Bill Calls In His Favor – Wants Steffy to Sign Annulment Papers

Thursday, April 19, 2018 – Episode #7820

Episode Summary:

Liam rejoices in the news he didn’t try to murder his father
Taylor leaves to get help
Bill calls in his favor

Bill wants Steffy to sing annulment papers

Liam Rejoices in Realization He Didn’t Shoot Bill

Bill tells Liam he wasn’t the person who shot him.  Liam asks if he’s absolutely sure.  Bill is. Liam realizes that Steffy was right.  He didn’t do it. All this time he thought he tried to kill Bill.  Then who was it, Liam asks.

Liam feels like he can breath again.  He asks Bill what happened.  Bill says he was sure it was Ridge, then Liam’s description was so vivid, that Bill believed Liam.  Then when he got home he realized it was someone else.  Liam thinks Bill know who it was that shot him.  Who pulled the trigger, Liam asks.

Bill says he doesn’t know.  But he did remember catching a glimpse of a figure in his peripheral vision – a tall lanky guy.  The important thing is that it wasn’t Liam.

Liam admits to having been lost.  He couldn’t look at himself in the mirror.  A man who was capable of trying to kill someone in his family.

You didn’t pull the trigger Bill tells him.  You couldn’t pull the trigger.

Bill Wants Steffy to Sign the Annulment Papers

Steffy asks how her mother could shoot Bill, do something like that. Taylor tells Steffy that if Bill keeps his word not to turn her in, that it won’t be for her, it will be about Steffy.  Taylro reminds Steffy that her father in law is in love with her.

Steffy will do everything in he power to make sure that only the three of them know it was Taylro who shot Bill.  Steffy thinks Taylor needs help.  Taylor says she will get it, but she needs to know that Bill is staying away from her.  Steffy tells Taylor she wants Liam, not Bill.

Steffy wants Taylor to call one of her colleagues.  Steffy tells Taylor that what happened between her and Bill was consensual and Taylor never should have done what she did. Taylor tells Steffy that she doesn’t think she should be around anyone right now.  Bt after getting help she hopes to be a better mother and grandmother.  And that when she comes back that she’ll bin in this home raising her daughter with Liam.

Mother and daughter hug and Taylor leaves.

Later, Bill arrives. Steffy tells Bill Taylor has left town to get help.  Bill hopes so. Steffy thanks Bill for not turning Taylor in.  Going to prison would have killed her.

Bill said he did it for Steffy.  He did something for her, and now Bill needs her to do something for him.  Steffy is grateful he agreed to keep quiet.

Liam brought her annulment papers, Bill says.  He wants Steffy to sign them.  Make Liam made a decision.  He’ll either rip them up, or move on with Hope.  If he does, Bill hopes that Steffy will open herself up to the feelins she has for Bill.  Bill tells her that he loves her.  He’s going on a business trip. He wants Steffy to think about Taylor’s future and her own.

Steffy is stunned.

Liam Tells Hope His Good News

Maya is excited about the reboot of HFF.   She asks if Liam is still going to be involved. Maya can see that Hope still cares about Liam.   Talk turns to Bill’s shooting.  Maya wonders if they are closer to knowing who it is.

As the meeting wraps up, Maya tells Hoep she is honored to be part of HFF again, and she thinks Liam will be a great fit.

Later Hope arrives at Liam’s hotel room at his request.  She thinks something is wrong.  Until Hope sees him smiling.  Liam says that he blacked out the night he saw his father propose to Steffy. He blacked out.  He was so desperate to know what happened that he made up a whole story about it.  Liam says he didn’t do it.  Hope is excited.  How did he work it out.  Liam admits Steffy grilled him on the details and they just didn’t add up and then Bill confirmed it.

Hope and Liam are both excited.  Liam feels like he’s ben given a gift. Hope wonders how Bill remembered.  Liam explains being home triggered a memory of getting a glimpse of the shooter.

Hope tells him she’s not surprised.  He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He’s finally vindicated.  Liam rejoices.  He’s free he says out loud. Liam admits he was really lost and didn’t think he was going to come back.  But he has.  Hope and Liam hug. Welcome back Hope says to Liam.

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Friday, April 20, 2018


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