Everyone’s Asking “Did You Shoot Bill?”

Thursday March 8, 2018 – Episode #7792

Episode Summary

Katie Gets Hold of Wyatt

Wyatt awakens. Gets Coffee then checks his phone and calls Katie back. Katie tells him that his father has been shot.

Katie Asks Wyatt of He Shot His Father

Bill is out of surgery but still unconscious.  Katie paces the waiting area. Liam and Steffy arrive with water for her.  Katie says Bill’s doctor was just there.

The question is who did it?

Who shot bill?

The bullet penetrated Mr Spencer’s lungs.  It has been removed, For now he is unconscious but stable. Only one visitor at a time the doctor says.

Katie talks to Brooke.  The doctor comes back.  They can see Bill.  But only one person at a time.  Liam goes in.

Wyatt arrives.  Katie briefs him. Liam is in there with him, Steffy says.

Katie and Wyatt discuss what Bill did yesterday and Wyatt being furious with his father.  Wyatt says he had a right to be.  Did you shoot your father, Katie asks?

Liam Promises To Find Who Shot Bill

Liam just stares at Bill, ten asks the nurse to leave. Liam wonders if Bill can hear him. Liam needs him to pull through this.  Despite everything he doesn’t want him to die.  He only has one dad, so he needs him to fight, perhaps harder than he ever has. Liam tells his father that he will find who did this and bring him to justice.  He promises to find him.

Did Quinn Shoot Bill?

Eric brings Quinn coffee in bed.  He thought she could use if after the night she had.  She tossed and turned and mumbled.  Quinn wants to know what she said.

Eric tells Quinn he heard on the news that Bill was shot last night.  He notes she doesn’t seem surprised. Quinn isn’t.  There are a lot of people who wouldn’t mind seeing the back of Bill Spencer.  Including you, Eric notes.

And you still weren’t yourself when you came back.  Eric wants to know if Quinn did it.  Did she shoot Bill?

Quinn is offended by the question.

Justin Scopes Out The Crime Scene

Justin arrives at the crime scene.  He’s Spencer’s attorney. Detective Sanchez asks why he is here. Justin is looking for important legal documents to be singed with the court today.  The police show him the document in an evidence bag.  They ask if he knows who might want to see Bill dead.

The police get security footage.  Justin wants the documents to file with the court.  The detective says its evidence now.  Justin tells them that Bill was disinheriting his sons, so they should perhaps look at Wyatt and Liam Spencer.

Throw their hat in with all the others. So Bill Spencer has a lot of enemies the Detective asks.  He was cut throat business man, Justin says, he has many enemies.

Justin Takes Over At Spencer Publications

Justin is back at the office when Emmy comes in hearing the news.  He tells her that Liam and Wyatt were severed from the company making him CEO.

Did Ridge Shoot Bill?

Brooke notes Ridge didn’t sleep well and he’s not very talkative. He’s still upset with Bill proposing to Steffy when Ridge told him to stay away. Ridge says that Bill doesn’t get to obsess abut her anymore.

Brooke comes in later.  She just heard on the news Bill was shot last night.  Brooke wonders why Ridge isn’t upset by this.  Ridge says he had it coming, It was only a matter of time.  Brook can’t help but think about how upset Ridge was last night and he went to confront Bill and they got into a fight.  Ridge hasn’t been the same since.

Now she’s finding out that Bill was shot when Ridge wasn’t home.  Tell me, did you try to kill Bill Spencer?

Maya and Rick Learn About Shooting

Maya asks Rick what is going on. Bill has done some awful things but sleeping with his own sons wife.  Rick says there is a special place in hell for Bill Spencer and the sooner he gets there the better.

Maya gets a call from her father telling her that Bill Spencer has been shot.

Pam Doesn’t Know Where She Was

Pam arrives at work looking like hell and wearing the same clothes as yesterday.  Where was she Charlie asks.  Pam says she doesn’t know. She had one of her episodes. He was afraid of that.

Charlie tells Pam to call the pharmacy now.  Pams meds are delivered.

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