Hope and Liam’s Engagement Faces Opposition

Thursday, May 10, 2018– Episode #7835

Steffy accuses Hope of Revenge
Steffy begs Liam not to marry Hope

Steffy begs liam not to marry Hope

Steffy Accuses Hope of Revenge

Steffy tells Hope that Liam is already married.  To Her.  Hope tells Steffy the annulment has been filed.  Steffy asks Hope what she did.  How did she talk Liam into signing the papers.

Steffy says that Hope lied.  She said she wouldn’t break up her family.  What do you call stealing my husband Steffy asks?  Hope says she calls it what Steffy did to Hope more than once.

Steffy accuses Hope of revenge.  Hope reminds Steffy that she started the manipulations and did it more than once.  Steffy says they were practically children.  Hope tells her some memories never fade.

Steffy wonders if it seems normal to her that Liam put a ring on her finger not even a day after ending their marriage.  Steffy never doubted Hope’s integrity – until today.

Steffy yells at Hope to take that ring off your finger.  The only reason Liam proposed is because he’s angry, hurt and confused.

Steffy and Liam were about to get back together.  Steffy says Hope deserves a man who loves only her and isn’t just escaping a betrayal.

Ridge Asks Liam to Wait Before Marrying Hope

Liam says what his father is doing to him, he isn’t doing alone.  He’s done with it.  Ridge suggests that letting his father have what he wants, Liam’s life, isn’t going to put him on the road to happiness.

Steffy went over there to buy the house they’ve been living in.  Liam tells Ridge he will not live in that house again. Steffy kept secret

Ridge tells Liam he is throwing his life away. Liam isn’t going to explain himself to Ridge when by definition as her father he thinks Steffy can do no wrong.  There is one woman in his life who has been honest, and he has loved, for all these years.  And he’s going to marry her.

Liam is amazed how everyone has an opinion on how he should live his life.  Steffy wants something too.  And what she wants, Liam can’t live with.

Ridge says the last time he spoke to Liam he was ready to forgive. Bill is trying to close every door to Steffy except his.  Liam says he trusts very few people.  Ridge says he’s being misled. Ridge asks Liam to slow down, not marry Hope until all this becomes clear.

He can’t sign annulment papers with one hand and slip a ring on his second chance with the other.  Liam says being married suits him.  He needs it.   Liam leaves.  He has another stop to make. Ridge wants to know what he’s going to do when they put his daguther in his arms for the first time then they take her away again because he lives somewhere else.  Marry Hope, in 6 months or a year.  Then he will have Ridge’s blessing. Heal first, Ridge advises.

Brooke Suggests Hope and Liam Marry Immediately

Brooke, Rick and Maya discuss the confrontation that is no doubt going on downstairs.  Rick wants to rescue Hope but Brooke tells him to let Hope and Steffy hash it out.

Brooke fully supports Hopes future with Liam.  Rick thinks Liam is notorious for changing his mind.  Brooke thinks horrible incidences just kept Hope and Liam apart.  Maya thinks the timeing makes itlook like a rebound.

Later, Hope with Brooke wonders if it is too soon to marry Liam.  Brooke tells her not to let Steffy get in he head and bully her. Even if it is someone who lives under this roof.  Brooke doesn’t think Liam’s feeling are conflicted.  It’s the culmination of years of feelings and wishes and disappointments.  Brooke thinks they should marry straight away.

Brooke doesn’t want to lose her to Europe again.  Brooke wants to have the wedding here.  Its time for her and Liam.  They need to finally get married and be together.  As soon as possible.

Steffy Asks Liam to Wait Until Their Baby Is Born Before Marrying Hope

At the cliff House Steffy is there when Liam arrives. He can’t stay, but he has to let her know that he proposed to Hope, Steffy finishes.  Steffy tells him to call it off.  It isn’t fair to them or Hope. Why now, Steffy asks.  Liam just says he can’t keep living this way.  She asks for him to wait until the baby is born.  Liam doesn’t think it will make a difference.  Steffy asks him to find out.  If he’s to marry Hope a crying Steffy asks that he does so after their baby is born.

Hope and Liam Flashback – Finally Married

Steffy and Liam Flashback – And the Bride Wore Black

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Friday, May 11, 2018

Steffy is stunned that Liam has not only filed the annulment papers disolving their marriage but also proposed to Hope and slipped an engagement ring on her finger.  Steffy questions how Liam could possible know what he wants two seconds after ending their marriage.  I guess she is forgetting that is pretty much how Liam and Steffy’s first marriage in Aspen happened.

No sooner had Hope taken off her engagement ring, than Steffy had convinced Liam to put it on hers.  Days later, thanks to Bill’s helping manipulations, Steffy and Liam wed on a mountain top in Aspen while Hope watched from a stalled gondola.  Steffy is suffering from a reversal of that energy now, since Bill is no longer pushing her towards Liam but scheming to keep them apart…

Meanwhile, it isn’t only Steffy questioning the speed at while Liam changed his mind.  One minute he’s ready to commit to Steffy, the next he’s putting a ring on Hope’s finger.  Rick and Maya both think that Liam is rebounding, as does Ridge.  But given Ridge is Steffy’s father its not hard to see where his position comes from.

Similarly, Brooke is standing by her daughter.  Brooke is the lone voice telling Hope that the engagement is the culmination of a long history between her and Liam.  Brooke thinks Liam and Hope should marry as soon as possible.  Brooke tells her daughter that Steffy has come between Hope and Liam too many times and she isn’t going to let it happen again.

Of course, with both Brooke and Ridge supporting their daughters, conflict could rear its head in Brooke and Ridge’s relationship also.  But not before Ridge takes on Bill Spencer.  He is convinced that Bill has something to do with Liam turning away from Steffy so suddenly, when he’d already decided to return to his family.  Today,  Ridge confronts Bill on that score.


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