Liam Walks Out After Learning About Steffy and Bill’s Secrets

Thursday, May 3, 2018 – Episode #7830

Steffy tells Liam the truth about Bill’s shooting
Liam can’t take the secrets

Liam leaves Steffy again

Liam Walks Out on Steffy – Again

At the Cliff House, Steffy tells that she went to Bill to sign the papers for the house.  But Liam thinks she just can’t stay away.  He came to forgive her, for the sake of their family, but there is nothing pure about this.

Steffy tells Liam she was grateful.  She doesn’t want Bill.  The reason she hugged Bill has to do with the night Bill was shot.  Otherwise it never would have happened.  Liam asks if Steffy knows who shot his father.

Steffy was thanking Bill for protecting someone she loves.  Steffy admits that her mother shot Bill. She snapped, saw the gun, picked it up and pulled the trigger. She ran back to Europe.  Liam is stunned.  Bill was about to call the police and she begged Bill not to, for her mother’s sake.  Liam says she and his father had a secret and he’s only finding out now.

Liam now understand why Bill was so sure it wasn’t Liam who shot him.  And they both know why Bill isn’t pressing charges.  For Steffy.  Bill now has power and control over Steffy.  Bill will use that to get what he wants. Which is Steffy.

Steffy begs Liam not to make this something it isn’t.  Liam wonders what else she hasn’t told him.  Steffy tries to convince him they can work through this, but Liam keeps remembering what Wyatt told him.   Liam asks Steffy if there is anything else she hasn’t told him.  Steffy says no.  Liam knows there is more going on between Steffy and Bill.  He tried to give her a chance to tell him but she didn’t.  He can’t live with her secrets.  Its who she is.  He won’t do it.

Steffy is confused. There are no more secrets.  She will never let what happened with Bill happen again.  Liam can’t do this, the secrets between Bill and Steffy, the power Bill has over her because of it.  She will be a good mother, but he can’t be her husband.  He’s filing the annulment papers.  Its too much.  Nothing but pain, he has to move on.  Every time he looks at his daughter he will think of her and remember the good times.  That is what they have to do.

Steffy cries “no!”  Liam leaves.  As Steffy, confused, cries.

Wyatt and Justin Disapprove of Bill

Wyatt tells Bill that he hated having to tell Liam the truth.  He would have expected this from him, but not Steffy,  How could Steffy do that to Liam Wyatt asks.  She’s betrayed Liam again despite telling Liam she never would again.

You’ve been carrying on with your son’s pregnant wife, and you’re not even sorry,  Bill thinks sometimes the ends justifies the means, and this is one of those times.  Wyatt says that Liam may be able to forgive what happened in the hallway, but not on this couch.

Liam thought he knew the type of person Steffy was, but she just lied to Liam’s face. Wyatt just doesn’t get it.

Justin arrives and Wyatt leaves. Justin realizes that Bill’s plan worked. This deception is all him, Justin tells Bill.  Bill sabotaged Liam’s marriage, so he could have his wife for himself. Justin states.  Its just not right he finishes.

Hope Learns Liam Has Returned to Steffy

At Forrester Creations,  Ridge comes into the office to find Brooke already there. He is in a good mood. Ridge talked to Liam and he’s going back to Steffy. Brooke says obviously he’s happy for his daughter.

Part of Brooke is very happy for Steffy but the other part of her is devastated for Hope.  Ridge knows Liam will be sensitive when he tells Hope.  Hope overhears.  Liam has made a decision hasn’t he Hope asks.  What is it?

Hope says Liam is going back to Steffy isn’t he, Hope says. She’s upset. Ridge is sure that Liam will find her later and tell her himself. Hope cries. Brooke comforts her daughter.

Hope tells Ridge that she isn’t sure that Steffy doesn’t have feelings for Bill.  Bill certainly wants her and is pursuing her.  Hope wants to believe that Steffy will be true to Liam but Hope is convinced she will betray Liam with Bill again.

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