Steffy Provides Liam With An Alibi But Hope Tells Liam The Truth…

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 – Episode #7798

Episode Summary:

Steffy is Liam’s Alibi

Steffy wonders if the detective is serious.  But he’s very serious. Hope says he’s off base.  Liam couldn’t shoot anyone.  Liam wonders if he’s for real.  He thinks Liam tried to shoot his own father.

Detective Sanchez says he has questions that need answering.  He asks Liam where he was the night Bill was shot.  Steffy defends Liam. Liam was with her, Steffy says.  He got there around 7.30pm.  And they both left together when Katie called to say Bill was shot.

Liam isn’t blaming Sanchez for asking questions.  Did he shoot his father?  Absolutely not.  He hates guns and wouldn’t want to touch one.  And as for his job?  He’d already quit.  Sanchez says he talks a convincing game.  It’s the truth Hope chimes in.  Liam says he just want s the detective to find the guy who did this.

Steffy is Liams Alibi fo bills shooting

Sanchez is off to talk to someone with as much motive for seeing his father dead as Liam has.  His brother.

Hope hopes, Wyatt, like Liam has an alibil.  Liam doesn’t think Wyatt did it.  Even though the situation with Bill means that Wyatt had motive.

Ridge Has No Sympathy For Bill

At FC, Ridge realizes he’s been neglecting his new wife.  They arrange a “date” for that night.  Ridge says Thomas came to see him.  Ridge admits he had to ask his son if he’s the one who shot Bill.  Ridge explains what happened with Thomas.  Bill told Thomas that Caroline was dying because he knew Thomas would leave Sally to look after Caroline and his son.  Ridge thinks its pretty sick.

Brooke is shocked that Caroline would go along with such a huge lie. Poor Thomas and Sally, Brooke notes.  Ridge says Thomas is still in love with Sally.  He’s asked Sally to go back to NY with him once the investigation is over. Ridge says Thomas has two reasons to hate Bill.  What Bill did too Sally, and the lie with Caroline.

Ridge says that Thomas denied it.  Brooke notes Bill has done some terrible things, but she doesn’t want him to die.  Ridge says he’s not like Brooke.  He doesn’t care what happens to Spencer.  He got what he deserved.  Ridge rails about what Bill did to Thomas and Steffy.  Brooke urges his to calm down.


Sanchez Questions Wyatt

Wyatt arrives at Spencer demanding to see the papers that Bill signed putting Justin in charge.  Justin says Bill was interrupted from finalizing the paperwork by being shot.  Was it you, Justin wants to know.

After all, thinks between Bill, Wyatt and Katie got pretty intense. Wyatt says Justin’s clever deflection of focus back on to him is good, but it doesn’t work on him.

Sanchez comes in and asks if he needs to break up a fight.  He wants to talk to Wyatt alone. Justin leaves.

Sanchez congratulates Wyatt on his engagement to Katie Logan, his father’s ex wife. Sanchez wants t know if Wyatt acted on the threats he made against his father after Bill blew up after learning about Wyatt and Katie’s engagement.  Did he shoot his father, Sanchez asks Wyatt?

Steffy Wants to Keep Bill’s Proposal A Secret

Steffy is back at work talking to Brooke. Brooke hopes she is looking after herself and the baby. Steffy admits there is something bothering her.  She confided in Brooke about Bill proposing and she told Hope.  Brooke doesn’t deny it.  It just slipped out.  Steffy just hopes Hope doesn’t tell Liam.  He’s dealing with enough conflicting emotions regarding Bill.  The last thing Liam needs to know is that Bill proposed to her.

Hope Tells Liam About Bill Proposing To Steffy

Hope is will Liam as he goes back to his hotel for a change of clothes.  Liam wants the police to actively investigate.  Hope says after what Bill did to Liam, no one would blame him for shutting bill out of his life, but there he was willing his father to live.  No matter what, he’ll never forget what Bill did with Steffy, but that doesn’t mean Liam wants him to die.  He’s the only father he’s got.

Hope says he’s such a good person she has to tell Liam something that happened the night of the shooting.  She doesn’t want to hurt him but he deserves to know the truth.  Bill was at the cliff house before the shooting.  With Steffy. Bill proposed to Steffy, Hope tells Liam.


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