Liam Confesses To Shooting His Father!

Friday, March 30, 2017 – Episode #7706

Episode Summary

Liam Confesses to Shooting Bill

It was me, Hope. He was there, the gun, he saw the whole thing.  He tried to kill his own father.  Hope is concerned about Liam.  She wants to call someone.  He has had a lot going on in his life, but he is confuse.  He did not shoot his father

Liam sees the shooting again.  He is clearly distressed.  Hope is becoming more concerned and asks if he’s taking anything.  Liam denies it.

Hope says Liam is the kindest gentlest man she knows,  he would never do anything like that.  But Liam says he did.  He tried to shoot his own father. He clutches his head in pain.

Liam confesses to Hope and Bill

Liam shows Liam the gloves he found. He says he saw the proposal and fell and hit his head…just like before with Quinn.  He went weeks without any memory.  Its happening again.  But he sees it all now.

Hope thinks he’s imagining it. But Liam can see it all, and he was late for dinner and the gloves were in his car.  He pulled the trigger.  Hope comforts a distressed Liam.  He did this, he tells Hope.  He tried to kill his own father.

What have I done, Who am I?  Liam wonders.  Hope says he has been through a series of devastating events but that does not mean he’s a murdered.

Liam says it does.  He holds the world to the highest standard, but he’s afraid.  He’s the dangerous one.  Liam can’t hide from this.  He did it. And he’s guilty.

Liam goes to call the police to get Ridge out of jail.  Hope knocks the phone out of Liam’s hand.  Liam wonders what happened to him to make him do this. If he did this, it isn’t his fault.  Bill drove him to this.  She can’t lose him, Hope says, she loves him.

Liam wonders how anyone can love him if he hates himself.  Hope says she does.  She loves him and always will.

Liam says the only way to get Ridge out of jail is to confess.  He has to do the right thing and come clean.  She doesn’t want to live the rest of her life without him.  None of this would have happened if his wife and father hadn’t done what they did.  They broke him.  He’s not going to prison.  They are going to take care of this.  If anyone is to blame its his father.

Hope takes Liam to the hospital to see Bill.  Liam goes into his father’s room. Hope waits outside.  Bill opens his eyes. It wasn’t Ridge, Liam says.  He didn’t do this to you.  Ridge didn’t shoot you.  If it wasn’t Ridge then who Bill wants to know.  It was me, Liam tells Bill.

Brooke Confronts Bill

Bill still maintains to Brooke, that Ridge shot him.  Brooke reminds him he had his ack to the shooter. Bill states that Ridge is capable of murder.  He shot him.  Brooke says he’s innocent. Look me in the eye and tell me you saw Ridge pull the trigger, Brooke challenges. Bill says he would never put an innocent man in jail.  Ridge isn’t innocent.  He almost died because of Ridge.  Bill know what he knows.  So does Brooke.  It wasn’t Ridge.  That means that the shooter is still out there roaming free.  Who’s to say they won’t try again, Brooke challenges.

Brooke wants to know if he’s having Ridge released.  She wants to talk to Deputy Chief Baker.  The only evidence he has is the testimony of a man who hates her husband.

Ridge Learns Police Are Still Investigating

At the jail, Ridge meets with Thorne.  He tells him he didn’t do this.  Thorne believes him. The brothers hug.  Thorne says they all know Spencer has got this wrong.  They are all eager to get him home.

Ridge says it means a lot to have his families support.  Steffy arrives.  Throne says that the detectives are now questioning Quinn about her past and abducting Liam.  Steffy is happy that Ridge isn’t the only suspect.  They go through the circumstances that may have made Quinn shoot Bill.  But Ridge doesn’t think its feasible.  Quinn has been working too hard to distance herself from that part of her life.

Later, Steffy and Ridge are alone. They discuss him not being given bail. Steffy says she asked Liam to talk to Bill for them.  He will help them find out who the real shooter is.

As lone as Bill holds onto the lie, Ridge isn’t going anywhere.  Steffy hopes that Liam is fixing that now.

Brooke Realizes Police Arent Convinced Ridge Is Guilty

Sanchez is at the station when Brooke arrives.  She asks if Bill saw who shot him. Sanchez says that Bill attested that Ridge was the shooter.  Brooke restates that Bill was shot in the back. Brooke says she just came from seeing Bill and she would bet her life that Bill did not see Ridge shoot him.

Sanchez says they are still investigating.  Brooke wants to know why they arrested Ridge. Sanchez says they are leaving no stone unturned, and are questioning Quinn.  So that proves they aren’t certain it was Ridge, Brooke deduces.

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