Who Sees Bill Propose to Steffy?

Bill’s ego knows no bounds.  He’s threatened Katie, the mother of his youngest son, Will, with a custody battle to take her son away from her, he’s disowned and disinherited both his adult sons., Liam and Wyatt.


Because Wyatt fell in love with Bill’s ex-wife, Katie, a situation that Bill describes as sick, and disgusting, since Katie is Wyatt’s half-brother’s mother.  Of course, when Bill is reminded that he divorced Katie for her sister, not once, but twice, and just recently slept with his other son’s wife, Bill doesn’t see those affairs as twisted in any way.

Who sees Bill propose to Steffy

Somehow, Bill has also come to find himself the injured party where Liam is concerned.  Bill slept with Liam’s wife, Steffy.  Yet,  Bill has decided that Liam is taking too long to find forgiveness in his heart for his wife, and the father who betrayed him.  Result?  Disinherited.

Bill has pretty much alienated himself from everyone in his life to the extent that if anything happens to him before youngest son, Will, comes of age, Justin Barber, Bill’s bestie,  will “inherit” control of Spencer Publications.  Given Justin is generally the right-hand man who executes on Bills schemes, Bill should really wonder if Justin’s loyalty can overcome the allure of Bill’s wealth and power.  Justin ahs stated many times that his loyalty goes to the man signing his pay check.

Bill’s list of enemies, and the number of threats issued against his life recently, is long. Feeling lonely and sorry for himself, Bill headed to see Steffy.

Even at the Malibu beach house that Bill technically owns, he did not get a friendly welcome.  Steffy told him he couldn’t be there.  She was expecting Liam at any time for dinner. And Liam couldn’t find Bill there. It would be a huge dent in Steffy’s plan to put her family back together if Liam found his father there.  The man she betrayed Liam with.

But in a testament to his selfishness, Bill simply moaned about everyone abandoning him, her dinner guest, and his brother, Wyatt the worst offenders.  Steffy again tried to throw him out, but Bill whined that he couldn’t take another slap in the face. Bill ignored Steffy’s repeated demands that he leave, telling her that he couldn’t leave because Steffy is the only one he can talk to.  He’s alone.  No one cares whether he lives or dies.

Bill then noted that he’s always been happiest when he takes what he wants.  And Bill wants Steffy.

Steffy yelled at him. ”Enough”.  And reminded Bill that she is married to his son.  Bill thought that was just a technicality.

Bill then railed that Liam should be here, with his family.  Steffy defended Liam’s absence remind Bill how much they hurt Liam.  You have apologized over and over again, Bill told Steffy. How long is it going to take, Bill wondered.  Bill also hinted that with Hope and Liam working together and spending time together, that reunion was more likely than Liam forgiving Steffy.

Bill still believes that night between him and Steffy happened for a reason.  Because they have feelings for each other.  Maybe that is why Liam can’t forgive Steffy, Bill reasoned.  Because Liam knows that Steffy and Bill belong together. Liam may never look at her in the same way again, Bill suggested trying to plant the seed of doubt in Steffy’s mind.

Steffy told Bill to stop.

Bill then proclaimed his feelings for Steffy.  He loves her and he doesn’t give a damn what anyone says.  Bill will always be there for her and her child.  Let me love you, Bill asked.  Bill can give Steffy and her daughter the life they deserve.  Bill dropped down onto one knee.  Sign those annulment papers so we can start our future.  Marry me Steffy, be my wife!

Steffy looked horrified, and then the scene is seen from outside the house.  Is someone is witnessing the event from outside.

Could it be Liam?  He is, after all, expected for dinner.

But with Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hinting that Ridge finds out about Bill’s proposal very quickly, perhaps it is him outside his daughter’s house.

Another possibility is Hope.  She has been wavering in her support of Steffy and Liam’s marriage wondering if she is doing the right think pushing Liam to reunite with Steffy.  Hope has come to wonder if Steffy can be trusted not to hurt Liam again, and whether given what she has done whether Steffy even deserves a second chance at her marriage.

Whoever it is outside witnessing the scene, you can bet it isn’t going to do much to progress Steffy’s desire to reunite her family.  And if that is true, it may not be long before Bill doesn’t have Steffy’s support either.




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