The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: April 2 – 6, 2018 – Liam Confesses!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful April 2 – 6, 2018:  Liam confesses to shooting his father; Bill has a tough choice to make; Ridge is released from jail;  Has Steffy lost Liam to Hope?

    Liam Confesses

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    Liam Confesses to Shooting Bill

    Last week, Bill was questioned by both Liam and Brooke about whether he actually saw Ridge shoot him.  Bill couldn’t say he did, but was adamant that it was Ridge that shot him.  Steffy thought Liam was heading to question Bill about his shooting on her behalf.   To help her get her father released from jail, but Liam had a much more personal reason for questioning Bill.  He’d started having memory fragments of seeing Bill propose to Steffy after hitting his head on a branch at the Malibu Cliff house he once called home.

    While questioning Bill, Liam began having flashbacks of being the shooter.  It sent Liam into an emotional tailspin. Disoriented by what his memory was telling him, Liam also found more evidence in his car that he had blocked out shooting his own father.  A pair of sheepskin gloves like the ones Detective Sanchez had told Liam the shooter wore.

    By the end of last week, Liam was convinced that he was the shooter and ready to turn himself into the police.  Liam had confided in Hope and she told him that they were going to deal with what had happened but not by going to the police.  Instead she took Liam to the hospital to see his father.  Liam again asked Bill whether he’d seen Ridge shoot him, because Liam didn’t think that Bill had.  Bill wondered how Liam could be so sure.

    Because he was the one who’d shot him, Liam told Bill.   Bill finds himself disbelieving of what his son is telling him.  Bill can’t imagine his do-gooder son actually shooting him.  But Liam seems to be suffering some kind of mental breakdown stemming from the severe concussion he received when being knocked out years ago in the lavatory of an airplane, and the overwhelming amount of emotional suffering he has suffered in the past months.

    Liam tells his father that he even found sheepskin gloves in his car.  Bill told Brooke last week when she questioned Bill, that he would never send an innocent man to jail.  And with Liam’s confession, Bill has to consider that is exactly what he is doing to Ridge.

    While it is easy to imagine Bill sending Ridge to jail knowing he is innocent, Liam can’t.  His first inclination was to go to the police and confess so they would release Ridge. And Liam is likely to push his father on this matter.  Liam, knowing he is the shooter, will tell Bill that Bill either has Ridge released, or Liam will.  Which would mean Liam going to jail and not being around to raise the child he is expecting.

    It is hard to imaging that Bill will let his son go to jail.  Though it would free the path for Bill to pursue Steffy.  What will Bill do?

    When Bill is released from hospital late in the week, Wyatt is concerned for his father’s safety given that the perpetrator is still on the lose.  Justin helps get Bill settled at home (where he was shot) and reminds Bill that sooner or later that the police will work out who shot Bill…

    Ridge Released

    Meanwhile, Steffy believes that Liam is trying to convince Bill to recant his lie about Ridge shooting him.  Little does Steffy know that her request was in part the trigger for Liam remembering shooting his father. Steffy reassures her father that Liam will come through for them.

    Brooke is also working on Detective Sanchez, highlighting that he can’t be terrible certain about their victim testimony given that they are still investigating.  Including interviewing Quinn about her tumultuous relationship with Bill and her own criminal activity.  Quinn’s interrogation, however, seems more about reminding viewers about Liam’s past concussion and total memory loss.

    But Sanchez has admitted to Deputy Chief Baker that he is trying to eliminate reasonable doubt from the case, so Brooke is excited when Sanchez agrees to interview Bill again, now that he has recovered more fully from his injuries.

    By Thursday, Ridge is released from jail.  But it looks like his absence at Forrester Creations has reignited Thorne’s ambition to replace Ridge as CEO.  Thorne highlights to Eric that life at Forrester didn’t miss a beat despite Ridge’s absence (and Steffy’s distraction with her pregnancy and marriage breakdown).

    Ridge’s release from jail also sees, Thomas and Sally make plans for their future.

    Liam and Hope Reconnect

    At the end of last week, Hope, was worried about Liam’s state of mind when she found him in a state of crisis over the memory fragments haunting him.  He told Hope that he now remembered shooting his father.  Along with that distressing realization came the additional concern that there was something seriously wrong with his memory.  Liam noted that it had happened before.  He’d forgotten who he was for weeks.  And hitting his head after seeing Bill propose to Steffy, another memory lapse episode had been triggered.

    Liam’s principles didn’t allow him to leave Ridge in jail for the shooting when Liam now knew he was the shooter.  Liam wanted to confess to the police, but Hope wouldn’t let him.  She couldn’t lose him again.  She loved him, Hope confessed. So Hope took Liam to the person who was responsible for all of this.  Bill.

    Having already blurted out her feelings, this week, in a less dramatic way, Hope confesses her true feelings to Liam.  She has tried to support his marriage for the sake of his unborn daughter, but Hope cannot see past Steffy not telling Liam about the proposal.  And the idea of losing Liam forever if he confessed and went to prison forced Hope to confront the truth of her feelings.  She is in love with Liam.

    And as for Liam, he’s been drawn to Hope since her return to Los Angeles.  And this week, Liam and Hope kiss after she confesses that it feels like this is a new beginning for them.

    Hope vs Steffy 2.0

    With Hope, seemingly, abandoning any pretense of supporting Liam’s marriage, Steffy and Hope are set for another round of competing for Liam’s affections.  Unaware of Liam and Hope’s recent reconnection, Steffy asks Liam to come home.  To move back in to the cliff house to work on their relationship as they await the birth of their daughter.

    By weeks end, Steffy is stunned by Liam’s response to her request.  Does Liam admit that he is exploring a relationship with Hope at this time?  Or does Liam decide that given his memory problems he shouldn’t be involved with anyone and choose to deal with his health issues where any emotional trauma, or a hit on the head can turn him into a killer?

    But let’s not forget that Steffy has gone through a lot over the past months also.  And with her pregnancy considered high risk because of her past fertility issues, Steffy has been encouraged to look after herself and her baby.  And that means keeping stress out of her life.  If she learns that Liam shot his father as a direct result of Bill and Steffy’s betrayal of Liam, Steffy could foreseeably suffer a pregnancy crisis.  And as we saw with Bill’s shooting brining Liam right to Bill’s side at his hospital bed, it may be just he thing to bring Liam home to Steffy…

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    Pierson Fode and Courtney Hope finish their storyline arc this week, presumably they are headed to New York to work together and live happily ever after.  Sally’s departure also sees the entire Spectra crew depart from the B&B canvas.

    With a wedding planner cast for episodes in May (15th reportedly) it looks like May Sweeps could include a wedding.  Since Wyatt and Katie are newly engaged a dramatic wedding for them could be on the cards.


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