Be Loyal of Lose It All

Tuesday, May 15, 2018– Episode #7838

Wyatt Wants to Expose Bill’s Lies
Bill threatens Wyatt
Taylor and Brooke defend their daughters

Bill threatens Wyatt

Bill Threatens Wyatt

Bill tells Justin what done is done, but Justin thinks he should undo it.  He duped Wyatt, used him to break up his brother’s marriage.  Wyatt enters the office.  Is this true? He yells.

Bill tells Justin to leave.  Its all a set-up Wyatt says?  Nothing is beneath you and Wyatt bought all of it.  Bill used Wyatt to destroy Liam and Steffy’s marriage.  He wants to know how Bill could do that?  To him and to Liam and Steffy.

am was prepared to forgive Steffy for everything.  Steffy calls Bill the greatest regret of her life.  And because of Bill’s lies Wyatt broke them up. You conned us so you could steal my brother’s pregnant wife.  You are sick, Wyatt yells at his father.

How is Wyatt supposed to be Liam’s best man now?  He would have gone back to Steffy if it weren’t for him.  Bill tells Wyatt that Liam is happy.  He’s where he would have been years ago.  But there is a kid involved Wyatt protests.  Wyatt asks when Bill will accept that Steffy doesn’t want him.  Especially once Wyatt tells Steffy and Liam the truth.

Bill reminds Wyatt that if he’s loyal to him, all this will be his one day.  But Wyatt notes that Bill is a liar.  How could he believe him?  And he would have to live with ruining his brother’s life, and his nieces.

Wyatt tells bill this will backfire once he tells Liam and Steffy what he’s done. Be loyal Bill says and you will be rewarded.  If not, you forfeit it all. You will lose everything Bill threatens.

Hope and Liam

Liam arrives at Forrester as Rick is popping a champagne cork to toast Hope and Liam’s happiness.  Liam makes a toast to Hope.  He’s grateful for everything she is.  She literally saved him.  They are putting the past behind them and starting a new life together.  Liam declares his love.

Later when they are alone, Hope says her mom wants them to marry straight away.  Liam says he’s a step ahead of her.  He asked Wyatt to be his best man.  Wyatt through all of this has proved how much he cares about him.

Liam sees love peace and stability when he looks at Hope. They finally get to create a future together Hope says.  He can always count on him, Hope tells Liam.  Liam knows that.

Taylor and Steffy

Taylor is at the cliff house.  She can’t believe that Liam filed the annulment papers and proposed to Hope.  Taylor doesn’t understand how Liam can do this, to Steffy or their baby.  Taylor wants to know what happened.  Steffy admits that Liam thinks that there is something still going on with Bill.

Steffy thinks someone is working against them.,  Taylor asks if she thinks its Bill or Hope.

Taylor realizes that Brooke is pushing Hope to marry Liam even though Steffy is carrying his baby.  Taylor calls Brooke unconscionable. Brooke just needs to seal the deal before Liam changes his mind.  Taylor decides that isn’t going to happen, and heads out to see Brooke.

Taylor Confronts Brooke

Brooke is in wedding planning mode with a wedding planner.  This wedding has to happen right away.  Outside forces are trying to intervene.  They should have been together years ago, and now they finally will.

Taylor arrives at Brookes house. They argue over who broke up Steffy’s marriage. Taylor says that Hope is breaking up Steffy’s marriage That marriage ended when Steffy slept with Bill, Brooke says.  That had nothing to do with Hope Brooke finishes.

Taylor wonders if Brooke wants Hope to marry Liam on the rebound.  Brooke admits its messy and they wish things were different.   Taylor wonders if Brooke is who manipulated this situation. Brooke says she feels for Steffy but she brought it on herself.  There are no manipulations, Brooke states adamantly.


Hope and Liam Flashback – Finally Married

Steffy and Liam Flashback – And the Bride Wore Black

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


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