Liam Remembers?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 – Episode #7803

Episode Summary:

Liam Remembers?  Seeing the Proposal

After hitting his head, on a tree branch outside the cliff house, Liam is having memory fragments of the night Bill was shot.  They include seeing Bill propose to Steffy.

Liam goes inside.  Steffy is pleased he came.  Liam isn’t sure how long he can stay.  She asks if Liam is okay.  Steffy understands that he is still upset with her for not telling her about Bill’s proposal.  Steffy offers him a glass of wine.

Liam tells Steffy that he barely remembers the night that Bill was shot.  The last week was a blur.  He tells her about seeing being outside and seeing Bill propose to Steffy.  He saw it so clearly.

Liam bumps head remembers shooting bill

Steffy says that proposal meant nothing.  He wants a life with him and their baby.  Liam asks where Bill proposed to her.  But Steffy wants to focus on the future, but Liam can’t stop thinking of what he saw,  He rubs his head.

Steffy and Liam have dinner.  She asks why he keeps rubbing his head.  He admits he bumped his head outside.  Steffy says the branch came down in the windstorm.

Steffy wonders if Liam can talk to his dad about her dad being innocent.  Steffy doesn’t think the police are right in arresting Ridge.  Steffy knows Bill will listen to him.  Liam agrees, he has to go talk to his dad.  Ridge now.   Steffy says if Bill admits that he was mistaken about Ridge shooting Bill, they will have to find who did.

Liam looks worried.

Steffy Learns Hope Sent Liam to Dinner

Brooke and Hope discuss Liam having dinner with Steffy.  Brooke is proud of Hope setting her feelings aside for the sake of Steffy’s little girl.  Hope says that as a child she didn’t always understand not having her entire family together, so she’s hoping to spare Steffy’s daughter the dame.  Though it isn’t easy when Steffy continue to be dishonest with Liam.

Brooke heads home.  Hope stays at the office to finish some work.  Hope tells her mom that Ridge will be set free and the real shooter found.

Later,  Steffy is at the office and Hope is surprised to see Steffy there.  Steffy realizes that Liam asked Hope about going.  Steffy says they had dinner but when she asked Liam to speak to Bill about Ridge, he headed straight out to do that.

Liam Remembers?  Shooting Bill?

Bill is recovered enough to want to be released. He is antsy to get out of this hospital bed.  The doctor reminds  him that he is on her turn now. And She’s the boss.  Bill tells her that it takes more than a bullet from Forrester to take out dollar Bill Spencer.

They get Bill out of bed and he needs minimal assistance. If he continues to improve this way, he can be discharged sooner than they expected.  He tells his doctor how grateful he is to her and her team for saving his life.

Liam arrives at the hospital and heads into his fathers’ room.   Bill tells Liam he is doing better. He’s even been walking.  Bill says he has a lot to be thankful for.  Including a son who is still talking to him after what he did.  Bill is sure he’s still upset about the proposal.  Liam says he is so upset he can “see” it.

Liam tells Bill what happened as he went to the cliff house. So he’s here to give him more gried about that Bill asks.  No, Steffy asked him to talk to Bill.  Liam asks Bill again if he is absolutely sure it was Ridge.  Bill says what happened that night is as clear now as when it happened.  He recounts the events of that night to Liam.

Liam listens.  He sees it happen as Bill tells the story. Liam says that he just said that he said his back was to the shooter.  How did he know it was Ridge?  Bill asks Liam who else it could have been.

Liam is having memory fragments of shooting his father…

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