Taylor Turns The Golden Gun on Bill – Again!

Friday, April 13, 2018 – Episode #7816

Steffy Doesn’t Believe Liam Shot Bill

Liam tells Steffy it was him that shot his father.  Steffy says no.  He wouldn’t do that.  But Liam says it was.

Steffy hugs Liam.  Is he okay.  Steffy says this is her fault.  Liam tells her it is on him. Steffy is confused by Liam being by Bill’s bedside. Liam says he didn’t know then.  It came back to him later. In Fuzzy flashes.  He blocked it all out.

Steffy was with him when Liam got the call that Bill had been shot. Steffy thinks that Liam is having false memories.  His mind is playing tricks.  But Liam still believes he did it.  And tells Steffy about the gloves.  Steffy realizes that is why her dad was released.  And its why Bill changed his story.  Steffy says they just need to keep this between them and hopefully the police won’t work it out.

Taylor shot Bill?

Liam admits that he told Hope.  Steffy says there is no way Liam could have done this.  He doesn’t even know how to use a gun.  There is no way.  Liam isn’t so sure.  After what Bill did to him and their marriage, Liam isn’t sure what he is and isn’t capable of anymore.

Liam says if he has another concussion he could be dangerous.  Steffy has to protect their baby from him.  Steffy says he would never hurt their child and she still isn’t convinced he hurt his dad.  She asks him to go over that night again. She asks questions about that night, but Liam is still unsure about all the events.

He was there, Liam says.  He can hear the gunshot, but Steffy thinks he has created this memory in his mind. Liam may have hated his father, but it is just not possible that he shot his father.  It’s not Liam.  Liam appreciates her faith but thinks its misplaced.

If he didn’t do it, Liam asks, who did it?  Steffy doesn’t know, but they are still out there.

Brooke Is Concerned Taylor Will Overreact

Ridge ad Brooke kiss.  He is worried that Hope no longer supports Liam and Steffy’s marriage.  Ridge asks Brooke what is going on. Brooke notes that Liam has changed.

Conversation turns to Bill. Brooke is stunned that Ridge doesn’t feel sorry for Bill, at least a little bit.  Ridge knows how Bill manipulates people and so does Taylor.  Brooke thinks telling Taylor was a mistake.  Ridge thinks that Brooke is biased when it comes to Taylor.  Brooke is surprised to hear Taylor is in LA.  Ridge is surprised it took this long for her to get here.  Ridge thinks Steffy could use her mother

Taylor confronts Bill with the Golden Gun – Again?

Bill asks if he can call anyone for Taylor.  He asks what the can is for.  She took a fall. Bill offers her a drink which Taylor turns down.  All she wants from him is for him to beg forgiveness on his hands and knees.

Taylor weeps that this was supposed to be the happiest time in Liam and Steffy’s life but Bill ruined it because he couldn’t keep his hands off his son’s wife.  Taylor wonders how Bill didn’t know how wrong that was.  He took advantage. He was in control.  He targeted Steffy.  He waited till she was vulnerable then moved in on her. Just like the disgusting predator he is.

Taylor tells Bill that he fought hard to get Liam and Steffy together.  Is he that messed up in the head?  Bill says he’s not her patient.  He had his own reasons for wanting Liam and Steffy together back then.

The mighty Bill Spencer just gets what he wants Taylor rants. Bill tries to get rid of Taylor.  His patience is at an end.  Bill tells Taylor to go talk to her daughter about what happened that night.

Taylor yells at Bill that she hates him for what she did to her daughter.  She hates him, she reiterates.  Bill tells her to leave again.

Bill tells Taylor that if Liam won’t be there for Steffy he will.  Bill questions why Taylor hasn’t been around.  Taylor says that Ridge told her weeks ago, and she took the next flight to LA.  She came to see him on a windy night.  It was cold and the power was on and off.

Bill asks if she came to his house.  Taylor scoffs that in her mind this is her house.  Where she raised her children.  She could walk up those stairs even with the cane and not make a sound.  She could walk the path to his door in the dark, which she had too.  It was cold and the power was on and off.

Bill realizes that Taylor was there the night he was shot. Taylor says she saw him listening to music.  The she saw the gun.  She couldn’t believe how easy it was to load, as she does so again with the gun Sanchez left on the desk.

Bill turns as he hears Taylor load the gun.  She aims at him.  Bill yells “Taylor, don’t”

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Monday April 16, 2018



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