Steffy Rejects Bill’s Proposal, Bill Tells Ridge Steffy Wanted Him

Monday March 5, 2018 – Episode #7789

Episode Summary

Pam Is Off Her Meds

Pam says Steffy and Liam both look so unhappy. Charlie isn’t happy with Pam because she’s run out of refills on her meds.  Pam goes on about Steffy and Liam while Charlie tries to get her med prescription. There has to be something Pam can do.  Ridge will know.

Later, she tells Charlie she heard something horrible.  Maya and Rick come in.  Rick asks if there is something wrong.  Pam says Bill Spencer is why Steffy and Liam are apart.  Ridge said that Bill took advantage of Steffy.  They all know what kind of advantage breaks up a marriage.

Ridge goes after Bill

Ridge Takes Care of Bill

Ridge and Brooke discuss whether Liam is with Steffy now.  RiStg calls Steffy. Steffy hears a noise outside and calls out she isn’t letting Bill back in. But Steffy realizes it is just the wind. Ridge is furious.  Steffy says she handled it.  Ridge tells  Brooke to go get Steffy out of the house.

Pam knocks on the door and hears Ridge rant about Bill taking advantage of Steffy.  Ridge rushes out to get Steffy and bring her home.

Steffy Doesn’t Love Bill and Tells Him to Leave

Steffy tells Bill to get up.  He can’t be here. Bill asks her why?  Liam is not coming back. Billc an lover her.  He always has.  So sign the annulment papers and marry me.  Be my wife, Steffy

No!  Says Steffy.  She yells that she doesn’t love him, she loves her husband.  Steffy again tells Bill he has to leave and not come back.  Bill tells her that she thinks that they aren’t possible.

Steffy says this isn’t romantic, its exhausting.  There can never be anything between them again.  Leave.  Liam will be here any minute.  Steffy isn’t the answer to him being lonely and alone.

Bill tells her that she will look back on this night and wonder how everything went so wrong.  Bill leaves.

Brooke arrives at Brooke’s house. Her father sent her.  Brooke says it smells good.  Steffy says she is expecting Liam.  Brooke is there to pick her up, Ridge doesn’t want her staying in this house one more night.  Brooke says she lives here, but Bill owns it.  And he has keys.  Steffy isn’t afraid of Bill.  Brooke sys she wants to believe that Bill wouldn’t hurt her, but Ridge doesn’t.

Steffy says she isn’t leaving.  Brooke wants to know why Bill was here. Steffy says what happened between them happened oncer and will never happen again.  Steffy assures Brooke that she told Bill to never come back.  Not now, or in the future,  Steffy admits

Bill Goads Ridge – Tells Him Steffy “Wanted It”

Bill is at home playing with his golden gun. He looks at the documents from Liam terminating Liam and Wyatt’s rights.  There is a knock at his door.  Its Ridge.  He told Bill to stay away from his daughter Ridge yells as he comes in.

Steffy wants nothing to do with you Ridge says.  Her little girl is going to grow up without both her parents because of Bill.  Bill says he cares about Steffy, Ridge flies into a rage.  Bill isn’t going to hurt his daughter ever again.  Ridge goes after Bill but Bill pushes Ridge to the ground.

Bill yells that Ridge has to stop telling people that Bill is a predator. Even Steffy told him it was consensual.  Bill tells Ridge what happened. Steffy wanted it Bill rants.  Steffy wanted him,  and Bill was more than happy to give it to her Bill goads as Ridge fumes on the ground.

Sally Goes After Bill

Saul, Sally and Shirly are having dinner at Il Giordino.  They discuss Sheila working there. They discuss Bill being a piggy bank.  Sally says it would be fun if someone cracked him open to see. Sally says she thought he just wanted her land, but he actually wants to destroy her.  They learn from their waitress that Sheila hasn’t turned up for her shift yet.

Sally can’t believe how cruel and vindictive Bill is.  Saul says he could kill him.  Take a number Sally says.  Sally is not good company so she leaves.  She is going to stop complaining about Bill Spencer and do something about it. Damn you Bill Spencer Saul says as Sally leaves.

BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL Spoilers Tuesday March 5, 2018

Ridge arrived at Bill Spencer’s house in a rage after learning that he had been at Steffy’s house earlier that evening.  Ridge told Bill to stay away from his daughter.  When the argument became physical Bill pushed Ridge to the ground.  Bill’s words to Ridge are intended to provoke him: “Your daughter wanted me.”

As Pammie kept getting more and more wound up about Steffy being taken advantage of by Bill Spencer, Charlie tried harder and harder to get a refill on her prescription.  Today Charlie tries to tell Pammie she will see things clearer when she is back on her meds.

When Katie is served papers from Bill suing for sole custody of their son, Will, Katie is sent into an emotional panic.  A furious Wyatt tells Katie that Bill is not going to take Will.  He’s not going to take anything, Wyatt tries to reassure Katie and himself (Bill is about to terminate Wyatt’s rights as Bill’s son)

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