The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: March 19 – 23, 2018 – Who Is Arrested For Shooting Bill?

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful March 19 – 23, 2018:  Bill Awakens.  Hope tells Liam about Bill proposing to Steffy. Ridge’s anger at Bill escalates. An arrest in Bill’s shooting made

    Who Is Arrested?

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    Another Suspect…

    Last week, viewers discovered that a furious Caroline followed Thomas to Los Angeles.  Not to try convincing Thomas to stay with her, that battle seems to have already been fought off screen, but to hold Uncle Bill accountable for his actions.

    Caroline was livid with her Uncle.  Sure, his lie about her dying got her the family she wanted for her son, but only for a little while. The guild ate away at her and since she was shockingly healthy for someone who was dying, Caroline confessed the truth to Thomas.

    It was a lie.  Orchestrated by Bill Spencer. That news added fuel to Thomas hatred of Bill, as well as Sally’s once Thomas told her the truth, but it also seems to have pushed Caroline to the edge as well.

    Caroline, and her son, Douglas, will never have the family again that they had for such a short time.  And it was all because of Dollar Bill Spencer, who Caroline knew didn’t care about her or her son anywhere near as much as the skyscraper he would get out of the lie.

    By the end of last week, a fuming Caroline had her hands around Bill’s throat, as he lay on a respirator in his hospital bed after being shot.

    Was Caroline there to finish what she started?  Or just taking advantage of circumstances.  Either way, since Bill is slated to wake up this week to the burning question “Who shot you?”  Caroline either won’t be able to go through with chocking the last remnants life Bill out of Bill, or a nurse, or family member will interrupt her.

    Is Caroline a viable suspect?  Would she leave her son without a mother and father?  Unlikely.

    Ridge’s Fury Grows

    Ridge already has a hatred of Bill Spencer that has him squarely on the suspect list of Detective Sanchez, and Chief Baker.  Even Brooke is shocked by Ridge’s lack of empathy for Bill’s current situation.

    Ridge is already furious and disgusted by Bill’s involvement in breaking up his daughter, Steffy, and her husband, Bill’s son, Liam.  Bill, in Ridge’s eyes, took advantage of Steffy, by sleeping with her on the night she and Liam fought over Liam kissing Sally Spectra.

    Despite, Ridge demanding Bill stay away from his daughter, so that she and her husband could work out their problems, Bill ignored Ridge.  And more importantly, Steffy, who also requested the same.  She wanted to reconcile with her husband, and Bill’s constant presence in her home risked that happening.  Liam was already struggling to forgive her, if he found Bill in her home, all hopes of that happening would be over.

    On the night Bill was shot, Ridge confronted Bill about his most recent visit to Steffy.  Bill goaded Ridge adding to his fury by telling Ridge that Steffy wanted to make love to him. Bill then threatened Ridge with arrest to which Ridge responded that if he were to be arrested it wouldn’t’ be for trespass…

    This week, Ridge learns that his son, Thomas, has also been manipulated by Bill Spencer’s treachery.  When Thomas turns up and explains to his father that Bill Spencer concocted a lie about Caroline dying to get Thomas to join his son, and Caroline in New York to give Douglas a family while he could, Ridge’s hatred for Bill Spencer grows.

    As far as Ridge is concerned Bill has destroyed both Steffy and Thomas’ lives.

    Bill Awakens

    In a shooting with many suspects with motive, means, and opportunity, Detective Sanchez and Chief Baker are missing one key testimony.  That of Bill Spencer.  He has been unconscious since his shooting fighting for his life.  This week, however, Bill Spencer, opens his eyes. And the first question Detective Sanchez has for the hated mogul?  “Who Shot You?”

    Though viewers know it was dark and that Bill was shot in the back, Bill Spencer is never one to take advantage of an opportunity.  And seemingly, Bill takes this opportunity to fulfil Ridge’s prophecy that his arrest will not be for trespass.

    Leaked video from the set, weeks ago, indicated that Bill would accuse Ridge of being the shooter.  And spoilers are doing little to disprove that.  By weeks’ end, Bill has identified Ridge as his shooter, and the police make an arrest.  But do they have the right man?

    One thing Bill may not have considered is that falsely accusing Ridge means that the real culprit may still be on the lose.  Will they try to finish the job they started?

    Hope vs Steffy 2.0

    Hope and Steffy’s tumultuous history as one again off again step sisters, through their parents’ marriages (Brooke and Ridge) has been exacerbated by Steffy’s habit of trying to steal Hope’s boyfriends.  When Liam saved Steffy from drowning after she broke up with his father, Bill, Steffy set her romantic sights on Liam.  Steffy didn’t let the fact that he was engaged to Hope, stop her.  And an epic love triangle filled with manipulations and lies, ensued.

    This time round, Hope isn’t being painted as the same naïve little girl she was before losing her baby and fleeing Lost Angeles for Italy.  While she still shares  the same values and moral compass of her former husband, Liam, she is using them as a weapon.  Even if she doesn’t realize it.

    And so far, Steffy hasn’t seen it either.  If anything, Steffy has been appreciative of Hopes support of Steffy and Liam’s marriage.  Though Hope has been clear, her support of the marriage is conditional.  If it weren’t for Liam and Steffy expecting a child, or if Steffy betrays Liam again, she won’t support Steffy any longer.  In addition, if it is detrimental to Liam’s happiness, Hope’s support will also be removed.

    This week, however, Steffy starts to see things a bit differently.  Many of these conditions exist becomes Hope knows the intimate details of Steffy’s personal life.  And that is thanks to Brooke, who didn’t exactly tell Hope what happened, but left her a trail of clues making it impossible for Hope not to “realize” what had transpired between Steffy and Bill.

    This week, Steffy takes Brooke to task on that move.  Why?  Well, you would have to be blind not to see that Hope and Liam’s feeling for each other are resurfacing.  And that is not a complications Steffy needs in the so far impossible task of getting Liam to forgive Steffy.

    In fact, this week also, Hope weaponizes the truth even further, and in the interest of openness and honesty, that she and Liam hold in such high regard, Hope informs Liam that on the night of Bill’s shooting Bill proposed to Liam’s wife, Steffy!

    Liam, naturally will wonder why Steffy, in all the time that they have spent at the hospital together couldn’t find a minute to mention that.  After all, Wyatt and Katie managed to announce their engagement under the same circumstances.

    Hope’s revelation has to have Liam wondering whether he can ever expect honest from his wife.  And father.   Though Bill had seemed to be urging Liam to reconcile with Steffy for the good of the daughter Steffy is carrying, Liam now sees it differently.  Bill wasn’t giving his son advice on life and love, based on his own experiences, he was issuing a threat!  Bill told Liam, if he didn’t reconcile with Steffy that he would come to regret it.  Bill was delivering an ultimatum.  Bill wouldn’t be standing by and waiting for Steffy and Liam to work out their problems forever.  At some point, Bill would take what he wanted.  And that is Steffy.

    Distressed by this turn of events, Steffy will wonder what Hope’s true motivations regarding Liam are.  Hope will continue to claim to support Steffy and Liam’s marriage.  And Hope may genuinely believe it to be true.  Hope argues that she isn’t the enemy, Bill is.  But is Steffy convinced?

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    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Dan Martin returns on Monday, March 12, 2018 as Lt Baker.  Like viewers, Lt Baker has quite a suspect list for the “Who shot Bill” mystery currently unfolding on our screens

    Pierson Fode (Thomas Forrester returns to the Bold and the Beautiful for a short-term story arc starting Friday, March 9, 2018.  He’s back to settle a score.  Does that mean getting even with Bill?

    Don Diamont is temporily departing the soap to compete in Italy’s version of Dancing with the Stars.  Seems inevitable that someone will shoot Bill, hospitalizing him.  Could Bill languish in a coma for months of end?  Or will he choose simply to recuperate on the Stella Marix?

    Ashleigh Brewer has left The Bold and the Beautiful to pursue other acting opportunities.

    Rumors circulate that Courtney Hope has also left and is off contract.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

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