Hope Kisses Liam After Telling Him To Leave Steffy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 – Episode #7809

Episode Summary:

Ridge Released and Returns to Work

At Forrester Creations Ridge arrives at work to a surprise celebration of his return.  Ridge tells them that Carter is the man you want in your corner when you are accused of something that you really wish you had done.

Eric tells Ridge never to do that to him again.  Sometimes Ridge reminds him too much of his mother.

Thorne jokes that they can all agree that Forrester Creations runs just find without a CEO.  Eric thinks Thorne is right. Eric jokes about being CEO.  You need to be attractive appear in the scandal sheets, be arrested but not convicted, and loved.

They toast Ridges return and Ridge tells them its time to get back to work.

Later, alone, broke tells Ridge that she gave him a scare.  She’s never leaving him alone again, so that he as an alibi.  They have lost time to make up for, Brooke says. Ridge says that she has always been in his corner, fighting for him.  Ridge tells Brooke he loves her.  They kiss.

Elsewhere, Steffy is looking for Hope.

Hope Tells Liam to Leave Steffy

Liam wakes to find Hope in his hotel room.  She didn’t feel like she should leave him alone last night.  She slept in the chair.  Liam thanks her for staying.  He’s still struggling to come to terms with the idea that he tried to murder his father.
Hope kisses Liam

Hope offers to treat him breakfast, but Liam says she should go.  Why doesn’t she just run.  Hope tells him he knows the reason.  Why doesn’t the fact that he tried to kill his father terrify her.  Hope admits it does, but he was pushed too far.  Liam says there is a violence in him that he never knew existed and she should stay away from him.

Liam makes an appointment for a CT scan on his head and a neuro psych examination. Hope tells him he needs medical treatment he doesn’t have to explain everything.  Liam reminds her that he is dangerous.  But Hope won’t ever be afraid of him.  Liam says it will come out.  Hope says only she, Liam and Bill know.

Liam wonders if he should tell Steffy.  If he is to reconcile with her.  Hope says that he has two ways he can go.  Reconcile with Steffy and raise his daughter with her and know Bill will never leave him alone, or don’t.  Understand who Bill is and that he never stops until he gets what he wants.  And what Bill wants is Liam’s wife.  His wife who couldn’t say no to Bill.

She believed what she said before.  She stood by his marriage, but look at what his father and wife have done to him.  Liam doesn’t think he can blame anyone else.  Hope says the relationship between Steffy and Bill is toxic.  He’s going to have to find his own way out, Hope suggests.

Hope is concerned that Steffy is caught up in Bill’s spell.  Bill doesn’t stop time he gets what he wants.  It will happen again. Hope thought that all they could be was a beautiful memory, that he had found a beautiful wife, and child.  But here they are.  This doesn’t feel like the past between then.  It feels like a new beginning, Hope tells Liam.

She never thought she would be telling him to leave his wife.  Liam says its not exactly like they are together.  Hope wonders what Liam is going to do.  Liam wonders what Steffy would do it she knew.  Liam reminds Hope that Steffy said no to the proposal.

Does he remember Aspen hope asks. Bill and Steffy were already do-conspirators back then.  He married Steffy and she watched it all from that gondola.  Hope isn’t going to watch anymore.  Not while he is being mistreated.  Is she won’t annul their marriage, divorce Steffy.  Hope tells him he won’t be alone.  She loves him, she can’t remember a time when she didn’t, and she can’t imagine a time in the future where she won’t love him as much as she does now.  Hope kisses Liam.

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