Lodge Annulment Papers or Attend Baby Ultrasound? Liam’s Choice

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – Episode #7824

Steffy tells Hope she has the upper hand, she’s carrying Liam’s baby.

Ridge gets in Liam’s ear about honoring his commitment to Steffy and their baby

Hope wants Liam to lodge annulment papers so they can start their lives together

Steffy wants Liam to come to an ultrasound appointment with her

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steffy and liam ultrasound

Steffy Tells Hope Liam Will Come Back To Her

Steffy tells Hope Liam’s future is with her.  Hope keep stating if that is what he wants.  Steffy says that Hope can do what she wants, tell Liam that she loves him, move him into his mother’s cabin, it won’t matter.  Liam will come home to his baby.  Hope keeps telling Steffy that will happen if it is what Liam wants.

Hope reminds her that she singed annulment papers.  Steffy gets a text.  What happened between Bill and her didn’t have to end her marriage.  She is not going to raise her child in a broken home.  Liam has a family now, and knowing the type of man Liam is Steffy knows he will come back to her.

Hope tells Steffy that Liam is on the way.  Steffy wants to attend the meeting. Hope doesn’t think that is appropriate since Steffy can’t be supportive of Liam’s changes.  Hope tells Steffy that Liam needs some space.  IF Liam decides to go back to Steffy, Hope will support that.  But until he makes that decision he deserves some space and peace to find some goodness and decency in his life, again.

Steffy tells Hope that it always come back to Hope thinking she’s better than her.  It is the words she uses.  Good and decent, Steffy reiterates.  Hope doesn’t think the words matter, only actions.  Steffy has too much to do to attend her meeting but thinks words do matter when you use them to purposely hurt people.

Ridge Encourages Liam to Rip Up Annulment Papers

Liam is looking for a meeting and asks Liam about moving onto Brooke’s property. Ridge says he’s glad. In one respect.  He needs some good people around him, after what his father did to him.  Ridge welcomes Liam to the compound.  He thinks of Liam as a son.  He hasn’t given up on his union with Steffy and doesn’t think Liam should either.  Ridge advises Liam to do what is right for his little girl.

Liam tells Ridge that he hasn’t made a decision about his marriage yet. Ridge reminds Liam he’s a man of his word.  Better or worse.  He made a promise to his wife and daughter, honor it Ridge says.

Ridge admits there were so many time he walked away from Brooke when he should have worked to get their trust back.  You need to put the work in, Ridge tells Liam.  Ridge respects Liam and just asks him to think about what he said.  Liam gets a text from Hope and starts to leave.

Steffy is your wife and she’s carrying your child, Ridge says.  Steffy signed the annulment papers for him, but Liam doesn’t have to file them. IF he rips them up, he will let his Daddy win.  He wants Steffy.  Ridge won’t Let Liam hand Steffy over to that man.

Liam promises to make a decision soon.

Steffy Has an Appointment

Steffy needs Ridge to do him a favor.  She sees through Hope and Brooke’s plan to move in.  Ridge says he talked to Liam about giving his marriage another shot.  Ridge states that his loyalty is with Steffy.  Steffy takes full responsibility for her situation but having Hope back in town sure doesn’t help.

Ridge thinks its his fault.  He brought Hope back. Steffy says it isn’t his fault but waiting for a call about his marriage is driving her nuts.  Steffy gets a text about an ultrasound appointment.  Ridge suggests she ask Liam to come.

Annulment Papers vs Ultrasound Appointment

Liam notices that Thorne has used a lot of scarves in the designs. Liam uses the idea to build in a gift twist.  Liam thanks Hope for giving him a purpose, something to focus on.  Hope says that he seems more like his old self.  Liam agrees he was in a dark place.  Hope thinks he’s coming into the light where he belongs.

Hope tells Liam that Steffy isn’t happy with her since Hope told Steffy about inviting Liam to move in.  Liam tells Hope that she did a good think for him, and not to let Steffy tell him otherwise.

They start playing with the scarves from the designs.  Hope says its good to see him laugh.  Hope wonders if he’s ready to file the annulment papers so they can have the future they’ve always dreamed about.  Liam and Hope hug as Steffy enters.  She asks Liam if he wants to come to the ultrasound appointment with her.  Come see out little girl Steffy asks.  We may not be a couple, but we are parents.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Friday, April 20, 2018

Unsurprisingly, Liam chooses to go see his baby girl at Steffy’s ultrasound appointment over going with Hope to lodge papers to annul his marriage.  Steffy is no doubt thrilled but judging by her conversation with Hope yesterday, not surprised that Liam chose to come with her to see another image of their baby.  The duo are expcting the appointment to be nothing more than a routine appointment where they get to see how their daughter is developing.  But is all well with Steffy’s pregnancy?  Steffy has been under a lot of stress and it would not be surprising if that stress is impacting her baby.  If this is the case, it won’t be hard to work out what Liam will do next.

Despite hating his father, Liam sat by Bill’s hospital bed.  He rallied when his support was needed.  Liam is a good guy and if his daughter needs him you can bet that he won’t be spending much time in that cabin on Brooke’s property.  In a crisis, Liam comes through.  And Liam has a pretty big stake in if Steffy does have a pregnancy crisis.  He will come to Steffy’s rescue.

Meanwhile, Hope, thinks that Steffy is using her pregnancy to reel Liam back in.  Hopefully, Brooke will explain to her daughter the connection that Liam will always have with Steffy because they share a child. Hope will need to come to terms with that if she and Liam have a chance…

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