Quinn Threatens Bill; While Hope Struggles With Her Feelings for Liam, He Feels His Baby Kick

Thursday March 1, 2018 – Episode #7787

Episode Summary:

Liam Feels His Daughter Kick

Steffy is at work. She looks at photos of her and Liam. Pam enters.  Pam checks she is okay. Being her favorite niece and all.  Liam comes in. Pam leaves.

Steffy is all smiles and tells Liam this is a nice surprise.  Her mood changes when Liam says here’s here to drop some documents with Hope.  Liam agreed to help Hope with the charitable part of her line.  Steffy supposes they will be spending time together. Yes, working, Liam says.

Quinn threatens Bill

Liam says Hope knows there is a baby.  Steffy wonders what that means.  Does Liam have feelings for Hope she wants to know.  Liam says the only truth that matters is that they are having a baby and that Liam with be a loving and attentive father to her.

The baby kicks and Steffy asks if he wants to feel.  Liam is amazed.  She really wants us to know she’s in there!  It is hard for Liam not to be affected by the moment.  Liam tells Steffy to look after that baby.  Steffy asks him if he wants to come over for dinner tonight.  Vegetarian of course. Liam isn’t sure.  Steffy says to let her know.  She is hanging onto his “not yet”.

Hope Wonders if Steffy Deserves Another Chance With Liam

Hope says she is trying to support Liam and Steffy’s marriage. Hope admits to Brooke that sometimes she wonders if she’s doing the right thing, urging Liam to go back to Steffy.

She wants Steffy and Liam to reconcile to provide a family for for their daughter.  But she was raised without her father, and she turned out ok.  She wants to support their marriage, but not at the expense of Liam’s happiness.  Hope wonders if after all Steffy has done, she deserves another chance.

Brooke says Hope needs to be honest with herself.  Hope says she is not unaware that her feeling for Liam are growing again.  She wonders about going back to Europe. Brooke wonders if there is a man there.  No, says Hope, she travelled the world and still never met a man like Liam.

Hope notes that it should have been her married to Liam with a family.  If it weren’t for Bill Spencer, and of course Liam.  Can she trust that Steffy will be true to Liam?  Hope asks her mom what she should do.

Wyatt Admits to Quinn He’s in A Dark Place Because of Bill

Quinn rants about Bill’s hypocrisy after everything Bill has done with Sally, Liam and Steffy.  Wyatt now understands why Quinn didn’t want him to have anything to do with Bill now.  Quinn says he’s evil and needs to be dealt with.  Wyatt feels so betrayed by his own father.

Someone has to stop him, Quinn says.  Wyatt appreciates Quinn’s support and thanks her. Wyatt says in regards to his Dad, he’s in a dark place.  Quinn tells him she is familiar with that place and urges Wyatt not to go there.  Quinn grabs her coat.  Bill can turn his back on her, but not Wyatt.

Quinn Threatens Bill

Bill reviews the papers Justin drafted eliminating Wyatt and Liam from the company and his estate.  Justin confirms they will be completely cut off.

Bill can’t believe it has come to this. He tried to be all about family, but in the end he’s alone.  Maybe that is how it was meant to be.  At least he still has Sky.  Justin reminds Bill that if something happens to him, Justin is next in line.  Justin wonders if Bill is good with that.  Bill says he has to be.

Quinn pushes her way into Bill’s office past Justin.

Bill wonders if Quinn is good with this.  Quinn admits she isn’t, but its Wyatt’s choice.  Bill agrees, but here are consequences to that choice.  Quinn says she is not going to let Bill cut Wyatt out of his life.  Wyatt stood by him when no one else did, Quinn says.  Bill says Wyatt betrayed him by running around with his ex behind his back.  Quinn says that is nothing compared to him sleeping with Steffy. Quinn tells him he’s lost everyone.  She hates him. He’s alone and he’s always going to be alone.  But she won’t let him rob her son of what is rightfully his.  Quinn promises to stop him.  He knows what she’s capable of.  And she knows how much he likes a threat.

He brings Wyatt back into the company and his will…Or what?  Bill asks cutting her off.  Quinn says testing her is a very bad idea. We can’t control who Wyatt loves. Quinn tells him not to take Will from Katie.  Take a look at yourself Quinn tells Bill. Bill says he tried to be a family man and look where it got him.  He throws Quinn out.  Quinn warns Bill there is nothing she won’t do in defense of Wyatt. Quinn glares at Bill.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Friday March 2, 2018

Steffy admits to Ridge that she is concerned about Hope and Liam spending time together after learning that Liam is working with Hope on the charitable side of her new line.  Steffy waits for Liam to come to dinner, while Hope wonders if Steffy even deserves Liam.

Bill has another busy day arguing with people, alienating himself, and taking legal action.

Quinn shows shades of crazy Quinn when she tells Bill that there is nothing she won’t do to protect her son. If Bill goes after Wyatt, she will come after him in ways that he can’t even imagine…


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