Hope Thinks Liam Should Leave Steffy; Steffy Wants Liam to Come Home

Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Episode #7810

Ridge Asks Steffy to Thank Liam

Steffy walks in on Ridge and Brooke kissing.   Steffy is glad he has been released. Ridge is furious with Bill for setting him up.  Steffy thinks Bill was confused.  Ridge tells her not to defend Bill.

Steffy notes Hope didn’t turn up to his party, then thinks Hope stopped off to see Liam.  She’s been spending so much time with her husband.  Steffy says Hope has made herself available to Liam.  Ridge agrees that Liam and Hope spending too much time together is trouble.

Hope Loves Liam

Brooke wonders if Steffy thinks Hope is trying to undermine her.  Not Steffy doesn’t, but Ridge says they can’t be spending too much time together,  Ridge asks Steffy to thank her husband for getting him out of prison.  Steffy is headed over there now to ask him to come home again.  She wants her life back.

Who Shot Bill?

Elsewhere at Forrester everyone is enjoying Pam and Charlies baked goods.  They discuss Bill falsely accusing Bill.  They discuss how hated Bill is and how many suspects there are.  Eric thinks its strange that Bill was shot by an unknown assailant.  Especially since it wasn’t a robbery. Wyatt says the case won’t be closed any time soon.   Many people looked guilty Pam notes.  Until Bill pointed the finger at Ridge and nearly got away with it.  Thomas speculates they may never find out who did it.  But Quinn thinks the detective won’t give up.  He’s interviewed everyone.  Except me, Pam says then admits she was off her meds and wound a little tight.  Again, Thomas wonders who did it.  Wyatt notes it was the perfect crime.  No cameras.

Sally and Thomas meet with Ridge and Brooke. Brooke can’t believe Bill lied about Caroline.  Thomas says they are focusing on their future.  He will always be there for his son but now he’s going to focus on Sally. Ridge is happy for both of them.

Hope Wants Liam to Leave Steffy

After their kiss, Hope isn’t sorry she kissed him or told him she loved him.  Liam doesn’t think he is worthy of her love.  He tried to murder his own father.

Hope doesn’t condone what he did, but she knows what a kind and wonderful man he is and she will always be by his side

Liam hates what his father did to him, but how does he live with what he did to his father.  Hope says everyone has a breaking point.  Bill hurt you, Steffy did too.  And they took you to a dark place.  But no one has to know, if he doesn’t tell anyone.  Hope encourages him to start a new life without his father and without Steffy.

Liam says the old him that she fell in love with is dead.  He died the moment he tried to shoot his father.  Liam doesn’t know how to move on from that.

That is why Hope is there.  She can’t support Steffy any longer. She won’t let Liam push her away when she needs her most.

Hope wanted to believe Steffy had changed, but she has always manipulated them.  She trapped her in a gondola. But she hasn’t She slept with his father and Hope can’t let Steffy use his child to hang on to him.  Hope cares too much about Liam to let that happen.

Hope is through being nice. If she is honest iwith herself because no matter how many contents she put between them she still loved him and couldn’t get over him.  He needs someone to help him.  She wants to help Liam with that.  Hope understands their child will always bond them, but let Steffy and Bill be together if that is what they want.  And Hope thinks that is what they want.

Liam thinks Hope is right about a lot of it, and maybe he does need her.  Hope thinks Bill wont stop pursuing Steffy but eventually Steffy will give again.  And the toxic cycle will start all over again.  Hope can’t watch that happen to him.  For his own sake, Liam has to end things with Steffy.

Liam thinks Hope came back exactly when he needed her to.

Hope tells Liam he deserves so much better than what Bill and Steffy did to him.  She could have any man in the world Liam notes.  She only wants him, Hope tell him and Liam kisses Hope.  There is a knock at the door.

Steffy Wants Liam to Come Home

It’s Steffy. She wants a moment alone with her husband.  Hope leaves. Steffy tells Liam is out of jail.  She thanks him for what he did to set her father free.  She’s grateful. Steffy says its time for him to get out of this depressing place.  Their baby is going to be here soon and Steffy wants them to be a family.  It would be easier to work on it if he moved back in.  For them and their little girl.  Please come home she asks him.  And Steffy kisses Liam.  Please come home she asks again.

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