Liam’s Decision To Go Home to Steffy Sabotaged by Bill

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 – Episode #7828

Liam decides to forgive Steffy
Hope is optimistic of a future with Liam

Liam forgives Steffy

Bill’s Manipulation of Wyatt Succeeds

Justin wonders if Wyatt was convinced about the set up. Bill doesn’t know yet.  Wyatt arrives.  He wonders what happened in the meeting with Steffy last night.  Bill says he sold Steffy the beach house. Wyatt asks why there were candles and pillows around then.  Bill admits to being caught.  Is he going to ground him?

Wyatt is furious.  How can he do this?  Wyatt says Liam has to know.  Bill initially protests then agrees, Liam needs to know.  He won’t listen to Bill, and Steffy is too shamed to tell Liam.  Maybe it should come from Wyatt.  Bill suggests he leave out the details though.  Bill thinks maybe Liam will stop waffling and start a life with Hope where he belongs.

Later, with Wyatt gone, Bill celebrates telling Justin that Wyatt bought it.  Justin doesn’t like it.  It’s wrong.  He’s using one son to use the other son’s marriage.  Justin doesn’t approve.  He tells Bill to back off and let Liam and Steffy decide how this plays out.

Hope Wants a Life with Liam

Brooke and Hope are at Forrester and discuss last nights dinner.  Brooke supports Hope and Liam being together if that is how things work out.  Hope is optimistic.  Brooke tells her the cabin is cozy and romantic and she knows its hard not to get caught up.

Hope tells Brooke he wants a life with Liam.

Liam Decides to Forgive But Wyatt Has Bad News

Liam is in the cabin looking at the ultrasound picture of his daughter.  He remembers kissing Hope last night and the joy he felt learning Steffy was pregnant.  Ridge arrives. Ridge knows his decision is a tough one.  He can see the connection he and Hope have, but he hasn’t signed the annulment papers yet. And ridge things there is a reason for that.

That think with Bill was a mistake.  One moment in time that is over.  Try to forgive and go home to your wife.  Liam appreciates Ridge’s wisdom because he isn’t getting it from his dad.  Liam admits he loves tow women and he can only have a life with one of them.

Hope helped him through everything.  When he thinks about his future he knows that he would be happy with her.  But it means robbing his daughter of a complete and happy family.  He doesn’t want to do that.  He wants to be with Steffy and his daughter.  Hope will be hurt but he has to give this a shot.

Ridge is thrilled that Liam is going home.  Ridge hugs his son in law.  Iam says he s planning a surprise for Steffy to tell her.

Wyatt calls Liam.  He needs to talk to him, but Liam says he’s on the way to Steffy’s.  Wyatt tells Liam to wait until he’s talked to Wyatt.

Wyatt arrives. Liam tells Wyatt that everything is about to be fine.  Liam made a decision, thanks to him.  Wyatt has been so supportive.  Wyatt wonders what the decision is.  Liam tells Wyatt he’s going back to Steffy.  He’s going to try forgiveness.

He’s not over Steffy and his dad, but there is an innocent baby to consider. Steffy and Bill together will haunt him, but it was just one night and Steffy keeps telling him that she’s not interested in Bill and it will never happen again.  Liam wants them to have a happy reunion.

Wyatt says there is something Liam needs to know. Wyatt was at work last night.  Bill put Steffy on speaker phone and Steffy needed to see Bill and that she was grateful for Bill keeping quiet.  Later she came by the office, but when they came out of Bill’s office they were in each other’s arms.

It is killing Wyatt to tell Liam this, but Steffy and Bill are still going on and its going on behind his back…

Liam Forgives Steffy

Steffy is at home looking at the contract to purchase the Cliff house that she signed last night.  Taylor arrives.  She is getting treatment in Malibu.  She asks how Steffy and Liam are.  Steffy fills Taylor in on the scare at the last ultrasound.  Liam was so supportive, Steffy tells her mom.  And if Liam comes home it will be thanks to Bill.

Steffy shows her mom the contract for the house.  She’s taking her pwer back. Taking control of her future and away from Bill.  There is no way Liam could live here with Bill still owning it.  Steffy wants a life with her daughter and Liam.

There is a knock at the door. It’s a flower delivery. Steffy is thrilled when they are from Liam.  The card says here’s to forgiveness, here’s to love.  Steffy weeps tears of joy.  He’s coming back.  Taylor and Steffy hug.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

With a delivery of two vases of white flowers arriving from Liam, Steffy is deliriously happy that Liam has forgiven her and is coming home.  Steffy tells Taylor, who was at the Cliff House when the flowers arrived, that she hasn’t been this happy since the day she found out she was pregnant.

But Steffy’s celebrations may be premature.  Bill is determined that he and Steffy will be together and will stop at nothing to make that happen.  Not even best buddy and partner in crime, Justin approves.

Thanks to Bill’s manipulations of both Steffy and Wyatt, Wyatt believes that Steffy and Bill have carried on their affair behind Liam’s back.  Bill does nothing to stop Wyatt from telling Liam, who is unsurprisingly, shell-shocked that he has been duped by his wife and father.  Again.

Wyatt knows what he saw.  He wishes that there was some way he could be wrong about what he saw, but he’s not.

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