Bill Buys Wyatt’s Silence While Brooke and Taylor Clash

Wednesday, May 16, 2018– Episode #7839

Taylor and Brooke Clash
Katie delighted by Hope’s news
Bill buys Wyatt’s silence

Bill Brikbes Wyatt With Ferrari

Bill Buys Wyatt’s Silence

Wyatt is disgusted that Bill set up a lie about him and Steffy being together and manipulating Wyatt into destroying Liam and Steffy’s relationship.

Bill tells his son to let it be.  This is the best outcome for everyone concerned.  For Steffy and his granddaughter Wyatt wonders?  Bill thinks it is.  The four of them ended up with the wrong partners a long time ago.  He is just setting things right. Be a good brother and leave Hope and Liam alone and let them have the life they always wanted.

Wyatt will support Liam being with Hope once Liam knows all the facts.

Bill doesn’t know where his moral outrage is coming from.  Wyatt is like him.  Trying to groom Liam to sit in his chair was impossible.  Wyatt has been his favorite son since he turned up in his life.  He has the mindset and hustle to be a true Spencer. Sometimes you have to be ruthless to succeed.  Liam doesn’t get that.  He’s soft and he needs a woman like Hope.

Wyatt reminds Bill that its not up to him.  Its up to Liam. Bill tells him to leave it alone, and it will work out for everyone,  including Wyatt.  Wyatt says that Bill ahs lied to many times.  He’s flattered, but Bill is probably lying now too.  He’s out.

Bill chases Wyatt out of the office. He’s puffing from his shooting. Wyatt goes to his carpark and ses Bill’s collector Ferrari.  It’s yours Bill says. Bill wants Wyatt to have everything he has.  Wyatt says he’s trying to buy him.

Bill says he’s trying to show him his future.  All he has to do is believe that Bill knows what he is doing. Let Liam and Hope be.  Wyatt should focus on his life.  He will end up with the keys to the Spencer Kingdom.  But only if I lie to my brother, Wyatt notes.  He then does say Liam seems happy.

Bill tells him to let the car be a new beginning for him.  Be smart.  Be a good brother, and a good son.  Wyatt gets int eh car.  Prove you are loyal to me, be my number one son Bill tells him and he gives Wyatt the keys.  Wyatt drives off as Bill watches smugly.

Katie Happy For Liam and Hope

Katie is thrilled to hear about Hope’s engagement.   Katie is happy for both of them.  Liam and Hope understand that not everyone will be happy for them.  Katie gets it but she thinks they belong together.

Katie suggests that they marry on their time frame.  Liam thinks they have waited long enough.  Hope will never lose Liam again.

Brooke and Taylor Disagree

Taylor tells Brooke to stop face tracking this marriage.  Brooke tells Taylor that Hope has done nothing wrong.  As for Steffy, Taylor’s daughter?  Well she slept with her father in law which is disgusting.

Taylor brings up Brooke’s history.  But Brooke says its not about her history.  This is about Hope and this marriage is happening asap.

What the big rush Taylor wonders.  Brooke thinks they could have asked that when Steffy and Bill trapped Hope in a gondola and forced her to watch Steffy trick Liam into marrying her. Taylor thinks that is off topic.  No one forced Liam to marry Steffy. Brooke doesn’t trust Steffy.  She knows she will use her baby to get what she wants.  Brooke opens the door and tells Taylor that the wedding will happen as soon as possible. Nothing or no one is going to stop that.  Brooke slams the door behind Taylor.

Steffy Won’t Give Up

Taylor storms back into the Malibu cliff house where Steffy is sorting baby clothes. Steffy just doesn’t know why her future was snatched away from her.  Steffy would do anything to take  back that one horrible night. But she’s not giving up on her marriage.

Hope and Liam Flashback – Finally Married

Steffy and Liam Flashback – And the Bride Wore Black

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Thursday, May 17, 2018


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