Wyatt and Katie Announce Their Engagement Over Bill’s (Almost) Dead Body

When Wyatt and Katie faced Bill and told him about their engagement, Bill railed that they would marry over his dead body.  With the number of enemies Bill has made over the past weeks and months, Bill should have thought twice about tempting fate so blatantly.

But Bill didn’t think much about his prophetic statement regarding his demise, because he had further threats to levy.  He ranted that he would take everything from Katie and Wyatt.

Wyatt and Katie announce engagement as Bill fights for his life

And that meant suing Katie for sole custody of Will. Bill reminded Katie about her problems with depression and alcohol as if her disgusting relationship with her son’s stepbrother wasn’t enough ammunition. With a quiet fury, Katie reminded Bill of his own transgressions.  Leaving her, not once, but twice for her sister, Brooke.

Wyatt, as furious as Katie was flabbergasted that instead of being happy for them, he would turn against the him.  Wyatt had remained loyal to Bill, regardless of his own highly questionable love life.  Bill had destroyed his other son, Liam’s marriage, by sleeping with Liam’s wife, Steffy.

Bill ripped the Spencer sword from around Wyatt’s neck and told him that if he went ahead with this disgusting relationship he too would have nothing.  He would be disowned.  That meant none of the luxuries that Bill’s fortune provided Wyatt:  a job, a house, a car and an inheritance.

This week, Katie is served with papers for sold custody of Will, Katie and Wyatt realize that Bill wasn’t just letting off steam. Katie panics wondering what would become of any son that Bill Spencer was allowed to raise.  Both Wyatt’s mother Quinn, and Liam’s mother went to extraordinary lengths to keep their sons away from Bill Spencer.

Both Liam and Wyatt have come to understand just what a gift their mothers gave them in being raised free of Bill Spencer’s influence.  (Though Wyatt’s mother Quinn can’t be called the most stable of individuals either.)

A furious Wyatt, promises Katie that Bill will not take Will from her.  Now understanding his own mother’s motives for keeping him away from Bill’s influence, how could Wyatt not make that promise?  Wyatt goes on to say that Bill won’t be taking anything away from them.

Katie, knows Bill.  She was married to him, twice.  When she is served she goes to Bill’s home to talk to him about seeking sole custody.  Whether Katie is set for a confrontation or looking to negotiate, doesn’t matter., because when Katie arrives at Bill’s mansion on that dark and windy night she finds him critically injured – shot – probably with his won highly valued collectible golden gun.

It must be tempting for Katie to walk away.  To leave Bill to die.  Bill certainly has not made her life easy, And if the tables were turned Bill’s ruthlessness makes it easy to imagine him walking away and allowing his former spouse to bleed out and die – alone.  But that isn’t who Katie is.  Even with Bill threatening to take custody of their son, she dials 911.

But Katie and Wyatt aren’t perfect.  Katie may not have been able to let the father of her son die, but she and Wyatt are capable of rubbing his nose in it. With Bill fighting for his life in the hospital, and everyone gathered in one place, Wyatt and Katie make an announcement.  In an ironic twist of Bill’s threat, Wyatt and Katie announce their engagement over Bill’s (almost) dead body.

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