Liam Gets His Freedom; Bill Gets Liam’s Wife

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 – Episode #7813

Episode Summary:

Bill Wants Steffy For His Silence

Liam asks his father to tell him he’s not doing this.  You place a lot of trust in Hope.  She’s the only one who knows that Liam shot Bill.  Are you trying to turn this into a deal Liam asks his father.  You get my wife and I get my freedom?

Bill says he is going to keep the secret.  Bill did something terrible, Liam did something worse. Bill wants to call it even and move on.  But Liam doesn’t buy it.  Bill becomes frustrated.  Its not just about Liam, Bill nearly died because of what Liam did to him.

bill bargains with liam

Liam says he was suffering a concussion, just like when Quinn kidnapped him.  He doesn’t know what happened then, and again, for a few hours he didn’t know what he did.

They are disgusted with each other, Bill agrees. But here they are.  They need to move on with their lives.  Liam can’t do that.  The reason that Liam snapped was because Bill slept with his wife, then he proposed to his wife.

You want my wife, Liam yells.  Bill doesn’t deny it.  Steffy was with Bill first and she belongs with him, Bill asserts.  She was with Bill first, she came after Bill first.  They ahs something special and intense and it only ended because of what happened with Katie.  It was easier to stay away if Steffy was with Liam, so he gave Steffy to Liam.

Liam says women are not possessions.  Steffy was not his to give.  Liam hates that he shot him, but he hates what Bill did to his family more.  Bill says that night took two.  It happened for a reason, and it will happen again.  A furious Liam throws Bill out.

Liam can’t get Bills words out of his mind. He starts seeing the flashbacks again of the night he shot Bill.

Hope Can’t Support Steffy’s Marriage

You’ve changed Steffy tells Hope.  You were pretending to be supportive. Hope tells Steffy that she really wanted to support her and Liam and a couple.  But you couldn’t, because you’re not over Liam, Steffy finishes for Hope.

You’ve succeeded into getting into Liam’s head.  Hope says Liam is his own man.  She has no power over his thoughts.  Steffy wants to know what changed. Hope says Liam did.  He’s not the same man he was.

Hasn’t Steffy noticed Hope wonders.  Hope has never been more worried about him.  Steffy says this is between her and Liam, not Hope.  Hope wishes that were true.  Liam is struggling, more than Steffy understands, Hope tells Steffy.

Thorne Worries For Katie

Thorne tells Katie he never pegged her as a cradle robber. Katie calls it a double standard and says that the age difference is the least of their problems.  Yeah, her biggest problem just awoke from a coma, Thorne says.  Thorne asks Katie if she’s willing to risk everything to be with Wyatt.

Bill has threatened to sue for custody of Will and disown Wyatt.  Katie thinks that Bill may have gained some perspective having nearly died.  A normal person, yes, Thorne agrees.  But Bill?  So is Wyatt really worth is.  Wyatt enters and says he thought he smelled jealousy.

Thorne wants Katie to be happy, but is concerned about what Bill said if they do marry.  Thorne leaves. Wyatt is frustrated with Thorne, but Katie wants to talk about Wyatt. Wyatt feels like his days at Spencer are numbered now that Bill is out of the hospital. Katie can’t disagree with Thornes concerns.

The only think that stopped Bill was a bullet.  Wyatt says it did buy them some time. They have to hope Bill uses his second chance to look for some peace in his life.  Wyatt hopes the shooting has changed Bill and mellowed him out.

Later, when Wyatt is gone Thorne tells Katie that they may have had a reprieve while Bill was hospitalized, but Throne worries for them. Katie’s engagement is complicated, but he could make life for her easy, if he were still interested.

Wyatt Tries to Make Peace With Bill

Wyatt is on the phone at Spencer Publications when Bill enters the office. Wyatt asks if he’s sure he should be at work.  Wyatt is glad his okay, despite everything that happened before the shooting. Bill says Wyatt looks at home behind his desk. Wyatt agrees it feels good.  Like he’s being groomed for it – one day.

Wyatt wonders about Bill’s position regarding him and Katie.  They tried fighting it, but couldn’t.  They are getting married and Wyatt would like his blessing.  They’ve been through so much and he hopes that things have changed.  Please drop the threat of taking custody or Will and writing Wyatt out of his life.  Lets ork together Wyatt asks.


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