Despite Hope’s Advice Not To, Liam Confesses to Steffy; Taylor Hayes Is Back!

Thursday, April 12, 2018 – Episode #7815

Episode Summary


Ridge Protects Steffy From Hope

At Forrester Creations Ridge and Steffy are discussing a lunch meeting.  Steffy is distracted.  Ridge asks what is going on. Steffy tells Ridge that Hope knows more about her husband that she does.  Hope says Steffy should leave Liam and go to Bill.

Steffy tells Ridge that Hope still harbors resentment for Steffy stealing Liam from her. Hope never got over Liam.  But there is something has changed.  Hope is just spending all her time with Liam, including at work and it is making Steffy uncomfortable.

Liam ignorse Hopes advice

Hope thinks Liam needs protection Steffy says.  Maybe from her, or something else. Steffy gets why Liam is struggling to forgive her.  The baby is going to be here soon, and she needs support, not Hope’s negative talk.

Ridge is ging to talk to Hope and Brooke. Whatever Hope isn’t sharing they will find out an get some andwers.

Hope Doesn’t Think Liam Should Tell Steffy The Truth

Elsewhere at Forrester Creations, Hope and Liam are working, but Liam is distracted. Liam can’t stop thinking about what he did.  To his father.

He should be turning himself into the police.  Hope says he wasn’t himself.  He had a concussion. Liam thinks that if it happened once, it could happen again.

Hope thinks what happened was because the circumstances were extreme.  Liam think he needs to tell Steffy that he was the one who shot Bill.  Hope thinks that is a bad idea. The more people who know the more likely it will come out.  She’s not saying that Steffy is betraying her confidence.  It is too risky.  He could spend years in jail, and so could steffy if she knows.  Hope will be there for him.  Whatever he needs.

Liam still thinks he owes Steffy the truth.

Liam Tells Steffy He Shot Bill

Steffy runs into Liam and asks for a few minutes of his time.  She asks if he’s okay.  She asks what is going on with him.  Something has changed.  Something has made him see himself in a different way, Liam admits.

He has another flashback.  Steffy wants to help him.  Liam says she can’t.  No one can.  She should know this.  But it has to stay confidential.  Liam says Steffy did something to him that was horrible.  He reacted and did something more horrible in return, Liam starts.

What does that mean Steffy asks?  What Steffy did with Bill hit him in a way he couldn’t have imagined. Liam doesn’t know who he can believe anymore.  Both Bill and Steffy have begged for forgiveness, but he proposed to Steffy anyway.

Liam admits to seeing Bill propose to her on the night Bill was shot.  Liam tells Steffy he saw it, he was there.  It shocked Liam so much.   He tripped and hit his head.  He got a concussion – just like when Quinn abducted him.  That same night he got into his car and drove to his father’s house. It gets a little vague but he walked in and saw the golden gun.  He took it.  He shot his father.  Steffy is stunned.

Ridge Questions Hope

Ridge goes to see Hope.  Steffy is trying to work out what is going on between Hope and Liam.  Admitting she loves Liam must make it hard to respect Steffy and Liam’s marriage.  Liam has been going through a difficult time and Hope is concerned.

Ridge realizes Hope knows something that Steffy and he don’t.  What is it Ridge wants to know.  Ridge gets a text.  Someone has arrived.

Sanchez, Then Taylor Arrive at Bill’s House

Detective Sanchez turns up at Bill’s home. He says there is still someone out there who who shot him.  He could try again. Sanchex is confused about Bill’s changing story. Bill turns around and sees Sanchez with his golden gun in his hand.  He wants to help Bill remember what happened the night he was shot.

He wants to reenact the night of the shooting in detail in his home.  He sets up the scene. Bill thinks it’s a waste of time, but indulges Sanchez.  Bill tells him he knows everything that Bill does.  But remembers Liam confessing it was him that shot Bill.

Sanchez gets a call as he’s about to leave.

At Bill’s house, someone walks in using a cane.  It’s Taylor! She tells him he’s a despicable man. Taylor tells Bill that he took advantage of Steffy.  Bill denies it. Taylor tells him she’s a psychiatrist she knows predatory behavior when she sees it.  He’s a horrible man, Taylor spits.

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