Did Liam Shoot His Father?

Wednesday, March 28, 2017 – Episode #7704


Disoriented, Liam Finds Sheepskin Gloves in His Car

Bill tells Liam again it was Ridge that shot him.  But Liam states that he couldn’t have seen him.  He’d better be sure because Ridge is sitting in a jail cell right now.  Bill recounts what happened again,.

Liam says there a whole lot of people who would like to see pay for what Bill did to them.  Including Liam, Bill notes, but Liam didn’t do it, Wyatt didn’t do it.  Sally had a chance, but blew it.  It was Ridge, Bill states emphatically.

Liam asks Bill to say he saw Ridge with the gun.  But Bill can’t. He didn’t need to see Forrester’s face to know how much he hates him.  Bill gets upset and struggles the breath. The doctor comes in.  She asks Liam to leave.

Is Liam the shooter?

Outside Liam holds his head.  He’s dizzy.  A nurse notices his disorientation.   Liam is driving home and again sees Bill’s shooting as if it is a memory.  Liam pulls off the road.  He is sweating and panicked.  His phone rings.  Its Hope, he goes to answer and drops the phone,  While reaching under his seat for his phone he finds a set of sheepskin gloves.   Liam remember Sanchez telling him the shooter wore sheepskin gloves…

Hope Tells Steffy This Whole Situation is Steffy’s Fault

Hope is glad that Steffy is taking responsibility.  None of this tragedy and drama would have happened if it weren’t for her.  Steffy thinks Hope is trying to pick a fight.

Hope says its true.  Ridge was at Bill’s that night because of Steffy, Bill hit Ridge, because of her, and she is on the outs with her husband because she slept with her husband’s father.

You pledged to be truthful and honest with Liam. But you didn’t tell hima bout the proposal.  Steffy says she was going to, but Bill was shot. Steffy isn’t going to debate this, but if honesty is so important to Hope, Steffy wants to know what Hope wants.

Hope wants Liam to heal and be his old himself.  She wants him to be the best father he can for their little girl.  Steffy thinks the best thing is for Liam and her to raise their daughter in a stable happy home.  Hoep agrees but Steffy wonders if Hope thinks he would be better off with her.

Steffy tells Hope that Liam and she can make their life work.  She asks Hope to stop thinking she can have a life with Liam.  Hope says that this isn’t about her, its about all that Steffy has done. Liam deserves someone who appreciates him Hope says.  Steffy says she does, but Hope says it doesn’t look that way.

Steffy storms out.

Reasonable Doubt

Sanchez is revewing the case file when Baker enters. Baker is surprised he hasn’t closed the case.  Sanchez wants to rule out the other suspects.  What if Ridge is right that Spencer is framing him, then the perp is still out there.

Sanchez thinks there is reasonable doubt.  He did find that many wanted Spencer gone, but there is one who has had a love hate relationship with him for decades and who has a volatile past.  Quinn Forrester.  Sanchez wants to take a closer look.  She has as much reason to hate Bill as anyone else.  And she has a history of criminal behavior.  She abducted Liam Spencer.  Baker notes no charges were filed.  Sanchez wants to learn more ab out Quinn Forrester’s dark side.

Sanchez Questions Quinn

Eric gets an update from Brooke.  Ridge is still in jail.  Quin thinks this is a mistake.  Ridge isn’t guilty.  He didn’t shoot Bill and he won’t be the one to pay for this.

Quinn doesn’t want to stress Eric by venting about her hatred of Bill.  They need to focus on Ridge and getting him out of jail.

Sanchez arrives at Forrester and asks Quinn about her relationship with Bill. He asks where Quinn was the night Bill Spencer was shot.  Eric tells Sanchez that Quinn was with him, except for a short period.  Quinn is surprised he thinks she is a suspect.  Sanchez says she was accused of abducting Liam Spencer.  He asks about Quinn’s relationship with Liam.

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