Katie and Wyatt End Their Engagement Over Bill’s Threats

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 – Episode #7814

Episode Summary:

Bill Makes Wyatt an Offer

Wyatt would like to think what happened to Bill was a wake up call for all of them.  Bill agrees with Wyatt.  He learned a lot. Wyatt thinks they have a second chance to work through their problems.  Wyatt wants to bury the hatchet.  Bill says that his engagement to Katie is wrong and he is not going to change his mind on that.  Continue down that path and they will both pay the price.

Does Wyatt want to make an enemy of Bill for the rest of his life.  Wyatt wonders is he wants to alienate him the same way he did Liam.  Bill admits that Liam and he have irreconcilable differences on both sides.  Wyatt wonders what Liam did to Bill?  Bill changes the subject back to Wyatt.

Wyatt and Katie end engagement

Bill tells Wyatt that his future could be favorable if he plays it smart and does as Bill tells him.  If Wyatt does as Bill asks one day he will inherit Spencer Publications.  If he doesn’t then he will have nothing.  Liam will never be part of this company.  Bill tells Wyatt he has a choice to make.

Wyatt still wants Bill to swallow his pride and accept his relationship.  Bill won’t let Wyatt be a father to his half brother.  Wyatt notes that nothing has changed then.  Bill tells Wyatt that he will put in writing that he will step down in 5 years if he ends his engagement and doesn’t marry Katie.

Wyatt and Katie End Engagement

Thorne asks Katie if she’s thought about a life without complications.  Marrying Wyatt is a life full of complications. Thorne thinks Katie is a beautiful woman who has made some bad choices where Bill is concerned, Bill, Ridge and now Wyatt.  Thorne cares about her, probably more than he lets on.  Katie tells him he’s a good friend.

Thorne just knows what a custody battle with Bill could do  her and Wyatt.  It will be a scandal. Fighting for love is one thing, but an all out war with Bill Spencer is another.  Katie says Bill shouldn’t be able to dictate who she loves.  She’s good at being alone, but she shouldn’t have to be.  She wants a partner.

Thorne reminds Katie that she has other options than marrying Wyatt.

Later Wyatt is with Katie at Forrester Creations. Katie wonders if Bill turning up at Spencer went well.  Wyatt won’t go that far.  He tells Katie about Bill’s proposal. If they end their engagement and not marry Bill would make him his heir apparent and put it in writing.  Katie realizes that is a dream of Wyatt’s and he’s good at it.  She wonders what Wyatt told him.

Wyatt says there is so much at stake.  Katie agrees, both of their futures.  Bill has put them in an awkward position. Katie doesn’t want either of them to be at war with Bill.  They need to be realistic.  She loves him and wants to be with him, but there is more at stake than just them.  She doesn’t want Will to read online one day all the terrible thinks his parents said to each other, and Wyatt wants to run Spencer Publications, its his dream and he’s good at it. They need to be logical about this.

Wyatt says Bill only said they had to end their engagement not their relationship.  So Wyatt suggests that they let Bill think that is what has happened.  Katie says to get the company in writing.  Wyatt will.  Wyatt and Katie decide they don’t need to be married to love each other. Katie takes off the engagement ring.  They are still on, but the engagement is off.   It’s the right thing to do. But neither of them are giving up on each other.  They play this smart.  They outfox the fox.  Bill will never know.

Suspicious, Ridge Confronts Bill

At Forrester creations, Ridge admits to Brooke he is preoccupied.  With the man who put him in a jail cell.  He could have been in jail for years. Brooke is just grateful he is home where he belongs.

Ridge can’t let go of all that Bill has done.  He storms out of the office to tell Bill he can’t do this to his family.

Brooke asks Thorne is he’s seen Ridge. He’s gone to confront Bill again. Thorne would be upset with Bill also, it her were Ridge.

Bill is back at home when there is a knock on the door.  He tells whoever it is to come in the door is open.  Its Ridge and Bill isn’t surprised. Ridge is surprised he still doesn’t lock his door.

Ridge wants Bill to admit the truth.  That Bill set him up.  Bill says that isn’t true.  He was the last one, there and eyed off his gun.  And Ridge hates him.   Ridge wants to know why he changed his mind. Bill Spencer takes justice in his own hands Ridge notes.

Ridge tells Bill that he can’t have his daughter.  She doesn’t want him, so do the right thing Ridge says.  Leave Liam and Steffy alone and let them work it out.  Ridge warns Bill to stay away from Steffy.


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