Steffy Begs Liam To Wait Before Marrying Hope

Friday, May 11, 2018– Episode #7836

Steffy begs Liam to wait til their baby is born before marrying Hope
Brooke defends Hope’s right to marry Liam immediately

Steffy besg LIam not to marry hope

Steffy Asks Liam to Wait To Get Married

You’re marrying Hope.  How can you know what you want 2 seconds after filing the annulment papers. Just please wait until after our baby is born. Push it.  Please.  I made one mistake and it was months ago.  I have no feelings for Bill.  There is nothing going on.  Steffy will earn his trust.  Liam won’t trust her with his heart again, only as the mother of his child.

Steffy thinks he will see things differently once their baby is here.  Take a moment, Steffy begs.  Don’t marry Hope until you’ve had a chance to hold our baby in your arms, Steffy asks of Liam.

What happened Steffy wants to know.  He was about to forgive her, and now he’s engaged to Hope.  She’s confused.  Steffy asks if Liam is with Hope because he wants to be with her, or because it will keep him away from her.

Liam leaves.  Steffy is still confused.  Later she calls the office looking for Ridge. Pam tells her that he’s not in the office. Instead of calling Brooke’s house, Steffy goes there.

Liam goes back to the cabin and reflects on his life with Steffy.  Letting her go wasn’t easy he says to himself.  Then he remembers what Wyatt told him.

Ridge Confronts Bill

Justin thinks Bill’s latest stunt doesn’t feel right.  Ridge storms into the office and demands to know what Bill did to Liam to make him walk away from his wife.  Justin leaves.

Ridge tells Bill that Liam singed and filed his annulment papers.  Bill thinks its good.  Gives Liam time to reflect.  Ridge tells Bill that Liam isn’t doing that.  He proposed to Hope.

Its about time, Bill says. It is good for Liam to move on, Bill says.

Ridge again demands to know what Bill did. Ridge wants bill to tell Liam that there is nothing between him and Steffy.  Before Liam makes the biggest mistake of his life and marries Hope.

Think about what a good father would do Ridge says.  If not for Liam, then for his granddaughter. Ridge leaves Justin returns.

Bill is impressed by that his and Justin’s plan.  Justin isn’t so sure what they’ve done is right.

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Brooke doesn’t think its rushing into a wedding given how long ago Liam gave Hope that ring. Steffy has used Hope’s goodness against her in the past, and she will do it again.  Brooke can’t believe that Hope can still see Steffy’s side.  Steffy has come between Hope and Liam too many times, and Brooke isn’t going to let her do it again.

Maybe Brooke is right, Hope reflects, Steffy implied that she was a rebound.  But Hope doesn’t want to plan a wedding out of fear of Steffy.  Brooke reports for wedding planning duty.  Hope understands this wedding will cause issues between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke agrees but isn’t going to hide how happy she is for her daughter.  Hope asks her to be matron of honor. She knows its inappropriate for to ask Ridge to design a dress for her, and she doesn’t want to wait for a design.  Brooke has an idea.

Hope tries on Brooke’s wedding dress.  She would be honored to wear her wedding dress Hope tells her mom. They fantasize about Hope and Liam’s wedding int hat room.  The door slams as Steffy enters.  Steffy asks if they have no shame when she sees Hope in a wedding dress.  Liam is not marrying Hope Steffy says.  This is a disgrace Steffy yells.

Brooke retaliates telling Steffy the only disgrace here is a wife who sleeps with her father in law.  How dare Steffy pass judgement on Hope, Brooke continues.  She stupidly put up with this holier than though attitude from her mother for years, but she won’t let Hope put up with it from Steffy.

Steffy is stunned into silence.  Steffy takes the comparison to her mom as a compliment. Brooke and Steffy argue about who is manipulating who. Steffy doesn’t think that Hope is a homewrecker.  Brooke tells Steffy that is exactly what Taylor did, use her kids happiness against Brooke.  But it wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.  Taylor kept interfering proven by the fact that she and Ridge found there way back to each other.

Brooke isn’t going to let Steffy interfere in this wedding.  She won’t let Steffy stop Hope and Liam getting married.

Hope and Liam Flashback – Finally Married

Steffy and Liam Flashback – And the Bride Wore Black

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Monday, May 14, 2018

IN the cabin on Brooke’s property, Liam and Wyatt discuss recent events.  Wyatt hated having to break the news to Liam that Steffy was still seeing their father, despite begging Liam to come home to her.  But something doesn’t quite gel.  Wyatt tells Liam that nothing their father does surprises him anymore, but Steffy?  he never expected this from her.

Meanwhile in the main house, Brooke is gently trying to support her daughter with her husband, Steffy’s father.  Brooke tells Ridge that her daughter ( Hope) deserves her happiness.  Even if it comes at the expense of Ridge’s daughter’s (Steffy).

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