Taylor Confesses – Steffy Stunned!

Monday, April 16, 2018 – Episode #7817

Episode Summary:

Steffy worries Bill’s shooter is still out there and Bill is in danger…
Ridge worries about Taylor’s state of mind
Taylor confesses to shooting Bill

Taylor confesses to shooting Bill

Steffy Adamant Liam Couldn’t Shoot His Father

Steffy doesn’t believe that Liam shot Bill.  He was confused and had a concussion.  She knows him.  It wasn’t him. He didn’t shoot his father, Steffy states adamantly.

Steffy says that Liam might hate Bill for the rest of his life, but he wouldn’t take Bill’s life.  Steffy says the shooter is still out there and Bill needs to know this.  Steffy knows it wasn’t Liam.

They have to warn his father, Steffy says.  Liam asks if she’s not afraid.  Steffy says no.  She notices from an app that her mother is in town.  She didn’t say anything about coming into town.  Steffy worries about her finding out about Bill and what happened between them.

Steffy leaves to find her mother.  She tells Liam she loves him and believes in his goodness. He hasn’t lost that Steffy tells Liam.

Liam goes back to his hotels room and is having memory flashbacks of the night of Bill’s shooting.

Taylor Confesses To Shooting Bill

Taylor has Bill’s golden gun aimed at him.  Bill tells her not to do this and put down the gun.  An emotional Taylor mutters she hates him for what he did to her daughter and his son. There has to be a line, Taylor says. Liam doesn’t want Steffy defending him.  He’s not the person that she thinks he is.

If Bill hadn’t done what he did to her daughter, she never would have been there that night and done what she did.  Taylor drops the gun.  Bill quickly picks it up realizing that Taylor shot him.

Bill says that Taylor tried to kill him.  Steffy lost everything, he deserved to lose more.  My life Bill asks. He heard her confession.  Taylor says that he destroys peoples lives.  Bill says she put him in the hospital, she could have put him in the ground.

Taylor was on her way back to clear Ridge, but then he’d been released.  Taylor says that Bill has done some terrible thinks, but she’s not above admitting what she did was worse.  She shouldn’t have come.  She talks through what happened that night. The gun was right there. She loaded it and with shaking hands fired, and ran out.

Bill says that she left him for dead, got on a plane and left the country while he was fighting for his life.  Bill tells Taylor he will suffer the effects of the shooting for the rest of his life.  She only felt guilty when she found out Forrester was arrested. Bill yells that he didn’t hurt her daughter, but Taylor will, when she goes to prison. And because Liam thinks he shot his own father.  Bill then realizes that Liam didn’t do it. He thought he did it because he was suffering a concussion.  Bill thought that Liam hated him to the point that he would try to kill him.  But Liam didn’t do it.

Steffy arrives, and asks what Taylor is doing there.  Taylor is crying so Steffy demands to know what is going on.  Taylor admits that Ridge told her what happened between Bill and Steffy.  Steffy says that her dad is wrong about what happened that night.

Steffy is stunned.

Steffy asks Bill for a moment alone with Bill, but he says there are no more secrets.  Bill says that Liam told Steffy about shooting him.  Steffy is still adamant that Liam didn’t shoot Bill.  Taylor agrees, Liam didn’t shoot Bill, because Taylor knows who did.  It was me, Taylor tells her daughter.  I shot Bill.

Ridge Recounts Taylors Hatred of Bill

Ridge wonders if Taylor is going straight to Bill’s house.  Taylor was furious Ridge states. He’s not surprised that she is here, just that it took her this long to get here.  Ridge had to tell Taylor what Steffy was going through.  Ridge says that Taylor didn’t sound rational.  He agrees with everything Taylor said about Bill, but he’s never heard such words from Taylor.  Brooke notes that Taylor is a professional.  Ridge says she is, and that is why she knows Bill took advantage of Steffy.

Ridge can’t get hold of Taylor. As much as he hates Bill, Ridge thinks Bill has a whole other level of hatred in her for Bill.

Brooke thinks that Bill will now leave Steffy and Liam alone. Brooke agrees that Bill is out of control, but if Taylor thinks that Bill preyed on Steffy, then things are going to get a lot worse…

BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL Spoilers

Tuesday April 16, 2018

Liam justifies to Hope why Steffy has to know that he shot his father.  She is the mother of his child and she deserves to know what he is capable of, for both her sake, and their unborn daughters.

Meanwhile, Steffy is learning that her unwavering faith in the belief that Liam did not shoot his father, that he is incapable of such an act is justified.  But it’s not all good news for Steffy.  It appears, her mother, Taylor, is capable of shooting Bill.  Steffy reels with her mother’s confession that it was her that shot Bill.


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