Steffy and Bill Convince Liam He’s Innocent

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 – Episode #7819

Episode Summary:

Steffy tries to convince Liam he’s innocent without admitting Taylor confessed

Bill will keep who shot him to himself, for now

Bill convinces Liam he didn’t shoot him…

Liam is innocent

Steffy Tells Liam He Didn’t Shoot Bill

Liam asks if that means that Bill is changing his story again.  First it was Ridge.  Liam wonders why Steffy is defending Bill. The last time Liam had a mild traumatic brain injury he couldn’t even remember Steffy’s name.

Steffy continues to try convincing Liam he didn’t shoot Bill.  But Liam remembers doing it. Steffy asks him to call Bill.  He will tell Liam. Steffy doubts he was even at Bill’s house.  Liam tells Steffy that Bill would say anything – for Steffy.  So, Liam can’t believe what Bill says.

Liam remembers about Taylor.  Did she job his memory?  Steffy says that she thinks so.  Liam goes through the events of the night.  Steffy has him go through the details. But he gets some of them wrong.  For someone who is certain about whay he did, he has a lot of inconsistencies Steffy says.  It wasn’t you.

Seeing the proposal, Steffy can confirm, but the rest, no.  The details of what he thinks he did at Bill’s house don’t match up.  Then where did the time go, Liam wonders.  Steffy thinks he blacked out. Liam is still concerned that Bill is the one who isn’t remembering properly.  Steffy encourages Liam to talk to Bill.  Bill now knows what Steffy always did.  Liam thanks Steffy.  She tells him she will always believe in him, even when he can’t.  They hug.

Bill Tells Taylor He’s In Love With Steffy

Taylor tells Bill he shouldn’t be drinking on pain medication.  Bill says he doesn’t take pain meds.  Pain makes him feel alive. Bill says that Taylor looks like she could use one, but she says she hasn’t wanted a drink in years.

Now Taylor needs a different type of help.  She wonders if Bill is going to keep his promise. She can’t go to prison.  Just be straight with me, Taylor says.  Should I expect to be charged.  Bill decides to keep that information to himself for now.

Taylor wonders what Bill’s price is. Taylor is sorry for shooting Bill but wishes Bill could be sorry for what he did to Steffy’s marriage. Bill reminds Taylor it was consensual.  Even Steffy said so.  Taylor says victims of sexual abuse always blame themselves.

Taylor offers to disappear.  Taylor is sure that Steffy doesn’t want him interfering in her marriage.  Bill doesn’t think Steffy has one.  Taylor realizes that Bill still wants Steffy.  Steffy made a decision and it isn’t you, Taylor tells Bill.  Bill reminds her one call and he can have her put in jail. You weren’t here to see how close we became again, Bill tells Taylor.

When you cut me off from Steffy years ago, you cut her off from herself.  Bill tells Taylor that Steffy chose him again that night and this time he is free.  If Liam doen’t want Steffy, Bill does.  He tells taylor that he’s in love with her daughter.

Taylor Worried for Steffy

At home Steffy finds Taylor there.  Bill gave her a key.  Taylor wanted to thank Steffy before she goes.  Steffy wants her to stay. Taylor says she’s going to keep a low profile.  Steffy says that Bill will keep his word.  Taylors thinks if he does it won’t be for her sake.  Bill is in love with her, Taylor tells Steffy.

Steffy knows.  Taylor wants to know what Steffy is going to do about it.

Liam’s Relief

Liam arrives at Bill’s house. Bill tells Liam that what he thinks happened that night, didn’t.  Liam wonders how he can know that.  Bill hates that he hurt Liam so much that Liam thought he could do something so against his nature.  Liam wonders why he keep seeing the images in his head.  Bill can’t explain it.  Has he never had a revenge fantasy?  Liam says not on his worst day did he ever want Bill to be shot.

Bill tells Liam he didn’t do it.  Liam wants to believe it. Bill swears to Liam on his unbornd child, his grandchild, that Liam didn’t put a bullet in him. For the first time Liam believes it to be true.  It wasn’t me, Liam states relieved.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Liam realizes that for Bill to be so certain that Liam didn’t shoot him, Bill must know who did!

Meanwhile Steffy gently tells her mother that she thinks Taylor needs help.  Taylor worries about Bill keeping his word not to turn her in to the police for shooting him.  Taylor tells Steffy that if Bill does keep his word, he won’t be doing it for her, but for Steffy.  Which means Bill must want something from her.  And we all know what that is!

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