Brooke is about to leave.  She wants Steffy to reconsider coming with her.  But Steffy wants to wait for Liam.  She has a good feeling he will come home.

Brooke sends a text asking Ridge where he is.  She’s worried about him.

Quinn Admit Bill Could Drive Her Back To Her Crazy Ways

Quinn is in a rant about what Bill is doing to Wyatt and Katie.  He will be stopped, Quinn promises.  Eric warns Quinn people may misunderstand and think she means to take care of Bill herself.

Quinn says she will take Bill down. And she doesn’t care who misunderstands or overhears her.

Eric hates him too.  But getting worked up won’t help any of them.  What happens to all of them if she does something she can’t take back.  Quinn knows he is right.  She won’t go back to who she was, if there is anyone who can drive Quinn to it, its Bill Spencer.

Bill Is Shot!

Ridge gets up off the ground.  Bill continues to goad Ridge.  He is the one that Steffy ahs wanted all along.  That’s why he proposed.  She may have turned him down this time, because it is too soon, but Bill promises that he and Steffy will be together.

Ridge glares at the gun sitting on the table.

Bill says Steffy was his before there ever was Liam.  She will become his wife.  She won’t deny him, and more importantly Steffy won’t deny herself, Bill rants.

Bill gets a call from Justin wanting to know if Bill has singed the papers.  Not yet, Bill says, Ridge dropped by and is insulting him in his home.  Bill says as soon as he gets rid of Ridge, he will sign the papers which become legal immediately thereafter.

Bill threatens to call the police.  Ridge says if he’s going to be arrested it’s not for trespassing.

Bill drinks alone, he gets a call from Security.  The winders have knocked out his security system.  His gates are open but they will get security up as soon as possible.

Bill looks at his family photos and reflects all the relationships he’s destroyed over the past weeks and months.

A shadowy figure approaches Bill’s open gates, walks up the drive as inside Bill pours another drink. Bill reads the documents terminating Wyatt and Liam’s rights as his son.

A hand opens the front door as Bill opens a window.  The intruder walks into the room.  The power goes out and Bill is shot. He falls to the ground.

BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL Spoilers Wednesday March 6, 2018

Katie goes to Bill’s home to confront him over the custody lawsuit papers she was served with.  But Katie’s purpose is hijacked when she finds Bill shot, and bleeding on the floor of his home.

Meanwhile,  Eric tries to locate Quinn.  He is worried about her.  Brooke is also concerned about Ridge.  She can’t imagine what he will do if he finds out that Bill proposed to his daughter, Steffy.  Ridge hates Bill.

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