Bill Manipulates Events To Make It Look Like He Seduced Steffy – Again

Monday, April 30, 2018 – Episode #7827

Bill schemes to get what he wants

Liam and Hope connect but he makes no promises

Bill Manipulates Wyatt and Steffy

Bill Manipulates

Bill is in his office.  He’s till thinking about making love to Steffy.  Justin brings papers giving Steffy ownership of the Malibu cliff house.  Bill has another assignment for Justin.  Bill tells him what he wants, but Justin says he doesn’t think its part of his job description.  Bill tells him to make it happen.

Wyatt arrives, and Justin leaves. Wyatt wants to know about the phone call with Steffy. Wyatt can’t get his head around what he heart.  Bill tells him its not over between Steffy and him.  Bill reminds Wyatt the conversation was confidential.  Wyatt thought Steffy was committed to a future with Liam. Bill asks him why he thinks Steffy signed the annulment papers.  Wyatt is concerned about Liam knowing the truth.  Bill tells Wyatt he can tell Liam if he wants.

Wyatt Confides in Katie

Katie visits Wyatt at the office.  She’s a little concerned about Bill seeing them together, but Wyatt says that Bill’s attention is elsewhere.  Steffy is in his office with him.  Katie doesn’t believe Steffy is actually with Steffy.  Bill lies she reminds Wyatt.  Wyatt says he heard it with his own ears.  There is something going on between them.  He heard the conversation on speaker phone.

Katie gets a text.  She has to go pick up Will.  Katie can’t believe Steffy and Bill.  Wyatt says he can’t belive it is still going on even as they speak.

Steffy Buys The Cliff House

Steffy arrives and wants to get this over with.  Bill reminds her that he’s selling her his favorite properties for a very reasonable price.  Steffy wants to be clear she’s doing this to get Liam back.  Her financing is in place. Bill has the papers. Let’s get to it, Steffy says.  Bill then asks Steffy how her mother is.

Steffy says that she did what he asked.  She signed the annulment papers.  Bill goes on about his recovery. Steffy is grateful he is okay, what her mother did was horrible.  But she couldn’t handle being behind bars.  Bill tells her that he let Taylor go because he loves her.

If Liam appreciated Steffy the way Bill does she is the only incentive Liam should need to come back to her.  Steffy tells Bill to stop. She came to sign papers. Bill complies. Steffy will be happy when Liam moves back in and they can start their life together.  Bill walks Steffy out.  Outside the elevator and Wyatt’s office, Bill tells Steffy he took a bullet to the back from her mother that he has kept out of jail.   He also just sold her a beach house he loves.  All he wants is a bit og gratitude.  Steffy hugs Billand thanks him.  Wyatt sees.

Justin comes into Bill’s office. And sets up a scene that looks like a night of romance has occurred.  Wyatt walks in and sees it.  Oh my God he says as he picks up a pillow covered in lipstick

Liam Settles in at Brooke’s Cabin

At Brooke’s house Ridge, Brooke, Liam and Hope are enjoying vegetarian takeout. They are welcoming Liam to the property.  They talk about HFF giving away scarves.  Brooke and Ridge thinks its an interesting concept.  Brooke thinks Liam and Hope make a fabulous team. Hff is lucky to have Liam.

Liam knows he has to make a decision soon, because he can’t keep living in limbo any longer.

Later, Hope and Liam are in the cabin.  Liam says Wyatt helped him.  She and Wyatt have been amazing, and he can trust them.  Liam admits to feeling calm and serene in Hopes company.  He wishes that he could promise her it would be worth it in the end.  Hope tells him he’s happier so its already worth it.

Liam has to make the most significant decision of his life.  Liam believes in forgiveness and moving forward. What Steffy did with his dad still haunts him.  The pain just isn’t fading.  Liam and Hope kiss.

Liam wants to figure this out so badly but has so many thoughts still going round in his head.  Hope still thinks that he is still in shock. Hope thinks if Bill hadn’t manipulated them they would still be married with kids of their own.  She supports him whatever he decides.

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