Hope and Liam Make Love While Steffy Rejects Bill

Monday, May 7, 2018 – Episode #7832

Liam and Hope consummate their engagement
Steffy rejects Bill – Again
Bill believes he is righting a wrong

Hope and Liam make love

Liam and Hope Consummate their Engagement

At the cabin, Hope can’t believe Liam proposed.  She never stopped loving him.  She tried.  Liam tells her not to try.  Just love him like he loves her.

Liam says he still felt the connection with her when she returned.  It was like she never left.  Hope can’t believe she’s going to be his wife again.  And this time nothing will come between them, ever again.

Hope never imagined this morning that they would be engaged by the end of the day.  It was sudden, but also years in the making. Hope admits she wanted to fall in love with someone else when she left for Italy.  But she didn’t.  No one could ever be him.

Liam knows Hope will never let him down.  She’s honest and loyal and doesn’t take love for granted.  Hope tells Liam she loves him, he tells her she loves him, and they make love in front of the fire.

Afterwards, Liam tells Hope he will be proud to call her his wife.  Hoep says they will finally get their life together, the home they’ve always wanted to have.  Liam tells Hope that being with her is like being home. She’s supportive and never judgmental.  He’s going to spend his life being what Hope needs him to be.  Her name is perfect for her. Hope just wants Liam to be him.  Liam tells her she is good and trustworthy.  He needs that so much.  It’s a gift she can never fully understand.  She is what he needs now and always.

Steffy Rejects Bill

Steffy tells Bill she isn’t going anywhere with him.  Bill tells Steffy Liam doesn’t deserve her.  He is right here ready to bgive her and her child everything he has to give.  Steop letting Liam play her off against Hope.  Steffy can’t listen to this.  She just wants to know how Liam thinks that she and Bill are still involved.

You’re in a competition with Hope that you can’t win, Bill says.  He will treat her how she deserves to be treated.  Lets get out of here and start the life we should have started years ago.  Let Liam do the same.  With Hope.

Steffy tells Bill to drop this. She defends Liam when Bill calls Liam soft with mental issues.  Steffy tells Bill their night together was the worst mistake of her life. Bill doesn’t believe that. Steffy can’t stand to listen to him anymore.  Steffy doesn’t know what happened to make Liam think there is still something between her and Bill.

Bill shows Steffy that he renamed the Stella maris to the Stephanie.  Steffy tells him to get that away from her.  She’s told him over and over that she’s in love with his son.  She’s going to have a life with Liam.

Bill tells her to stop wasting her life on a man not worthy of her.  Steffy tells him to go.  She doesn’t know what happened to make Liam think something is still going on between them, but she is going to fight for her marriage.

Wyatt Feels Bad For Liam

Wyatt is distracted at work with Justin.  Wyatt tells Justin that he can’t believe Bill and Steffy are still going on. That his dad would do something so horrifically hurtful doesn’t surprise Wyatt.  But Steffy?  How could she betray Liam, with his father, again.

Later, Katie arrives at Spencer.  She’s unsure about being there because of Bill.  Wyatt says Bill isn’t there, he’s with Steffy.  Kate says its gross and shocking.  Wyatt says she can’t tell anyone. Katie agrees that Wyatt had to tell Liam, he deserved to know.  Wyatt felt awful having to be the one to tell Liam.  Katie doesn’t understand it.  Steffy has been begging Liam to come home for months and all the time she’s been having an affair with Bill.  Wyatt can’t believe it either.

Wyatt tells Katie that after everything he learned, Wyatt thinks Liam is better off without Steffy.

Bill Justifies His Actions

Back at the office, Justin sees Bill.  Bill understands that Justin didn’t like what he did.  Justin can tell that Steffy sent him packing. Bill thinks he is righting a wrong he made with Liam and Hope all those years ago.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Still enjoying their new status as an engaged couple Hope and Liam are still basking in the afterglow of making love.  Liam wishes he had an engagement ring for Hope, but it wasn’t like her actually planned the proposal.  Hope, however, has a momento from their past and pulls out her old engagement ring for Liam to place on her finger

(Wondering which engagement ring that would be?  If memory serves, when Hope took off her engagement ring and left it at Liam’s house, he put that engagement ring on Steffy’s finger and the duo were wed just days later in Aspen as Hope watched from a stalled gondola).

Anyway,  Steffy, meanwhile is still trying to work out why Liam thinks that she and Bill are still involved.  She calls on Wyatt for help.  Wyatt is puzzled when Steffy tries to get his help.  She wants Wyatt to talk to Liam for her.  Wyatt has been saying Steffy’s actions haven’t made sense.

Spoilers hint that Wyatt tells Steffy what he saw, but if he does, Bill’s plan will be exposed all too soon…

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