Steffy Bargains With Bill For Taylor’s Freedom

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 – Episode #7818

Episode Summary:

Steffy Begs Bill Not to Send Taylor To Prison

Steffy wonders if Bill is making her say these crazy things.  Bill has done many detestable things but this he isn’t making her say this.  She lost it.  She shot him, Taylor tells her daughter.

Bill tells Steffy he found out when Taylor turned up here threatening to shoot him again.  Taylor shot him, not Liam.

Steffy is relieved that Liam didn’t do it.  She’d thought she and Bill drove Liam to it.  Her relief is short lived when she realizes Liam may not have shot Bill, but her mother did.

Steffy Pleads for her mothers freedom

Taylor is sorry.  She doesn’t know what came over him. She couldn’t take knowing that Bill had sexually assaulted her.  She is doing what victims do.  Defending her abuser.  Steffy tells STaylor to stop.  What happened between her and Bill was consensual.  Ridge was wrong.

What have I done, Taylor mutters.  Steffy hugs her distressed mom.  Steffy thinks Taylor needs help. Taylor knows what she did is wrong.  She doesn’t have any right to beg her for mercy, but she begs Bill not to send her to prison.  Steffy asks Bill to look at how fragile Taylor is.  Taylor helps people.

Steffy confirms she is asking Bill to let this go – attempted murder. She won’t survive prison.  But Bill thinks she needs to pay the price for trying to kill him.

Bill says she shot him.  He’s compromised by it – perhaps for the rest of his life.  Bill hopes that Taylor gets the help she needs – in prison. Taylor and Steffy beg him, but Bill says when someone hits him he hits back twice as hard.

Steffy tells Bill he should be relieved.  Liam didn’t shoot him, and Liam needs to know that.  Steffy begs with him to stick with the stranger story and not implicate her mom.  Bill agrees, but for only for Steffy.    Steffy hugs her mom.

Taylor says she had so much love in this house she never wanted to have violence here.  Bill is still coming to terms with Liam not shooting him. Surprisingly, Bill offers taylor a glass of water. He asks if she drove here.  She seems shaky.   Bill never would have predicted that she was the one who shot him.  Taylor says it wasn’t planned. Bill is focusing on the fact that Liam didn’t shoot him.  Taylor says Steffy is probably telling Liam that now. Bill is glad it will put an end to Liam’s full-blown identity crisis. Bill says relationships are difficult for him but he loves his son. Taylor tells Bill that his behavior has been confusing for Liam.  Bill suggests the she not psychoanalyze him.  Taylor is grateful.  He literally saved her life.  She owes him everything.  Bill states that he did it for Steffy.

Steffy Tells Liam He Didn’t Shoot Bill

Hope visits Liam at his hotel room. She has food. She’s been worried about Liam.  What happened with Steffy, Hope asks.  Liam admits that he told Steffy he shot his father.  Liam believes he owed Steffy that much.

Hope still has her reservations.  Liam says that for now she’s still his wife, and she’s carrying his child.  Steffy needs to know what he is capable of, Liam reasons.

Liam wonders why Hope is still giving him the benefit of the doubt.  He goes over it again.  He knows it because he remembers it.  It was his hand that grabbed the gun, loaded it and pulled the trigger.  And he felt noting.  No remorse no sorrow.  He just walked away.

Hope says it was because he had a concussion but when Liam remeembered he went straight to Bill and told him about it.  Hope notes that Bill is the most vengeful man she knows but he didn’t put him in prison.  Because even Bill knows it is not what Liam would do.  Liam scoffs that Bill may not have put him in prison but did try to use it as leverage against him.  Hope wonders what that means.

Hope wonders if the memories he’s having are real.  Concussions can create false ones.  Liam says his faith in him is something he can’t live up to. Hoep still can believe that somone as good as hime could shoot anyone, let alone his father.

Liam notes that Steffy said the same thing.  But why can he remember it.  It says he’s a monster, a criminal.  Hope says he wasn’t himself that night.  Liam wonders if that is the real him. What will make him snap the nest time?  A child crying. Hope tells him that their were circumstance at play here.  She loves him and she will be in his corner no matter what.  Liam tells Hope the smart thing for Hope to do is to go. He needs to work out how to coexist with the stranger inside him.  He’s going to be with him for the rest of his life.

Steffy arrives at Liam’s apartment. Steffy tells him its not true.  He didn’t shoot his father.  Liam thinks he has to come to grips with who he has become. Steffy tells Liam that Taylor was at his dads house.  She heard what happened. Her mom made her father realize that it wasn’t Liam. Bill confirmed it.  He knows for a fact that he’s not the shooter.  Liam says he remembers is.  Steffy says he’s torturing himself for no reason.  He didn’t shoot his father.


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