Liam Tells Steffy To Move On – With Bill; Steffy Will Fight (Hope) For Her Marriage

Friday, April 6, 2018 – Episode #7811

Episode Summary:

Liam Thinks Steffy Should Move On – With Bill

Steffy kisses Liam. Steffy thinks that Liam has been locked in this dark place with bad memories too long.   For her and her baby, she wants him to come home.

Steffy thanks Liam for getting her father released.  As much as Ridge hates Bill he wouldn’t shoot him.  He’s not a monster. Liam finds that statements upsetting since he is the monster that shot Bill.  He holds his head.

Liam tells Steffy to move on with bill

Steffy is curious if something is going on between Hope and Liam, but Liam is having flashbacks of the shooting.  Steffy can see he’s struggling with something and asks him to not lock her out.  It kills her that she hurt him and he was still processing that when Bill got shot.  She messed up, but this could be a new chapter.  Let’s begin the healing – for their daughter, Steffy says.  More time won’t fix this.

Liam says time won’t fix this.,  They need to move on.  But Liam thinks that Steffy should do that with his father, not him.  She and Bill were together before.

Steffy says she is married to him, not Bill. Steffy wonders why he’s saying these things.  Steffy says that she wants to be with Liam.  Liam tells her to go ride motor bikes and drink scotch with Bill.  Steffy wonders if Hope is filling his head with this stuff.  Her life is with Liam, Steffy says.  Don’t let Hope fill his head with this nonsense, Steffy says,  Don’t give up on us.

After Steffy is gone, Liam thinks about what both Hope and Steffy have told him.

Steffy Will Fight (Hope) For Her Marriage

Hope is back at the office talking to Ridge and Brooke about Ridge being back. Ridge is out of jail and he doesn’t care who tried to kill Bill.  Its time to move on.  Ridge asks why she didn’t come to the party.  Was she with Liam like Steffy thought, Brooke asks.

Hope admits that she was with Liam. Ridge is curious about what  Liam said to Bill to make him change his mind.  Hope admits that Bill didn’t want to hear it at first, but Bill knows Ridge wasn’t the shooter.

Later Hope is alone with Brooke and Hope admits that she told Liam to stay away from Steffy and his father.  She knows how it sounds and how Steffy will react, but Liam needs to get out of that marriage for his own sanity.

Hope doesn’t think that Steffy and Liam can be happy together.  Its all just been too much for him. Liam hasn’t been able to forgive Bill and Steffy’s affair and some relationships are too toxic to continue.  Bill won’t quit.  And how does Liam raise his child that way.  Bill doesn’t give up until he gets what he wants, and what he wants is Steffy.

Brooke reminds Hope that Steffy wants to be with Liam. Hope is saying that Liam needs to move on when Ridge comes in.  He wants to know if there is something going on with Liam that they don’t know about.

Later Steffy asks why Hope isn’t supporting her marriage any more.  Hope says this entire situation is out of control.  Liam isn’t happy.  Steffy thinks he will be once they work out their problems.  Steffy admits that Liam hasn’t been the same.  Especially today.

Hope reminds Steffy that Bill proposed to her.  Steffy says she shut that down.  Steffy wants to be with Liam, not Bill. Steffy asks again if Hope supports her marriage.  When Hope doesn’t answer, Steffy tells her that she isn’t going to let Hope interfere in her marriage,

Hope says that Liam has been pushed to his breaking point.  And all Steffy does is keep pushing. Go be with Bill, Hope tells Steffy.  Deep down that is what you want.  Steffy warns Hope she will fight for her marriage.

Bill Still Wants A Life With Steffy

A grumpy Bill is back at home.  He just wants to know what is going on at Spencer from Justin.  Justin wonders about him recanting on his claim that Ridge shot him.  Bill says it was an honest mistake.  He’d just regained consciousness.  Justin wonders if Bill knows who shot him. Bill and the cops don’t know who it was. Bill remembers Liam confessing to him that he shot him. Bill says that he had never seen the guy before.  He didn’t recognize him.  It was dark and it happened fast.

Justin assures Bill that the cops will work out who it was.  They won’t get away with it.  Bill tells Justin that they go a long way and Bill tells him sjust about everything..  He has something to tell him.  He proposed to Steffy the night that he got shot.i

Justin asks if he is serious.  He proposed to his son’s wife.  He still wants a life with Steffy, Justin states.

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