Everything Hinges on Wyatt’s Decision

Thursday, May 17, 2018– Episode #7840

More of the same as all hinges on Wyatt decision
WIll he tell Liam the truth?
Katie advises against it

Katie tells Wyatt not to tell Liam

Bill Wonders What Wyatt Will Do

Bill is angry with Justin for being on his case about what he did and Wyatt overhearing.  Justin would be surprised if Wyatt keeps the information to himself. That’s why Bill sweetened the deal.  Justin is surprised that Bill gave away the car he loves so much.  He bribed him, Justin notes.  Bill says he also told Wyatt he was his favorite son.  Justin doesn’t know what Bill is thinking.  If Wyatt tells Liam and Steffy, the truth, Steffy will never speak with him again.  Bill heads out

Bill Bullies Steffy

Bill goes to the cliff house.  Steffy doesn’t want him there, but Bill comes in anyway. Bill tells Steffy that Liam is moving on and so should she.  To the life they were always supposed to have.  Give us a chance Bill asks Steffy.

Steffy tells him to leave.  Bill tells Steffy they will be incredible together.  Steffy what Bill did to make Liam think there was something going on between them.  Steffy yells at him to tell her the truth.

Bill isn’t going to deny his love for her.  Steffy yells at him that she wants Liam.  Bill tells her that she will always be second to Hope.  Liam would have married Hope in Aspen if they hadn’t interfered.  They shouldn’t have done that.  They should have given themselves a chance instead.  Like they have now.

Bill wants to protect her.  He doesn’t want to spend another moment without her.  Steffy yells at him not to touch her.

Katie Helps Wyatt With His Choice

Wyatt in his new Ferrari texts Katie to come see him in the carpark.  She sees Wyatt has Bill’s car and notes that Bill loves that think more than life itself.  Wyatt says Bill gave it to him.  To silence him.  Wyatt needs Katie’s help.  Bill is scheming and manipulating peoples lives again. Katie asks what is going on.

They head to Katie’s home to talk. Every time Wyatt is about to trust Bill again, he does something else. He wants Steffy Wyatt tells Katie.  He’ll do anything,  Use one son to manipulate the other.  Katie doesn’t understand.  They know that Steffy and Bill are together.  Wyatt says it was a lie,  he was played.  He overheard Justin and Bill talking about it.

Katie notes that Liam signed the annulment papers and proposed to Hope because of the lie.

Bill is trying to convince Wyatt that this is best for everyone.  But Wyatt thinks he needs to tell Liam the truth.  Katie isn’t so sure.

Katie thinks Steffy made a choice to sleep with her father in law.  She might regret that choice, but she left her marriage in that moment, long before Bill set up that scene in his office.

What if you tell the truth to Liam and he goes back to Steffy?  Every day he’ll be wondering if she is thinking about Bill. That kind of doubt and distrust affects everything.  It makes you question your sanity and self-respect. Katie says Liam and Hope are happy.  Hope isn’t a rebound after everything they have been through, they love each other. Raising a child in a toxic home is far worse than raising a child in a home where mommy and daddy don’t live together, Katie reasons.

Katie thinks that Wyatt deserves his chance at Spencer as well. He will be protecting his brother from the inevitable.  Steffy will not be honest and true, like Hope is.  Let Liam and Hope have the life they have always wanted.  Katie knows this may be hard for Wyatt to hear because he once loved Hope also.

Ridge Bullies Liam

At Forrester, Ridge wants to talk to Liam about Steffy before he heads out. Ridge wants to know why he is rushing into marriage with Hope. Ridge tells Liam that Bill and Steffy are not involved.  Liam thinks Steffy doesn’t know what she wants.  Ridge denies this.  Steffy wants to raise her child with Liam.  She doesn’t want Bill.

Liam was ready to reconcile.  What happened Ridge asks.  Ridge thinks Liam is being played by Bill.  Liam says that Steffy can’t stay away from Bill.  Ridge says that she was there to buy the house.  Liam can’t believe Steffy, however.

Hope and Liam Flashback – Finally Married

Steffy and Liam Flashback – And the Bride Wore Black

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Friday, May 18, 2018


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