Katie Finds Bill, Dials 911, Bill Rushed Into Surgery

Wednesday March 7, 2018 – Episode #7791

Episode Summary

Wyatt Passes Out Drunk

Wyatt returns to Katie’s house to find it on one home. He pulls out a pint of alcohol and pours himself a drink. Then another…Wyatt settles in drinking.

Katie Finds Bill – Calls 911

The wind howls through Bill’s home as he lies unconscious on the ground.  Shot it in the back.

Katie arrive at Bill’s home to find the door open.  She calls out.  She wants to talk to him about the custody papers.  They are both reasonable adults…Katie walks in and sees the terrace door open.  She goes to close it and finds Bill on the ground.  Katie screams.

Katie calls 911. She begs Bill to wake up,  She begs 911 to hurry.  She thinks he’s dying.  The paramedics arrive and take him to University hospital.  Katie is in a panic as she talks to the police. Katie wonders what she is going to tells their son.  Who would do this to you, Katie wonders.

Bill rushed into surgery after being shot

They arrive at the hospital. The doctors rush Bill into surgery while the police want to ask her more questions.  Can she think of anyone who would want to kill her ex-husband.

Katie tries to call Wyatt.  But he is passed out after drinking. She leaves a message for him to call her.  Its urgent something terrible has happened.

Katie then calls Liam, who is at Steffy’s.  Katie tells Liam that his father has been shot and its bad.  Liam asks if anyone is with Katie.  There was so much blood Katie says.  They might lose him.

Liam Turns Up For Dinner With Steffy

Steffy is still at home waiting for Liam.  She checks dinner. She hears something.  It is Liam.  They discuss the wild weather.  Liam apologizes and says he should have called and said he was coming home…Steffy smiles…Here, he corrects himself.

Liam apologizes for being late.  He lost track of time.  Steffy just wants to spend this time together.   Liam says he can’t stay long.  Then isn’t sure this is a good idea.  Its not her he says.  He’s withdrawn. Its really confusing Liam tells Steffy.

Liam gets a call from Katie.  His father is at the hospital and has been shot, Liam tells Steffy.

Eric Tires to Settle Quinn

Eric asks Quinn to call him.  He’s getting worried.  Eric is glad when Quinn returns.  She is distracted. He was worried about her.  She was like the old Quinn.  A mother needs to protect her child Quinn defends.

Everything Bill says about family first and loyalty was a life.  Eric notes she is still angry. Bill is despicable for disowning his son.  She has never hated anyone as much as she hates Bill Spencer

Eric tells Quinn not to let this situation drag her backwards into that dark place.  They hug.  Quinn needs a little more time to unwind before coming to bed. Eric knows Quinn wants to help.

Sheila Took Ridges Words to Heart

Ridge is at Il Giordino.  He orders a drink.  Sheila arrives. He’s not here for company.  Sheila’s supervisor notes that she is super late. Sheila asks if something happened. She sees the shiner on his eye.  Ridge tells her to get lost.

Sheila says that she took what he said the other day to heart.  To do the Forresters a favor and get rid of Bill.  Ridge doesn’t want to talk about Bill.  He tells her to get herself a drink.

Brooke Worried About Bill

Hope comes in to Brookes bedroom to talk to her mom. Brooke is worried about Ridge.  He’s not home yet, and she doesn’t know where he went.  That worries her.  Brooke gets them tea.

Hope wonders what is wrong with Bill.  Brooke tells Hope that Bill proposed.  Hope says the situation was bad enough without that.  Brooke worries how Ridge would react if he found out.  He hates Bill

Ridge isn’t responding to Brooke’s text messages.  She has a bad feeling,  Hope is sure he’s fine.

Ridge arrives home  Brooke sees his black eye and wants to know what happened.  He proposed to her, Ridge says. Its not good for Steffy and her baby.  He can’t have my daughter Ridge says.  People like Bill have no decency or boundaries.  They are sick and don’t deserve to walk the planet Bill tells brooke.

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