Liam Learns He’s a Suspect In His Father’s Shooting

Monday, March 19, 2016 – Episode #7797

Episode Summary:

Caroline Hates Bill

You convinced me to like to the man that I love and destroy his faith in me, caroline rants with her hands around Bill’s throat cutting off his air flow.  He has no idea of the pain he caused.  Caroline doesn’t know if he is worth saving and wonders if she should do everyone a favor and just finish him off.  She pulls her hands back.  Why did she listen to him?  The father of her son hates her.  But not as much as Caroline hates Bill.

Sanchez and Baker Review Suspects

Whoever shot Spencer was wearing gloves.  Sheepskin.  Shooting a man in the back is about hatred and revenge, not money, Sanchez and Baker agree at the police station.

Baker and Sanchez go over the suspects.  Liam had every reason to lash out at his father. Liam and Wyatt were about to be cut out of the company.  If that isn’t motive Sanchez doesn’t know what is.  He heads out to interview Liam.

Liam Learns He Is A Suspect

Outside Bill’s room Liam wants to know who put Bill in that hospital room.  Liam knows firsthand the despicable thinks his father has done, but he doesn’t deserve what he is going through now.

Liam learns he's a suspect

Steffy sees Caroline leave Bill’s room.  Liam hugs her. Steffy asks if she is here because of Bill. Caroline agrees that is why she’s here. Caroline realizes from the conversation that Liam and his father on the outs again. Liam agrees its complicated.  Caroline understands.  Even with everything, Liam still wants to look the coward shooter in the eye.

Hope can’t imagine hating anyone so much.  Caroline hopes she never does.

Detective Sanchez arrives to talk to Liam.  Sanchez realizes that Caroline is there.  He may have some questions for her also.  Caroline leaves, but Liam knows how to get hold of her.

Liam asks what Sanchez wants to talk to him about.  Liam says they can speak in front of Steffy and Hope.  They know that robbery wasn’t he motive. The target was Bill and the shooter wore sheepskin gloves. Liam realizes that if the motive was revenge or getting back at Bill that his father may still be in danger and tells Sanchez he wants to do whatever he can to help.

Sanchez is surprised by Liam’s attitude.  He and his father had serious problems.  Bill was eliminating Liam from the company and family trust. Steffy is shocked to realize that they know about her betraying Liam with his father. That kind of betrayal can make a person do unspeakable things, Sanchez says.  Liam then realizes his is a suspect.  You think I put my father in that hospital bed Liam asks astounded.  Are you asking if I shot my father in the back?

Thomas Denies Shooting Bill

At Forrester Creations, Thomas reflects on his relationship with Sally and then Bill telling him that Caroline was dying,  breaking up with Sally so that he could be with Caroline and his son while she is still around.

Ridge enters surprised to see his son.  Thomas admits he’s been in town for a couple of days.  He tells his father that Caroline has been lying to him. Her uncle put her up to it.  To like to him about Caroline dying.  It was all a ploy to get him to go to New York to be with Caroline, leaving Sally and Spectra.  That is why Thomas is in town.

You went to New York because you thought Caroline was dying, Ridge states. And it was all so that Bill could build his ridiculous skyscraper. Ridge asks if Caroline went along with the lie.  Thomas though he knew Caroline, but if she can lie to him like that ther is no telling what she is capable of.

What Bill did was out of greed, Thomas says. Thomas thought he was doing something heroic, but Bill twisted his love for his son into a weapon.  Ridge tells  Thomas is a good father.  Thomas says that he will always be grateful for the time he spends with Douglas.

Ridge asks his son if he shot Bill.  He’s asking out of concern for Thomas not Bill.  It’s tough to ignore the timing of Thomas’ visit. So will the police. Ridge says they are interviewing everyone.  Thoams says he was there when they questioned Sally.

Did you put Bill in the hospital Ridge asks again?  Thomas doesn’t care that Bill got shot or that he may die.  He ruins everything good about someone.  He had it coming. But Thomas tells his father it wasn’t him.

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